Monday Mindspacing Vol. 65

1) When you go to stop following people on twitter, the url is twitter.com/friendships/destroy.  ROTFL!!
2) There should be no such thing as a "guiltless salmon burger."  Why would you feel guilty eating that unless it's topped with bacon, ham, mayo and sauteed in a pound of butter?  And then I read the recipes... wow... y'all really do all that...
3) Fashion bloggers, I am beginning to adore you.  I really am.  But I just cannot get with the spot and dot and animal print mixing.  #nomaam Love, Jameil
4) I have a problem with history. It never seems real to me. 1564 seems like such an abstract, fake year.  Really, anything before oh I don't know 1776 seems too long ago to be accurate or real.  (I just picked that year at random, but the 1800s don't seem terribly real either.)  Yes, I know that's problematic, bizarre, and insert your own adjective.
5) I love sorbet.  My closest friend in the program always balks when I want it for dessert.  She's says indignantly, "It's a palate cleanser!" Like that means I should only eat it between courses or something?  Girl, gimme my sorbet!  Lol.
6) My whole life is happening at warp speed right now!  I know all of a sudden I'm going to blink and it's going to be December and everything will be totally different.  Then it will be May and I'll have another degree.  Oh my!  But it's so exciting I don't even want to slow it down!  Woohoo!!!
7) I know people go to grad school because they don't know what else to do... but it's weird when I meet them and they tell me about it.  It's like seeing a unicorn whose mane is dyed crazy colors and has something stuck on its horn.  Yep, just like that.
8) I ate at least 3 vegetarian meals last week.  Sometimes I looked longingly at the thought of meat.  Other times I proudly prepared and/or ordered my meatless wonder!  So proud of myself.
9) Sometimes I love love LOVE blogging!  It would be nothing without the comments.  This is not a cry for comments.  It is a thank you to all the commenters & the people who comment back in their comments.  Those people are the best!  I love having dialogues and creating relationships with strangers!
10) The Record Dish is supposed to be a food, fashion & music (that last one's clearly for Stace) blog so I will be posting my outfits on there along with my recipes (if I ever get back to posting recipes)!  Here's my first outfit blog!
11) Can you make people I'm not that close to stop asking me when I'm getting married?  Please?  Especially since I'm not engaged yet?  I knew I could count on you!  Thanks blog la familia! XOXO
12) A film festival placed me on their email list... We didn't get in... How cruel.
13) Me and Stace would be instantaneously friendless if anyone ever saw the things we wrote about facebook pictures.


{JeLisa} @ Blogging Ever After said...

Awww, #11's one of those common, unavoidable occurrences.

I got married relatively young, so for me, the annoying question has been the one that inevitably follows: "When are you two gonna have a baby?"

What's most annoying is the judgmental tone in the next question, "Well...WHY NOT?" when we'd say we're waiting. It's like, you can stop putting a timer on my uterus now, thanks. :)

K. Rock said...

2. A salmon burger sounds good right about now.
4. Ha!
5. Tell her to quit tripping. Sorbet is a tasty dessert.
6. Enjoy the ride girl! It will get monontonous soon.
9. I feel you. I love commenters! They (We) are the best!
10. Enjoying it so far.

Naima said...

#1. That is HILARITY x infinity!! LMAO!
#5. Sorbet is delicious. Carry on.
#6. Hooray for excitement!
#7. *raises hand* Yup, that was me. You may call me unicorn (with crazy colored mane and something stuck on my horn). LoL!!!
#10. I was checking my google reader from my phone and I have The Record Dish categorized under "Food", so I was all confused when your outfit post popped up. Heeheehee.

GorgeousPuddin said...

1. What??????? How harsh is that?!?
2. That's probably the only way I could eat salmon Blech!
3. Ahh the eclectic.
4. Ummm okay. O_o
5. But can't you cleanse you palate at the end of the meal? I mean dang!
6. What's happening in December that will make EVERYTHING???? different? Hmmm?
7. Oh c'mon!! I wanted a MA in education because Bill Cosby had one then I decided I hate kids so I'm changing it to _____ to indulge my........ Bwhaahahahaha!
8.Mmmmmmm MEAT in Homer Simpson voice.
9. Thanks! As you can see I love commenting. The test for me is if I can actually respond to every ques/statement! LOL!
10. saw it commented! LOL!
11. Well it is a BURNING question now with all these hints, posts, cryptic messages etc.
12. BOOOOOO! to them! When you blow up don't include them in the award speeches.
13. Bwhahahahaha! I totally get that! Me too! I just talk about people. I'm bad Ooops! LOLOLOL!

Nerd Girl said...

7. I went 'cause it was free :)
9. ITA!
11. Not gonna happen. Until you get married. Sorry.
12. Jerks!

Sparkling Red said...

1) Seriously? That's hilarious! OK, I have to pick someone to stop following so that I can test that out.
2) I feel the same way about "vegetarian beans". As if beans aren't vegetarian by default. It's not like they grow on the bean tree along with little chunks of pork fat.
5) Tell her that you're going out to do shots of mouthwash after you're done with the sorbet.
7) I went visual on that one, and for some reason what my mind came up with for "something" was a raw steak. Don't expect me to explain that.

Not so Anonymous said...

1. That's hilarious to me!
4. LOL...a.fake year..only our Jameil, lol.
5. Sorbet is alright, but we all know it just wants to be ice cream, lol.
7. I always thought it was weird for ppl to use grad school to delay real life. I went to grad school with some ppl like that.

Anonymous said...

I love salmon burgers! Trying very hard to convince hubby to try so that I can add it to my cooking rotation.

Meatless meals? For real? Hmmm... congrats on that. I'm not sure I could do it. I love meat too much. I thank God all the time for making pigs, because bacon is one of my best friends!

Ladynay said...

Sorbet is delish

The year is going by super fast! I was just talking to my classmate about how fast this module is going! After Halloween you blink twice and it will be 2011!

Sooooo when is the wedding? LOL!

You know, many publishers didn't accept JK Rowlings or whatever that Harry Potter chicks name is, but the one that did put her on...well you know the rest.

Jameil said...

JeLisa... People just don't know how to act!!

k... 2) mmmm right??
5) lol! i know that's right!
6) lol. hursh!
9) yep!!

naima... 1) i know! lolol
5) nom nom nom
7) Lololol. Heeeey unicorn girl!
10) LOLOL.

gp... 1) lol. VERY.
2) i'm very salmon picky.
4) lol. i know.
5) lolol. i like it as dessert. yummy yummy!
6) LOL! hush it up!
7) lololol you're such a mess!
8) meeeeeeat!
9) lolol
11) i'm talking about STRAIGHT UP i've known you for 3 weeks people.
12) lol i'll try that.

nerd... 7) now THAT i can get with! someone make mine free, too!!
9) ? italy?
11) strangers, though??????
12) for real.

red... 1) lolol do it!
2) LOLOLOL!!! iDied @ next to little chunks of pork! Absolute hilarity!!

nsa... 1) me too!
4) lol i know!
5) nooooooooo!
7) and i do now!

mrs.tdj... mmmmm! so good! sometimes meatless meals make me appreciate meat that much more. but with my workouts right now I really need the protein so I won't be cutting back that much anymore. lol @ thanks to God for the pig! theee best!

lady... it really is! this year is b-a-n-a-n-a-s. your wedding? you're getting married?? CONGRATULATIONS!!! EVERYBODY!!! CONGRATULATE LADYNAY!! SHE'S GETTING MARRIED!! I know people fail but I don't wanna fail... or if I must... I'd really like to not be added to your mailing list.