Christmas Dinner

It's a comedic nightmare... a comedy of errors if you will...

As you all know, I asked Rashan's mom if I could help with Christmas dinner.  She said, "I don't have any plans, you can plan the menu!  I was like, say what now?  So I decided to come up with a menu despite the nuttiness of that jump.  I scaled down from my original idea of goose with goose fat potatoes.  I can do that when I'm doing one or a few items but the whole shebang!?!?  Sheesh! 

So Rah tells me it will likely be just 5 people...


His mom says 5 confirmed and 16 possibles.

Take that in.

Pay attention...

5 confirmed and 16 possibles.



Rashan said I now understand the state of confusion that is his mother...

Don't wanna!  So I'm now planning dinner for 20????????????????????????????????????? Or 25??????

The tentative menu: french onion soup (me), whole roasted chicken (me), fried oysters, mashed potatoes and gravy (me), garlicky butternut squash (me), green beans, mac & cheese (Rashan's grandma), collard greens (his mom), cabbage (his mom), sweet potatoes (his mom), cracked earth chocolate cake (me). 

I'm tired already.

Oh... and she asked me when I'm going to be her daughter. . . . .


Not so Anonymous said...

LOL...I'm sorry, it's not funny...but really it is.

I'm really interested in these goose fat potatoes...as soon as I stop writing I'm going to google. And, cracked earth chocolate cake...omg that sounds delicious.

When you become her daughter, she's going to completely stop cooking, "I have the best daughter-in-law on the planet, ya'll. She can cook like one of those people on top chef...I don't have to do nothing for holiday dinners" ~ Rashan's mom. LMBO

Have fun and enjoy!

The Goddess said...

Wow, I can't even imagine. Poor you, but it all sounds so delicious. I think I'm hungry. :)

When will you become her daughter. Hmm....I think we're all wondering the same thing.

K. Rock said...

I need that butternut squash recipe ASAP. I am going to the farmers market today and I need a new vegetable to cook.

And tell Rashan's mom that she needs to ask Rashan when you are going to become her daughter.

GorgeousPuddin said...

GEEZ!!!!!!! That went from minor to MAJOR really quick!!!

Sending well wishes and happy thoughts your way!!! and prayers for your feet! LOL!

I agree...
She is shutting down the kitchen when you officially join the family...
Rashan better get on that!

Anonymous said...

Seriously?? *LMAO* I'm gonna need a real # of confirmed guests and NO possibles. No offense to Mama Rashan. What is this - a spades throwdown?? What you got partner? 3 and a possible) Your menu however, does sound delish. Most of your dishes should handle 20-25 without question, but the # of chickens and amount of oysters would concern me the most.

Sha Boogie said...

Oh snaps! I don't know if that's directed at mom pushing you all down the aisle.. or the fact that you made reference to goose fat potatoes..

Rashan Jamal said...

LOL - My mom....

Los Angelista said...

Cracked chocolate cake... YUM! Are you gonna share your recipes with us?

And yes, I'm with K.Rock - Rashan needs to answer that! :)

Naima said...



Sparkling Red said...

That guest list is completely ridiculous. People need to make up their minds, NOW! By the way, set a place for me; I'm not missing out on that menu. ;-)

*Tanyetta* said...

5 confirmed and 16 possibles!!!!

Yeah, just plan for 40 people. Ok, let me stop :)

Merry Christmas!!!

1969 said...

You can do this! It's like Thanksgiving at my house.

Everything sounds delicious. Take pictures :)

Happy Holidays to you, Rashan and the whole family. Stay blessed, always!

Jameil said...

NSA... NO IT'S NOT! LOL! Straight hate! Goose fat potatoes. Mmmm. Next year. The cake was too chocolatey for me but Rashan's sister and her kids loved it. She's not a huge cook anyway but yeah there are too many people for that to happen unless we're at my place.

goddess... lol. it was yummy! that's enough outta you.

k... it's on my blog. left the link in your comments. i just said not sure. so out of order!

gp... and ridiculously. Thank you! And that kitchen won't be shut down. She doesn't know how to be that hands off.

mrstdj... or 2 possibles. Something that won't impact the number I need to plan for! there were no oysters. JUST WRONG!! but when she heard I was like DA HEEZY?! she bought the turkey from the honey baked ham co.

sha... just snaps all around! lol

rj... :/

liz... i shall! on the record dish!


red... clearly. and you're welcome anytime! you just have to let me know for certain! LOL

tan... STOP FOR REAL!! Merry Christmas!

1969... I did Thanksgiving at mom's! It's not whether I could do it but for how many!! 5-20!?! Cmon son! Merry Christmas to y'all too! :)