Monday Mindspacing Vol. 15

1) It really works my nerves when people in any social networking platform (twitter, blogger, fb) post a series of youtube videos. Can you not? We see these same videos everywhere all the time. You're not breaking new ground and you're cluttering up my feed.
2) You guys have been reading my blog long enough to know I talk and think about food more than regularly. But FBers? They are all losing their minds over the amount of food talk AND TELL ME ABOUT IT IN PERSON. Wait... are you saying... that I think... about food... a lot?? Thanks for the update.
3) I read a NYT article about people leaving fb and how it seems like one day fb will be a ghost town and no one will be on it anymore and if that day comes it will be sad. Well duh fb will cease to be the center of so many universes. Ever heard of myspace? It's the nature of our society. People are always looking for the next new thing. When too many people are interested in the old thing, good-bye old thing, where is new thing.
4) Why do people follow strangers on twitter? I know I've followed some people b/c their updates are hilarious abt Top Chef and/or Project Runway but sometimes I wonder, "What is it that I've said that makes you say, I want to follow you"? Je ne comprend pas.
5) I am now PC stupid. After a year of using a mac, I now get on a PC and look like I have never seen one of them newfangled contraptions that look like big calculators. Whatever happened to the good old days of abacuses right Rashan? You old man, you.
6) On fb under mutual friends it tells you the number of friends you have in common with whoever's page your looking at. Thanks for confirming that's what mutual means! Lol. You know that's how somebody learned that word! Lol
7) It drives me BANANAS when my mom asks me continuations of a question I told her I don't have an answer for. (Fake) example: When is your film due? I don't know? I mean like what day? MOM! Okay, okay. I just wanted to know when it will be due. Well I already told you I don't know that!! Though this is a fake example, it is so close to things that have already happened it's insane! Want a real example? Right after I wrote this my mom said, "Why is your cousin moving to Atlanta?" I said, "I don't know. I haven't gotten the details." "Well did she get a transfer from her job?" "..." This time instead of getting mad I just started laughing. Only my mom. Lol. I usually get mad b/c I think she's not listening and is basically talking to herself with me happening to be on the phone. Now I think it's just how her mind works.
8) It's very hard to give film suggestions to people because of how much our personal influences, proclivities, sense of humor, personality, etc. play into how we receive a film (and most people are watching them to escape v. how I watch them: to learn and critique... which for the record I can't wait to watch a lot more escapist films). If I don't know someone very well, I really would prefer not to give them movie suggestions.
9) Just because I've watched 500+ movies this year doesn't mean I want to talk about movies with you. You probably don't want to hear me rip apart your favorite movie and I likely don't even remember if I saw it because I'VE SEEN TOO MANY!! A movie has to be really good or really memorable in some way. That doesn't mean I'll remember a decent movie that didn't really impact me. Sorry kids. After 200 they all start to run together. (Let's be real, probably after 100)
10) I am seriously irked by people who type regular things (see: fb statuses) in all caps. STOP IT!! That deserved all caps b/c you are werking my nerves so badly I had to use an e in that word.
11) It also irritates me that at restaurants and in grocery stores soda is so much cheaper than juice. They want me to be fat and unhealthy. I got really heated that my small oj cost $2.19 at cracker barrel and it was the size of a sippy cup. Let me order a small drink at any other time and I'm getting 20 oz. of soda. Dumb fat America.
12) Me and Stace are having trouble walking because of all that serious dancing we did this weekend. Had to work off that limited open bar! Empty calories for days!


Ladynay said...

Jameil, I have to tell you that you talk about food quite often *tee hee hee*

Co-sign on the hot websites. They all have their 15 minutes of fame then drop off once the new hot site is up and going good. The sad thing is, most of the sites do the same darn thing with a touch of modification here and there!

I am mac stupid so doing feel bad :-P

Junk food and drink being cheaper.....*le sigh*

Momisodes said...

LOL! I'm definitely PC stupid these days, too.

I have no idea why strangers follow me on Twitter either. I never had anything interesting to say.

Adei von K said...

This morning was the first time I was able to walk down the stairs without groaning in pain. my thighs were UP.SET!

Yeah, I've never seen glasses as small as them joints at crackerbucket. those were plain ridiculous.

i heard tom from myspace died...

Vdizzle said...

your mom would be a good CIA interrogator.

Not so Anonymous said...

I've considered leaving FB or creating a second account for work/non friend people. I hate the fact that it's no longer the playground it once was for me. I could say what I wanted, and now I feel like I have to censor myself because my mother, colleagues, and other professional contacts have felt the need to friend me. ugh.

I want a mac, but they cost too darn much...sigh.

Can't walk because you danced...LMAO.


Rashan Jamal said...

1. yeah, those videos are lazy blogging, and on youtube, if we've seen it 12 times before, just let it go...

2. How about when people say "Can you email me a plate" or "What time is dinner".. You're so original. I've never heard that comment before.

4. Why do strangers follow me on twitter, when I have tweeted in 9 months?

5. I'm always Mac stupid. I can't even type on those right.

7. Like mother, like daughter

8. I don't give movie suggestions, b/c my tastes are all over the map. I can't tell you what you would like.


okay, I'm done

1969 said...

Dumb fat America.


Sha Boogie said...

lol @ #2... your food talking only makes me jealous/hate on you because it always sounds delicious and I can't have none!!

Jameil said...

lady... behave. when you use both it's easy to go back and forth, but seeing as i don't... lol. i think i'm getting better now!

momisodes... i know i say interesting things on twitter... lol. but why is it interesting to you, strange person in iowa?

adei... lolol. that is so funny to watch. those were batch glasses. just enough to taste, but not enough to enjoy. thank you internet rumor police.

v... lol. or a jameil irritator. either one.

nsa... i know the feeling. UGH!!! fb is a place for friends, not colleagues and parents!! and aunts and uncles!! i got a mac b/c i had to for school. that price tag HURT. we danced that mother out!

rj... SO lazy. v. unoriginal. i wouldn't follow you on twitter. i unfollowed you. i think i'll now do that to you daily. i wish people would stop asking me for movie suggestions!!!!!!! i can't stand when people type like that either.

1969. i call it like i see it.

sha... lololol. hate, hate on.