Monday Mindspacing Vol. 53

1) I like reading the New International Version of the Bible... but I like memorizing the King James Version.  It just sounds more Bible-y to me.  Reminds me of my childhood.
2) Georgia is in a really aggressive anti-meth phase right now... the commercials-- radio & television-- and billboards are omnipresent.  Somebody rich apparently has a momma, son or daughter who was obliterated by meth.  I'd just like to know the appeal of a drug that's a bunch of household cleaners boiled together.  I'm gonna have to pass on that.
3) What is wrong with my boyfriend?  This dude has exposed more of his ridiculous rap stuff in the last week than in the previous year.  This is exactly why I excuse myself from the room or the phone when he starts going.  I DON'T CARE!!  He critiqued a rap using the term, 'non-sequitur.'  For real?  And still can't stop listening to the hood rat rap on ATL stations.
4) I made the Ultimate Sunday Meat & Potatoes dinner with steamed asparagus in a paper bag from Tyler's Ultimate per my 30 Before 30 goal.  OMG!!!  That was one of the most delicious, most impressive-looking dinners I've ever made!  I was so excited & proud of myself!  :)
5) I can't watch soccer.  One goal in 90 minutes?  I'm gonna have to pass.  Show me the highlights.
6) I don't get the becoming a UniversalLife minister for your friend's wedding thing.  I mean I do and I don't.  I don't personally want it at all.  So that's what I mean.  I can kind of understand why people do it.  It just seems so hippie-ish.
7) Rashan's mom is way more physically affectionate than my mom.  It's an adjustment being around her.  Lol.
8) I frequently think there's someone who doesn't believe I cook as much as I have in the last few weeks.  I make myself crazy with something I have no proof of.  I DO like posting failures, though because who believes EVERYTHING you make tastes awesome?  Nobody.
9) Once again, I watched ONE movie last week... wow...  I blame car issues & 3 days at Rashan's mom's house.
10) Rashan left me alone in his mom's house... several times.  The most okay times were when I was in the kitchen.  Lol.  His 2nd youngest nephew now treats me like an expected addition.  He ran to me and gave me a hug before he went to sleep the other night.  Too cute.
11) I don't know why all the newspaper websites now have this giant ad that covers the screen and you HAVE to x out of to read the site but it's really really annoying.
12) Why didn't any of you guys tell me about KindleForMac??? I can read free books on my computer w/o needing to own a Kindle!!  You people care nothing about me.  Why is this?


DollFace said...

Kindle for Mac?!?!?! Bless you child for this jewel :)

Mrs Count said...

1. I don't like reading the NIV version, but MrC does. When we have Bible studies, we have out 3 different versions, but I'll only read from the new king james. I like having to look up words and be confused sometimes. I enjoy the challenge.
5. I remember going to soccer games when I was younger and really enjoying it (of course my mother claims this never happened and I'm making the memories up) but I don't think I've ever watched it on tv. I'm gonna watch a game though cuz the people on twitter make it seem so interesting.
8. Cooking fails are hilarious to me. Standing in the kitchen trying to figure out what went wrong and how the disaster came to be. Good times.

Ladynay said...

4) I am starving right bout now and I looked at your link on #4, big mistake! LOL

It's not that I don't care about your knowledge of different things...I just didn't know what a KindleForMac was till I read it on your page! :-P

Naima said...

#4: Yeah, I'm gonna have to try that one. Looks delicious!!

#6: I'm asking a friend to officiate our wedding (GA state law permitting). We don't really have a church home here, and if some random officiant pronounces mine (or Bakari's) name wrong on our wedding day???? DONE. Beyond DONE, even.

GorgeousPuddin said...

1.I like reading both too...when I read. I do KJ first then NIV for translation purposes.
2. A few years back I saw this docu on meth. That's some scary stuff. People's faces literally were coming off. The before and after pics were horrid
3. Hip-Hop heads are like that. I consider myself pretty smart but I had to look up the meaning of sequitur.
4. Looks yummy good!
5. Soccer Booo!
7. and 10. BF Fam love is so special. I'm happy for you. It could be worse. :)

Nerd Girl said...

1. Me too!
2. In MS, the anti-meth movement turned into legislation - we now need a rx for a lot of formerly OTC allergy meds. Did I mention that nearly everyone here has spring allergies??? Sigh.
5. Love World Cup soccer. The rest, not so much.
6. Funny, I just told a friend I'd do this for her if she can't find anyone for her wedding.

Anonymous said...

*lol* @ the meth ads! I was in GA this past weekend and was thinking, wow, is it that bad down here???

Soccer = Snooze!! What the heck is the point of game that ends with a tie? Nonsense!

K. Rock said...

3.You are in ATL now. Hood rap is all over the place. You can resist but it will overtake you!! BWAHHHH!!

5. I agree. You run for an hour and a half and all you get to show for it is a final score of 1 to 0. No thanks. I need more action than that.

Adei von K said...

I'm that person who can't believe you cook so much. I just can't imagine going to the grocery store for things I'd never buy just for one recipe. Sounds so reckless and fun!!

Jameil said...

Doll... je vous en prie!!!

mrsc... 1) what's the 3rd version? LOL @ the challenge.
5) HILARIOUS! Rashan also has fake memories his mom shoots down. Peoiple on twitter kill me w/the soccer play by plays.
8) right!? lol. i love doing great food but when it's gross, i learn!

lady... 4) lol! now you know better!! & I'm glad you weren't holdin out on me!

nai... 4) do it!!
6) interesting! lolol @ stumbling over your names. total fail!

gp... 1) cool!
2) that mess is horrendous! just the ingredients were enough to have me like WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT??!!? then the face scabbing??? fail.
3) lol. irr.i.ta.ting.
4) so good!
5) ditto
7) yeah it's nice :)

nerd... 1) cool!
2) wow... that's not cute.
5) pass on it all. the vuvuzelas? kill me.
6) lol! cool! i think i like it in theory and that other people do it but that it's not for me.

mrstdj... right??! it's incessant! soccer = iCant.

k... 3) lol. 5) word

adei... LOL!!! FRIEND FAIL!! you mean it amazes you not like you doubt that i actually do it, right?