Movies 2010, Weeks 20-22

Finally!  I watched enough movies to justify a post!

May 30- June 5, 2010
Moving week means 1 movie!  Wow!
126) Jennifer's Body. Diabolo Cody's second turn as a writer starring Amanda Seyfried and Megan Fox as teenage girls-- oddly matched best friends-- one of whom is turned into a demon, the other who has to protect the boys in her town.  It's supposed to be more clever than it actually is... unbelievable and because of that sometimes really really boring.  2.8 stars

June 6-12, 2010
127) Finding Neverland.  Johnny Depp, Kate Winslet & Dustin Hoffman star in the after story about the creator/creation of/insiration for Peter Pan.  The film is set in 1904 England and based on a true story.  SO cool.  In telling the creation of the classic play, the director manages to keep a lot of the magic.  I really enjoyed this film.  4.4 stars

June 13- 19, 2010
128) A P.lace of Our Own.  A personal documentary about upper middle class black families who vacationed on Martha's Vineyard on the summers.  Some really great archival footage right at the open.   Maybe it's a little too personal.  It was very difficult to watch at times because you felt intrusive.  The 1950s sequence was fantastic.  This was a snapshot of the black section of the Vineyard.  I was looking for more.  I think I wanted to get more personal stories from each of the people he interviewed.  3.5 stars
129) Swimming with Sharks.  Film starring Kevin Spacey about a guy trying to work his way up while working for a super jerk.  Unnecessary voiceover open.  Endlessly boring after the first 45 minutes.  Let down of an end.  2 stars
130) Swing Time. Classic musical starring Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.  I'm gonna guess no one told me Fred Astaire was in black face because I would've never seen this film.   Complete and utter crap.  Instead of actually hiring Bojangles to do the act, put Fred in blackface.  FAIL.  I'm heated.  Other than that I suppose it was pretty good.  3.7 stars
131) 36 Hours. 1964 film about an American soldier captured and made the target of a German plot to gain military information.  Interesting but some of the scenes were overly long unnecessarily.  Still, I was very engaged once the real action started.  The ending was a bit of a let down.  4 stars


GorgeousPuddin said...

again with the black face eh? I'm so glad we've moved on from that foolishness!

Ladynay said...

The only reason Jen's Body made any $$ was because folks wanted to see Meagan Fox! LOL

Anonymous said...

Not a Johnny Depp fan, so I didn't really enjoy Finding Neverland.

I saw A Place of Our Own at the suggestion of a friend and I liked it. I agree though - could have been stronger with deeper personal stories. Very interesting though.

Jameil said...

gp... right?!?!

lady... lolol.

mrst... i would've loved to get all up in those old people's business! lol