Wednesday Wanderings

I'm sorry if y'all need a real post.  You know I don't have the internet this week (which is killing me ever so softly...) so you get Wednesday wanderings.  Know that I'm doing this because I miss you bunches!  And I mean that from the bottom of my heart!!  This is the Mississippi edition so you can consider it all about Mississippi... because it is.  Let's start with the positive.

1) I met Nerd Girl and Pserendipity and loved it!  They were so fun!  In my head I'm still referring to them by their blog names.  LOLOL  We shut down one of Jackson's Indian restaurants.  And yes we talked about y'all!  Ha!  The food was tasty! 
2) Hold up... I'm not trying to be funny but how does a Mississippi city have MORE THAN ONE Indian restaurant!??!
3) Can you check my email for me?  I really should've asked Rashan to do that Tuesday night but I didn't think of it until he was already asleep.  Does that make me too much of an addict? InternetIsCrack
4) Pserendipity brought me the Ina Garten cookbook I wanted for Christmas!!  Wheeee!!  That is so nice!  I love Ina's cookbooks.  They make me feel rich!  After less than 2 hours with the book I now know what to look for when shopping for caviar.  *sniff* *snooty look over my non-existent reading glasses*
5) Do you have any mean grandparents?  I do.  Only one grandparent is living (been like that for 20 years) and she doesn't know how to talk to people, doesn't care how to talk to people or a combination.  I was so nervous NG or P would have had some interaction with her meanness and I would have to apologize!  Yes, she's that bad.
6) Example?  Within the first 5 minutes, she said, "Ooh! You gettin fat!" and cackled. The next day she poked me in a fleshy area of my back...  I am in one of the fittest states of my life.  I'm coming to the realization I will probably never be a 2 again and may never be a 4 but yes, I can still wear 8s and sometimes 6s (vanity sizing LOL)..........  Fat.  Did I mention I'm the second smallest of her grandchildren only to my 18yo cousin?  Grandma is a hater.
7) My grandma and mother snipe at each other CONSTANTLY.  It is so incredibly annoying.  When someone other than me (a stranger) is around, they're civil.  I NEED THIS.  I will only return with Stace, my sister or Rashan as a buffer and/or a hotel room.
8) I brought two movies with me but have been too agitated being around their constant fussing.  IN JUST OVER 24 HOURS, Y'ALL!!  God bless P & NG for getting me out of the house!  I kind of forgot the movies were here.  I think they're both heavy.  Not exactly an escape...
9) Now that my grandma's older, her house is full of non-perishables.  This doesn't work for me since my mom raised me to disdain canned foods.  I know you didn't think my food snobbery was anything but learned!!!  She cooked almost every night growing up.  No non-veg frozen foods (no, I'm not still on that) and only beans occasionally out of a can.  Boxes of mix?  Yeah right.  These things were always fascinating to me.  Anyway, I can't eat that and I hate the grocery stores in Jackson.  WholeF...?  What?  Chile bye.  So if I really am fat when I get back to Winston-Salem, it's because I said FORGET IT and ate all the delicious-looking fat-filled food I could find between home and grandma, around the state of Mississippi and back!
10) And I haven't gotten a workout in this week... that never bodes well for 3xs a week when I don't have ONE in by Wednesday.  Help me, Lord!
11) No school work or internet means I'm getting in some good Bible reading!
12) I sure wish I had another book to read that was halfway interesting and not covered in an inch of dust... i.e. had been moved in the last 3 decades since my mom lived here...  I accidentally left TheHelp at home after starting it and was HURT!!  I almost turned around.  I half wished I'd left my phone so I'd have a valid excuse to go get it.  I knew it was going to be a boring time... Got to mom's and I had only left my horrible airplane mindless chick lit.  WHYYYYY??  I have AT LEAST 6 new books at my place.
13) Why did my mom try to convince me some tater tots left in the microwave here were mine?  Like seriously trying to jog my memory.  One, I don't save tater tots. Two, if I did I wouldn't be reheating them in the microwave.  Three, HUH!?!  You're gonna convince me of food I never had???  Do you know there's another person in the house?????  Grandmas can't eat tater tots?  Lol.  That does sound funny.
14) I'd like to thank everyone on twitter for @replying me!!!  Those coming to my phone really got me through!  I felt so much less cut off from the world.
15) Y'all.  My momma let me sleep as much as I wanted on the way to MS!!  That NE.VER HAPPENS!!  She used to scream on me for not "helping keep the driver awake."  As a result, this was one of the best drives I've ever had down here.  I should say rides because she refused all my offers to drive. 
16) Did you see Mariah Carey's Christmas special?  She killed it!!!  But I'm still stealing her wind machine for Christmas.  My gift to her stans.  Mimi, you know I love your every Christmas bone but gently billowing hair for the birth of Christ?  That's a bit much.

And I'm out.  *drops MC glitter mic* *mariah hands*


Sha Boogie said...

BWHAHAHHAAA!! Wait. Wait. I don't know what I was laughing at the hardest.. the microwaved tater tots that you tried to pass off as your granny's *snicker*, granny poking you in your back fat...or you calling your granny a 'hater', I can't stop laughing!

Wait, let me catch my breath.

Ok, back at it.. HAHA! Who knew they had Indian food in ol' Miss?! Is that ignorant? Maybe...

Sheena said...

I live here and have never tried any of the Indian restaurants. It's actually an Indian restaurant in Clinton that had food specials and hookah nights on Friday's. Never been there either.

Anonymous said...

Quick question: What are Mariah hands? lol

Nerd Girl said...

Had a ball with y'all! I was up until 2 a.m. What was really going on?!?

Don't hate on our plethora of Indian restaurants. Now run and yelp that!

Uh, do you need to get out again???

Did you go to Rainbow? Not only can you buy grains in bulk but the creepy dude in there will gladly try to date you! Ask me how I know...

Or you can drive out to Ridgeland and go to Fresh Market.

You shoulda told me to bring you a book. Seriously.

pserendipity said...

Don't go to grocery stores in Jackson, go to Fresh Market in Madison. You'll be pleased.

Fun meeting you, too. Glad you'll enjoy the cookbook!

You need to get out again? I'm here allll week and Top Chef is playing at my crib. If you don't mind answering Aidan's 20 questions, you're welcome! Promise I won't kill you.

And, tell cousin Mom and Grandma I said what's up!!

Nexgrl said...

I want you to know that other MEAN grandmothers do exist. Mine is Oscar's Ex-Wife. I haven't seen my grandmother since I was 14. At that time, I announced that I wasn't going back to that town. Her version of a pep talk when I was in graduate school, "Don't drop out like your cousin did law school.

I'm sorry for you. You can go to the library for internet and books. If you find a nice librarian, you might even be able to bypass the patron computers.

GorgeousPuddin said...

Oh my be geebus! You in the SIP holla! My peeps are from here!
1 & 2. Wow so happy for you!!! Indian in the SIP interesting.
4. That was very sweet. I see you looking over the glasses! LOL!
5 &6 My Gmom has passed and she was sweet as pie so no. BUT!!! At my at my old church there were plenty of EVIL ole crotchety church mothers who I hated. Just so mean and said crazy stuff to me. One told me I needed two girdles to hold in my butt in front of people. I was mortified. Excuse me lady my butt was/is not that big! So sorry!!! This speaks volumes *sad face*
9. I have come back with 13 pounds of water weight and fat from the sodium and fat after a family visit. So I KNOW!
10. Is it safe to go for a walk/run?? Do squats/lunges, push ups, crunches and jumping jacks until you're out of breath.
11.Praise him! I'm sure that's helping you.
13. I don't know what to say. SMH!
*snickers a little*

K. Rock said...

1. Yeah! Glad y'all had fun. Hope we get pictures.
5-6. Elderly people get to say what they want. It's like a consolation prize for having to be old.

Not so Anonymous said...

LOLing at the tater tots. Yay for meeting blog people in real life.

I read The Help...great book, and it would have been worth the turn around.

Hang in there...it will get better and more fun...it's Christmas time!!!

PInk Lady (formerly known as PCD), lol said...

jameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeil!!! just passing thru...been ghost. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yay! I love meeting other bloggers. Glad you guys had a good time. I bought that cookbook for my mom for Christmas. Mean grandparents SUCK! My MIL is one and I want to kick her in the throat. Yes, there's a reason you've only seen your grandson 4 times in 2 years. Evil azz!

Mrs Count said...

Mean grandparents. Mean grandparents. Jameil, all old people are mean. I can tell you how to break a hip if you want.

The Goddess said...

My grandma was like that and I did my best to avoid being around her at ALL COST.

I never would have guessed they had Indian restaurants in MI, so to know there's more than one...Amazing. Lol I so love Indian food. Yum. Now I'm hungry.

LMAO at "Grandmas cant eat tatertots?" Funniest thing I've heard all week. Love it!!!

On a limb with Claudia said...

I love Jameil on random. What's even better is to see the comments to Jameil on random. True fabulosity!

Sparkling Red said...

My grandfathers started out mean and got nicer as they aged. My grandmothers started out sweet and got crotchety. Although none of my grandparents is/was so mean that I worry about having to apologize for them. I have an aunt like that, unfortunately. My husband almost never goes to family gatherings anymore because of how rude she's been to him.

Ladynay said...

Pics please!

I thought I was an email addict! Wow! LOL

Entertaining post as always :-)

Jameil said...

sha... lol! those are totally not my tots!!!! i carefully avoided the term back fat... i'm in denial but thanks (not) for shattering that... grandma is the biggest hater i know!!! it's pretty ignorant, but I'm clearly guilty too!! LOLOL

sheena... welcome!! and i've been so amazed with the variety here!

epsi... LOLOLOL! You know that thing she does where she waves her hands wildly/magically/majestically as she sings? Mariah hands.

NG... YAY!!!! I WILL run and yelp that! LOLOL. I am so glad y'all got me out!! How do you know about the guy in Rainbow? My cousin and I went to Aladdin and enjoyed it! Good call! I ended up just eating out. Lazy!! I DIDN'T EVEN THINK ABOUT ASKING FOR A BOOK!!!! :(((((( I'M GONNA CRY!!

P... I def. like Fresh Market! I will make that cookbook MINE!! I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU TELL ME ABOUT TOP CHEF ONLINE!! JUST HATEFUL!!! My sister thought y'all were gonna kill me. All, how long have you known these people? ROTFL!!

nexgrl... Mean grandmas are THE WORST!! GO FIX YOUR LIFE AND STOP TRYING TO MAKE EVERYONE MISERABLE!!! I actually hate the libraries I've been to here. Creepy security guards killed it for me. AND BROKEN WIFI WHEN WE WERE THERE!!! FAIL.

gp... I didn't know you were part-MS!
1&2) And it was good!
4) LOL
10) I did some of that but it was also pretty cold out there most of the time....
11) It did but I needed to be doing it constantly to get more relief. Plus they were distracting.
13) Baffling, right?!?!?!

k... 1) let's hope for the best!
5 & 6) NO THEY DON'T!!! That's what their problems are!!

nsa... the tots are nutty! you people keep taunting me abt the help!!! SO CRUEL!!!!! It got better when we left my grandma...


pinkie... hey girlie!

mrstdj... me too!! that cookbook is the business! HOW ARE YOU EVIL TO A 2YO!?!?!??!!?

MRSC... They are not! I have proof! And girl bye!! LOLOLOL!

The Goddess...I FEEL YOU!! My cousins do the same thing. I'm hungry too!!! LOLOL Oh grandmas!

Claud... Thanks! :) I have the best blog la familia!!

Red... That is bizarre. Why are people so mean to each other?!?! Esp. other family members! Being related doesn't mean you have free reign to treat people like trash.

Los Angelista said...

LOL, you are killing me! Microwaved tater tots and mean grannys. Love it. And love that you got to meet NG and P. Awesome.