Yo Teach!

Was that a show?  One of you old people like Aretha, Rashan, Liz & 1969.. K. Rock.  One of you give me the answer!  Lololol.  I kid, I kid!  Only about everyone but Rashan being old.  Is that a show?  I know I could look it up but I prefer for my internets to do all my work of that nature.  Hop to it!

My first day was great.  I got some stunned and/or shocked looks when I went through my policies on attendance (mandatory, with final grade penalties after the 2nd unexcused absence) and the weekly current events quiz.  I was very excited to be there.  I gave a news survey and learned some of them are consuming very little news.  That's alright.  That weekly current events quiz will fix that right on up.  You're welcome.  I am preparing them to be able to immediately contribute to a newsroom and excited to be able to see evidence of their learning already!  (More on that in the next paragraph.)  The picture to your left is what I wore on my first day teaching!  Definitely inspired by some of the fashion blogs I've been reading recently which excited me!  I will probably be posting outfits on The Record Dish since it's supposed to be food & fashion.  But really... I make no guarantees since I'm about 3 recipes behind on that blog and really don't feel like catching up.

Preparing for day 2 I felt really stressed because my classes (the ones where I'm a student) were underway and I was trying to be prepared for the the class I'm teaching.  I felt freaked out because I was wondering where I'd get the time to do it all.  Then I walked in with my current events quiz.  I handed them out and groans were heard around the room.  I said, "What? You don't want this?"  Lol.  Take it anyway.  They were not pleased when they saw what was on it.  Things like what is the milestone in Iraq we recently hit (the withdrawal of combat troops), the name of the hurricane in the Atlantic (Earl), the food under recall for E. coli (ground beef, not eggs... eggs are salmonella).  These were the main ones that showed a lack of attention to detail or the news in general.  There was a lot of grumbling but I used the sources I listed in my syllabus and I am sure they will be much more prepared next week!  Here's what I wore day two.  This is another semi-fashion blog inspired outfit.  It was also inspired by my lovely sorority, SGRho.  Stace gave me that shirt a few years ago before I went to my first regional conference.  Awww!  Meeeeeemorieeeees!

And last but not least, my beloved Rashan sent me roses to congratulate me on the start of my collegiate teaching career.  It amuses me to no end that my students call me professor!  HILARITY!!


GorgeousPuddin said...

Hey Prof. Jameil!!!!

Get it girl!!!! You looked so cute and professional. Please post the future outfits on TRD.

They're gonna get you for calling them old LOL!

Awwwww! the roses!!!!!

My word verification is brave

You so brave Jameil!!! LOL!

K. Rock said...

See..you have a birthday and then everybody starts calling you old. Dang!!!

Loving the outfits. You at least look like you know what you are doing!

That current events quiz sounds like the bottom. I would hate that too. Glad I'm not a student.

Keep posting pictures! Lovin it.

Not so Anonymous said...

Oh NO you didn't!!! I'm young and fabulous...not even 30 yet, I'm Twenty-ten, lol.

I love both looks...cute!

And, congrats again on being Professor Jamiel!!!

Anonymous said...

Go Prof!! Cute looks. Wow, I'm shocked that they didn't do well on the quiz. Those were very easy current events questions. And thank you for NOT calling me old!

The Goddess said...

Congrats to you. We've all followed you through all of your hard work and I know you are so proud of yourself. We all are! Go get em Professor Jameil!

Anonymous said...

You look too cute!

1969 said...

I may be old...but I am hot dammit!!!

You look great girlie. So proud of you and all of your accomplishments.

Los Angelista said...

If Hollywood was with it, somebody would read your blog and pitch a TV show about your life. Your outfits alone should seal the deal!

I'm SO very happy for you and totally proud of all you're doing!

Why is my word verifaction nappyrefa???

Jameil said...

gp... heyyyy! thanks! i already missed a day! my fault b/c i didn't want to take a pic w/o earrings. ridiculous! lol i'm soooo brave!

k... lol. that's what happens man! thanks! i have many others glad they're not specifically my student having to take that quiz weekly!

nsa... i did! lolololol. thanks!

mrs... thanks! there were some harder ones but everything was from at least 2 sources or the WEEKLY student paper. no excuses! you're welcome!

goddess... thanks girlie! :) i'm ecstatic about this opportunity!

hnb... thanks!

1959... lololol. you aight! thanks! :)

Jameil said...

liz... lol. that would be funny. thanks! and the word verification is a not so subliminal message! lolol