Monday Mindspacing Vol. 52

One year of Monday Mindspacing!!  How excited are you???  VERY, I KNOW!!

1) All of you must pat me on the back.  7 of the 30 Before 30 books I haven't read yet are on a promotion.  They totaled $72.76 before the coupons I found online... which saved me $43.20.  So even though they were $50.72 for 7 books with free shipping, I did not buy them, opting instead to save my money.  Begin patting.
2) Can someone tell me where I thought I was going that I needed 7 outfits for 4 days in Florida when I need to spend the majority of those days packing?  Help her (me), Lawd!!
3) Have I told you how excited I am about 30 Before 30??  I'M SO EXCITED!!  I'm already underway with 3 of my goals and can't wait to give you a proper update when I've completed one!  Yay me!!!  I finished a book-- Pride and Prejudice and I LOVED IT!!  9 more to go!
4) When you spend a full page of tweets on follow backs... you gotta go.
5) My hair is the longest it's ever been and continually scares me when my shoulders are bare.  I'm constantly convinced there's something crawling on me.
6) No movies to post this week because with moving and driving many more miles than I planned and a series of unfortunate events... I saw one movie.  Le sigh.
7) Why did Victoria'sSecret send me a birthday gift card... that expires June 30th... my birthday is August 23rd...
8) I knew my boyfriend was a music snob but it came to a head when we were driving to Atlanta this weekend.  I realized he liked ZERO fun songs.  Every song that comes on that sounds like something you would currently hear at a party, "I HATED this song."  Of course you did... wet blanket.  Lol.  I was really irritated by this when I was sleepy.  Now it's amusing.  I want to go put on "Bust a Move."
9) I'm on week 2 of my 3 workouts a week for a year!  Raise your hand if you're excited! *hands in the air!!*
10) Life is working my nerves a bit right now.  I spent hundreds of dollars on my car then Rashan's car broke down and we had to leave it and half of my stuff in Gainesville.  FAIL.  We have to go back there again later this week.  Now I REALLY can't wait for that part of my life to be over.  Peace out Gainesville.


Trish said...

2. I hate that I overpack, it's a very bad habit.

3. I can't wait to hear about the 30 before 30.

5. My hair does that too and I jump every time!

10. That sucks about Rashan's car. I hate when there's a plan and something stupid happens to throw it all off.

Pink Lady said...

so you may not be a music snob, but you're a movie/book snob! :-P ROFL!

(formerly PCD)

Mrs Count said...

4. That gets on my dang nerves. Especially when they announce "I just unfollowed 25 people who weren't following me back. I don't follow people who don't follow me back." We don't care fool. The people that message was for aren't following you to read it. Irritating.

5. I almost broke my neck banging it the other day because I thought I was being attacked.

GorgeousPuddin said...

1. That was smart! A great deal but smart. Pat Pat Pat lol!
2.You needed options. I do this everytime I go somewhere. It's a girl thing.
3.Go Jameil!
5. Yes! My hair scares the crap out of me all the time. It's finally back to shoulder length after my BC that I ended up relaxing again.
7. I'd use it then call and correct the date to hopefully get another one. : )Their bad!
9. Get it girl! My hands are in the air waving like I just don't care! *Too easy couldn't resist*
10. :(

psonyawilson said...

1. Way to go, Jameil!
4. I stopped tweeting. I didn't get it.
7. Losers. But maybe you'll get another in August?
8. If you want it, you got it!! (Isn't that bust a move?)

Sparkling Red said...

*waving one hand in the air and patting you on the back with the other one*

Jameil said...

trish... 2) and for me it was everything i left in Gainesville for that week was another thing I'd have to struggle to get back to Atlanta!
3) it's gonna be awesome!!
5) LOL! I'm so glad I'm not alone!
10) And this threw off EVERY PLAN!! So ridiculous.

pinky... LOL! HATE!

mrs.c... 4) lololol! right!??!
5) hahahaha! you have a flair for drama!

gp... 1) thank you so much!! 2) but i had way too many options esp. since i did NOTHING.
5) HAHAHAHA!! I really thought I was alone! Never crossed my mind others experienced this! I love it!
7) Lolol. Very amusing.

Psonya... 1) thanks! 4) lol. 7) that would be great!
8) YEP!

red... thank you thank you!