Peeves of the Pet

Hello children!  I know you wanted to know all about my many pet peeves... Here are just a few...

1) Open cabinets and drawers.  This includes drawers to the cd players.  Close it IMMEDIATELY after you finish using it!!
2) Standing with the refrigerator door open.
3) Cooking in a dirty kitchen.  Gross.
4) Peeking through the blinds by pulling them apart rather than lifting a slat.
5) Smoking neighbors.  OMG!!  Get me my own house STAT.  My next city I am TOTALLY renting a house rather than an apartment.  I thought having 2 neighbors wouldn't be a problem but with the heat on, their smoke CIRCULATES through my house.  OH  HECK NO!!  All kinds of ventilation options are under consideration.  Something's happening STAT.
6) Monopolizers on my time.  Y'all bought to have to miss me, shawty!  I know you don't have anything to really occupy your time but, I'm about to start opting out of things.  I need people breaks.  I have been doing stuff non-stop for a few weeks now and everybody's about to get cut off.  I also hate that I feel so compelled to particpate.
7) Leaving the refrigerator door open.
8) Leaving water running.
9) Leaving lights on when no one's in the room.
10) Conversely, sitting in the dark for no apparent reason.
11) Eating the components of my meals separately.  I'll eat this but this isn't ready so I'll go ahead and eat what's ready and take the rest as it arrives.
12) Food that's supposed to be cold being left out for more than the exact amount of time it's in use (milk, butter, cheese).
13) Improperly wrapped food.

Yes, I know I'm a psycho.


K. Rock said...

1. Guilty.
2. I will only do that for a small amount of time.
4. My kids do that. and I snap every time.
10. I get so mad when I get home and everybody is sitting in the dark in the middle of the day. I am all about light so I come in snatching open curtains left and right.
12. Guilty. The butter doesn't get put up until I finish with everything. But i am trying to get better with that.

Adei von K said...

LMMFAO!! Oh these peeves cracketh me upeth!
Mom is known for slamming cabinet doors after I leave them open... I guess that's her peeve too.

You know how I feel abt cooking in a dirty kitchen... sometimes you're better off ordering take-out!!

Water running and lights on irk the mess out of me! I yell at my class about playing in the sink. "Save some water for the fish, sheesh!"

Oh yeah, I leave stuff out too. I guess it's true that just cause you're friends doesn't mean you can be roommates!

GorgeousPuddin said...

I asked you answered but good GAWD! Whatta list! You psycho *smile* But you will think I'm one too after you read this.

3. Cooking in a dirty kitchen? Ewwww! Eating food from a dirty kitchen NO! NO! and Hells No!
4. My uncle said "if you gon look then LOOK! Pull up the damn blinds! Whatcha peekin fo" He cracks me up!
5. Yeah that sounds horrid! Mine is eliminated if I turn on the bathroom fan. I let it run for hours! Take that smokers!
10. Now this really scares me! Don't laugh! I think the person is plotting to kill me. I ALWAYS ask why are you sitting in the dark!!!!
11. O_O
12. I do this *shrug*

Ladynay said...

Ummmm you are not psycho. They all made since to me! LOL!

Ladynay said...



Anonymous said...

Not too bad! I was prepared for much worse. *lol*

I agree on many especially peeking through the blinds, leaving doors/cabinets and leaving water running.

Oh! You and GP eating parts of a meal separately would drive me bonkers if I was around ya'll.

I am guilty of sitting in the dark often. I find that it helps me focus and my thoughts are very clear.

Mrs Count said...

3. Me too. We don't have dinner when nobody has washed the dishes.
5. Uggghhhhhhh. I have been known to have screaming crying fits when I smell smoke in the apartment.
2&7. my mom yells at MrC for that every single time we're over there.

Rashan Jamal said...

You should have just called this post 11 things that Rashan does that bother me, plus 2 others. I got pet peeves too, but since I ain't blogging no more, I'll just have to keep them to myself until they fester and torment me enough to SNAP!!! LOL

Sparkling Red said...

I agree with 99% of your list. All those things peeve me too, except for leaving lights on in a room that no one is in. I try not to do it at home, but sometimes, when it's dark out and I'm home alone, I feel happier with extra lights on. But leaving water running? OMG, that is inexcusable.

Anonymous said...

But butter has to get soft...

I'm with you on the kitchen...I've taken to warning the hubs when major cooking is in the works. That way he knows he's got to get cleaning.

Anonymous said...

But butter has to get soft...

I'm with you on the kitchen...I've taken to warning the hubs when major cooking is in the works. That way he knows he's got to get cleaning.

The Goddess said...

Ok, if you're psycho I am too because so many of those peeve me off also.

I don't know how you deal with the cigarette thing cause that would have me breaking my lease. I can NOT tolerate the smell of cigarettes. I swear just the mention of the word makes me smell cigarettes. Lol If someone pulls up next to me in a car with a cigarette I'll roll my windows up immediately and pray I don't get caught next to them at a light.

I can't cook in a dirty kitchen either and you know that's hard over here with all these darn messy greedy kids. Lol And don't get me started on all aspects of the refrigerator. From food placement, to wrapped foods, to jelly and ketchup bottles not properly cleaned, oh..... I feel a blog post coming on the kitchen and proper use of EVERYTHING in it. lol

{JeLisa} @ Blogging Ever After said...

#1 is definitely mine. Lol.

Jameil said...

k... 1) you said that on your blog and i wanted to harm you!
2) not better! lol
4) lolol
12) at least you're trying!

adei... shut it! that mess is sooooo annoying! sometimes i DO just get food to go. not for the fish! lolol. you are the worst for leaving stuff out. ALL NIGHT!?!? I would DIE.

gp... hursh!
3) grossssssss!
4) LOLOL!!!!
5) run up your electric bill and you win? lol
10) HILARITY!! I'm using this from now on!!!
11) Horrible.
12) Why bother to wrap it if not well? might as well leave it out on the counter. no plate necessary.

lady... yay!

mrs.tdj... woohoo!! NO. Eating meals as separates = HORRIBLE. not okay. girl, turn on some lights! ol vampire self!

mrs. c... 3) as is well-documented on twitter!
2, 5 & 7) lolololol

rj... SHUT IT! The cabinets and drawers, please and thanks. Let 'em snap. I got something FO YOU!!!

red... woohoo!! home alone? leave on all the lights! absolved!

happy... only for baking! WARNING! Get busy if you wanna eat! LOL

hey psycho! it is AWFUL!!! not messy & greedy! lol. DON'T GET ME STARTED ON THE DIRTY KETCHUP BOTTLES!!! It looks DISGUSTING!!

jeLisa... woohoo!!