You Can Do It!!!

Have I told you lately how hectic Wednesdays are for me and more to the point LONG!? I have 3 classes (two I'm taking, one I'm assisting the professor) totaling 8 hours starting at 9:35am. I have to catch the bus by 9 a.m. or multiple full buses will pass me making me late to class. I rarely return home before 8:30 p.m. on these days. Sometimes later.

Today I am SLEEPY!!! And for some reason I have been waking up 10-30 minutes before my alarm goes off. Today: 8 minutes. I wanted those 8 minutes back so badly!! I can never force myself to fall asleep before 2 so last night I got 6 hours of sleep. Awesome. I had this crazy dream last night, too. Today I will do my part to get us out of class early. It's my classmate's birthday and we're supposed to be going out to dinner PLUS our professor owes us some time for not giving us the break we're supposed to get AND keeping us over. Can I get a 7:30 or earlier let out? You know you wanna.

My "favorite" part about this schedule? I have a little over an hour between each leg of action so long enough to eat but not long enough to go home or take a nap without irritating myself. AWESOME. We have guest speakers in the assisting class today so HOPEFULLY we'll get out early like we did the last time we had a guest speaker. Let's all hope for the best!!

But the non-sarcastic best is that independent study starts October 29th so after today I only have about 4 more weeks of crazy Wednesdays!!! Can we say 'Praise God!'? I believe we can! AND I can totally do it! I know I can!! AND me and Stace are going to tear up Daytona w/Bran and her whole fam and possibly Rashan for the Hampton/Bethune Cookman game in November. Can you say having a blast!?!?! That's me!! I CAN DO IT!! (But can someone send me some 'feels like you slept' vibes real quick? Because today? SLEEEEEPY!)


Ladynay said...

WAKE YA ASS UP!!!!!! Did that help? LOL!

I am not a fan of any type of energy drinks but a coworker swears by this 5 hour energy drink that comes in a small red/yellow/black bottle. Can't recall the name of it now that I am trying to remember it. :-(


Not So Anonymous said...

Here's a no-dose and a coke, wake it up!!!

Jameil said...

lady... NO! BEHAVE! I did it.

nsa... lol. thx.