Another Open Letter

Dear Everyone Who Spoiled Top Chef For Me,

I hate you all.



Ladynay said...


Adei von K said...

You there is no love there.

Since it's ruined, how did the people who ruined it for you ruin it? what did they tell you that they shouldn't have?

Jameil said...

Lady... :(((( I was so sad!!

ADei... Telling me THE MINUTE the winner won!!! Hello!! What do you mean how did they ruin it???

Naima said...

Damn homie :o(

Adei von K said...

Oh, I thought there was a guest judge, a twist, or some challenge you would've enjoyed seeing on your own. Plus, I didn't know it was the finale. Damn, that's flucked up.

GorgeousPuddin said...

I try not to spoil stuff! I did kinda hint tho!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, even though I still haven't watched the finale, I was going to. Unfortunately, I logged onto faceb.ook and say a million status updates within an hour of the finale ending. =( Sucks to DVR sometimes.

Jameil said...

Naima... THE WORST

Adei... NO. The finale.

GP... no, more than one person straight up sang the winners praises MINUTES after the finale ended. So not cool.

mrstdj... Not cool!!!