Monday Mindspacing Vol. 17

1) I love when people ride bikes with baskets on the front! They're so cute even if they make me think of the wicked witch from the WizardofOz.
2) I'm shocked and a little saddened by how many of my SMART fb friends are all gung ho over the new T.ylerPerry movie... why? WHY?! There clearly aren't enough bad black movies out there. We need you to come out with at least one/month.
3) Saw a guy on campus last week I was convinced got lost on his way back from Gator football stars of the 1990s wax museum: burly w/a box & an arm full of tattoos. He may have had a small hoop earring as well but I can't be sure. I was avoiding looking so I didn't laugh in his face b/c I KNEW he was gonna get blogged about. Lololol.
4) People of Walmart in person. YOU ARE KIL.LING.ME!!! Chick with the booty shorts, tank top and satin sleep cap. I hate you so much right now. AHHHHHH!! And get the chick with the blond braids MINUS the literally half her head that was black. How do you look like you have the most monstrous need for a root touch up known to man and you have FRESH BRAIDS?!!
5) Why didn't anyone tell me Chili's has 2 for 1 margaritas? Because y'all hate me. That's now obvious. Rashan says we knew but thought it was a one time thing. Let me tell you Chili's was giving out coupons this weekend at the game. It's about to be over. O.V.E.R.
6) I felt vindicated when P.atrickSwayze died b/c when we found out he had pancreatic cancer I was still working at the station and someone wouldn't allow me to say he had a terminal illness. Said person said, "We don't know that it's terminal. They haven't said that yet." I said, "It's advanced pancreatic cancer. It's terminal." Person said, "But they haven't said that, let's not kill him yet." I'm not trying to kill him. I'm just calling it like I see it. You don't bounce back from that one. I let it go then but I didn't forget. My mom thinks I'm a bad person for feeling vindicated. Whatever man. I was right. RIP my one time future husband who would never put me in a corner. I was like 8 crushin' hard on that dude! Lol.
7) Two bizarre things have changed about me with age. Neither of them I like. I am more emotional. I used to NEVER cry and now there's no telling what will set me off. It's so lame. I still don't cry as much as a lot of people I know but sometimes I feel these tears coming and I get so EXASPERATED!!! I have also developed something of a sweet tooth. I find myself wanting sugary stuff more than I ever have before. I don't fighting it, though. I try to limit my sweets (minus stuff like HoneyBunchesofOats) to once a week... unless my professor brings doughnuts. Then all bets are off!!!
8) Target has the worst shipping prices in the history of the internet. $8 to ship baby socks and A ONESIE is some GARBAGE!!!! Not next day. Standard. The slowest possible i.e. it gets there in a month. Makes me never want to order anything on Target.com again unless it has free shipping. And of course you always have to spend at least $50 IN ONE SUPER SPECIFIC DESIGNATED CATEGORY to get free shipping. WACK. Also what's the point in getting 15% off of a $125 purchase if the purchase is so heavy shipping will cost you LITERALLY 3xs that amount. BOTH ACTUAL EXAMPLES. Fall back, Target. You're trying to turn my love for your store into something sinister.
9) I can't believe I've been doing this 17 weeks. It's amazing how time flies when you're paying no attention to the most basic things. Or consumed with life... whichever.
10) Restaurants which make me download their menus to look at them annoy me. Why do I need the PDF of your actual menu? Also restaurants that don't post their prices get pushed to the side.
11) Can I get some uniformity in page numbers in books? How do they decide which numbers go at the top or bottom? I don't like picking up several of my text books and having to look all over the page for the number.
12) I am SOOOOOO glad I didn't imbibe before the game Saturday!! (Yes, we won, GO GATORS!) Temperatures of 89 with a heat index of 93+ and I'm standing the whole time? Sounds to me like a guaranteed recipe for disaster. Not cute at all. I bought a $5 pint of sorbet during the game and polished that thing off with the quickness. I realized I hadn't been to a sporting event since I left Pittsburgh (Go pitiful Pirates!)... I balked at the prices on everything. Plus since I was in ROW 10 (and in the center)!! It was too much of a hassle to fight the crowds to go to the concession stands more than once.
13) It wasn't until Rashan pointed it out that I realized how terribly out of date my profile was! The music was hilarious! Like a time warp for me! I obviously hadn't updated since I started this blog 4 years ago (on the 28th)!


Not So Anonymous said...

I didn't want to say it, but since you brought it up...I hated the new tp movie. I was dragged there by a friend. I'm not a big fan of his movies anyway, but I like that he provides something for the black church folk audience.

2 for 1 margaritas...hmmm, I may have to become a chili's fan.

The emotional thing is definitely true for me too. It's frustrating, ugh.

Yay Gators!!!

Rashan Jamal said...

2. We are def in agreement about Tyler's movies. I just don't get it.

5. 2 for 1 margaritas is so last year. 2009 is the year of the pitcher. LOL

6. You're a bad person. You killed Patrick Swayze!!!

8. shipping is ridic. I remember I was going to buy a $5 book online and they wanted to charge $11 to ship it from Amazon.

13. Yeah, you've changed a bit in 4 years.

Ladynay said...

4 the record, I never know what I want 2 comment on your movie posts or some other posts so I lurk it and keep it moving :-)

Booooo @ shipping being more $ than the purchase!!! WTF?

Nothing wrong w/tears from time to time. It is good for you! Let it out! LOL!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you about busted people in Walmart. There is no need to dress up but at least look decent. Please look like you did not grown up in the circus.

I agree with Rashan. 2009 is the year of the pitcher!

Adei von K said...

Satin Sleep Cap?? Unsexiest thing known to man. I try to lessen the horrid blow by calling them "Hair care berets" LOLOL

I am still so surprised you didn't know chili's and their margarita deal. all day, everyday. sorry.

8 y.o and crushing on Pat!!! LOLOLOL!!

I didn't know Target was horrible with the shipping!! NO MA'AM! I will drive and lug whatever I buy before I pay some God-awful amt to ship from them!! Wow! That is simply outrageous!

Jameil said...

nsa... i never like his movies. or appreciate him for making coonery no matter who it's for. (i know i'm so stuck up w/it...) i was already a chili's person but i just try to stay away from chains so much. boooo emotions!

rah... i will never get it. PITCHERS FOR ALL!!!! i killed james brown, too. who's next, celebs? shipping is DUMB!! i've changed a bit? lololol

lady... well i know people are reading them but it does seem like shouting in the dark sometimes. same amount/more is HORRID. tears suck. lol

epsi... right!? and if you did grow up in the circus, why is that an excuse when you leave the big top??? i think every year from here on out is the year of the pitcher.

adei... satin sleep caps are horrrreeeeeblaaaaay!! make it stop! berets are so much more fab!! i guess i just always wanted the bigger more potent ones. idk. target is wacktastic!!

Los Angelista said...

I don't think I know anybody who's admitted to going to see that TP monstrosity. Will his chitlin circuit films ever die?

I am so with you on the Target shipping. Because of that I have NEVER ordered a single thing from their website. They need to get it together for real!

YAY, for your approaching 4th blogiversary!