Monday Mindspacing Vol. 55

1) FB is doing the most.  You can now like comments on statuses???  Liking statuses, okay, but liking the comments on the statuses???  Extra.
2) Locator updates make me nervous.  Why do people need to know your location when you're mobile?  Creepy.
3) How about there were screens on the plane where you could create playlists from cds.  I made a great list from RiRi, Bey, Gaga and more of their ilk.  Guess when I finished it?  About 3 minutes before the pilot said we were 15 minutes from landing.  Fail.
4) The film festival was SO COOL!!  I can't wait until I can go to them as the filmmaker and hold my own Q&As!  I saw some really great films.  The film updates are coming later in the week seeing as I just needed a day to decompress yesterday!
5) People and their impatience, man.  People were crowded at the plane's gates to board before everyone got off the plane from the previous flight.  Then they stood in the way like they didn't have seats already.  Some were on standby but the vast majority were not.  Let's calm it on down.
6) I have an awesome surprise planned for my mom's birthday on Wednesday.  I CAN'T WAIT!!!  :)
7) Rashan and I are funny.  We speak in unison more and more frequently.  Then he says, "Jinx, owe me a NuGrape."  Yeah, no!  Fail on the hood drinks!  Lolol.
8) I bought a book for a dollar at the dollar store... clearly I should've known better.  Really, 8 f-bombs in the first 5 pages?  Wretched & pass.
9) I tried to get my red lipstick and the guy picked out the most awful hooker red you've ever seen in your life.  I told you I wanted a red that looked good on me.  I said no raisin-colored and this is what you give me?  Is this why you work at U.lta instead of Sephora or Mac?  I tried Lancome and that was only slightly better.  Clearly I need to get myself on to the Mac counter yesterday.  I should ask Rah's sister-in-law.
10) Martin+Osa aka my fave chain clothing store is going out of business.  FAIL.  They have such great clothes for me-- classic with slightly trendy touches.  Ugh.  BUT I can't wait to stock up on clothes when they go even lower!  YESSSSS.  30% off for a store going out of business w/no returns or refunds = not low enough.  I got some things yesterday but I'm gonna need much more.


*Tanyetta* said...

Yeah, liking FB comments put it way over the top for me too!

ps--love your mindspacing posts!!!! :)

K. Rock said...

I actually like the "comment like" on FB now. Sometimes the comments are more profound than the status so it is cool to be able to make that known.

Hope you can pick up some cheap clothes. Clearance sales are usually pretty good if you get in early.

GorgeousPuddin said...

3.What airline was that? You shoulda moved quicker LOL! and why so many songs? *smile*
4.Glad you had a good time! You're like me I'm always I can't wait until_______ fill in the blank. LOL! It's coming girl Keep believing.
5.Impatient people umph! So the airline no longer calls Now boarding Rows 1- 20 etc.?? Bummer!
7.What is Nugrape?
9. Yes get thee to MAC asap!
10. I Love a good sale.

Los Angelista said...

I just noticed that "liking" other people's comments mess. So unnecessary.

Can't wait to hear about the festival!

Naima said...

#5: I HATE it when people do that! And I'm impatient!!

#7: What is NuGrape??

#10: Are you talking about the one in Perimeter? I've been in there all of two times. I didn't know what kind of store it was, so I stayed away from it for the longest. I'll definitely be going back now, while I can! Are all of them going out of business or just that one?

mrstdj said...

I'm digging the "like" on the comments. Some conversations take on a life of their own after the actual status update.

Yeah, when I traveled earlier in the month, I was thinking, damn people, we're all going to get on. Calm the hell down.

Wow, didn't know the dollar store sold books! *lol*

Sparkling Red said...

What the heck is NuGrape? It sounds very space-age. I think I want some, whatever it is.

Adei von K said...

Impatient people at airports irk me. Especially the ones that stand up the minute the plane starts its descent. Now you're standing in the aisle OR HUNCHED OVER IN YOUR SEAT looking foolish... #siddown! But the ones at the gate who are zone 4 when they're only boarding first class and zone 1??? Take a seat.

Can you tell I have airport issues??

Jameil said...

tan... right??? thanks!

k... lol. different strokes, right? i got some good prices but I want better.

gp... 3) it was my first time flying in 2 years, hater. i watched an ep. of parks & rec first.
4) it was a blast!!
5) it's so silly!! they really do call by zones! you're in zone 6 and they're boarding from zone 1!! STOP IT!!
7) soda
9) right???
10) ME TOO!!Esp b/c i hate buying something then showing up later and seeing it $40 cheaper!!

liz... it's so extra to me!!

naima... 5_ RIGHT?? 7) LOL! Y'ALL ARE CRACKING ME UP!! soda
10) YES!! all out of biz. I went there on a whim once & fell in love. It's the only one in the south.

mrst... interesting. WE ARE ALL GETTING ON!! so ridiculous! we all still have assigned seats, too! and that dollar book was garbage.

red... ROTFL!!! Grape soda!

adei... RIGHT?!?! SIT DOWN!! You have lots of issues, airport & otherwise.