Monday Mindspacing Vol. 17

1) I get nervous about telling people they look nice when they've lost serious weight because some of them I'm not sure they did it in the healthy way. I knew girls in college who were very sweet but had some very disturbing ideas about weight and how to lose it. My mother has wanted to lose weights for a long time but always talks about doing it the right way and her disdain for diets. Before college I didn't think black women had these issues. I'm guessing that's how HBCUs gave a lot of people lessons in weight issues.
2) This guy in class was talking about feeling sick and this girl said with a nervous chuckle, "It's not H1N1 is it?" Hilarity... mostly because he had none of the symptoms. And because she threw out swine flu's government name!
3) I really enjoy the investigative reporting class I'm assisting this semester. I'm learning and I feel like I'm helping the students, too!
4) I figured out what bothers me most about the lack of blogging: the loss of community. We used to have conversations in the comments which were a happy extension of our offline lives. Now it's become a community of lurkers. Boooooo. If only I could control my compulsive need to share and save all these thoughts and feelings for my future offspring and descendants!!! I would SO stop blogging. Alas, I don't think it's fair to deprive the world of me while I'm here as I am now. Lolol
5) Tried 2 beers for the first time last week and liked both of them a lot! Downtown Brown & Zywiec. Don't ask me how to pronounce that 2nd one. Apparently it's Polish.
6) I like to cyber stalk Rashan. Except it's not really cyber stalking since I can't keep myself from commenting either on that specific thing or to him. So it's more like cyber... what? IDK but I found a blog I didn't know he commented on and saw some things he wrote. It was nice. I think I loved him a little bit more even though it had absolutely nothing to do with me. (See I know that's what y'all thought! Lolol) I got to see a side of him I kind of forgot about because our online (and offline) activity is so heavily intertwined.
7) Y'all know I'm a dedicated meat-eater, but Stace going 93% vegetarian has made me a little more willing (again) to give meat-free meals a try. Not all the time, just every once in a while. Last week I had southwestern pasta with spinach fettucine & tofu. Spicy and delicious! But here's my beef-- texture-less tofu. I like my protein to have a little bite, not be straight give. How do you veggies do it? Do you eat anything that has some weight to it other than mushrooms and some crispy vegetables?
8) I said this on twitter but it bears repeating: if you are over 18, you're too old to still be throwing up middle fingers in pictures. Lame. B/c you're so hard w/your college degree, wife/husband and kids? Girl/boy stop. Never thought it was cute but it looks even dumber at 27+.
9) I canNOT commit to a blog design! I know I'm driving somebody mad!! Lolol. I can't help it. I get bored and/or tired of looking at it after a few months and it's time for something new. This one may not be around for long because I can't stand that orange bar at the top.
10) Please tell me why there are restaurant websites which exist without their hours of operation prominently displayed... I should really be able to tell when you open and close without having to call your establishment for the answer FLYING BISCUIT GAINESVILLE (with the crazy delicious food!!!) and 101 CANTINA GAINESVILLE!! The latter's website is really bad. It was missing something else basic I can't remember right now. I felt a call-out was absolutely necessary.
11) I ate 2 dozen raw oysters yesterday and I promise you if it wasn't taking so long (because they had one girl shucking AND bartending for a minimum of 8 people. RIDICULOUS. & I had fries to distract me...) I would've probably had another dozen. YUMMY!!!!!!! & $.60 each? $.50 each on Wednesday? You might be able to count me in weekly if I can find someone to ride with me. 3 minute drive from my place and $1 drafts? Boy stop!
12) It was sooooo funny when Stace tweeted about breaking her fave shoes this weekend doing what? THE BOOTY SCOOT! HILARITY!!


Anonymous said...

I, too, was taken aback by the orange bar.

Mau said...

You can probably get rid of the orange bar. It'd be a shame to ditch an entire theme for such a small detail...

Momisodes said...

"Alas, I don't think it's fair to deprive the world of me while I'm here as I am now." ROFL!

I like the new blog look.

Rashan Jamal said...

1. I generally avoid all weight discussions with people.

4. Please don't deprive me.. I enjoy reading you. I know we talk all the time, but its still cool reading.

6. Yep, I knew it was just a matter of time before I turned you into a stalker. LOL

8. *changing my facebook profile pic* Man, that champagne bottle backdrop was perfect for the one finger salute pose!!!

10. 101 didn't even have their hours on the website, ridiculous

12 Speechless at the booty scoot.

Ladynay said...

2) H1N1 is bugging people out! You can't clear your throat without something wondering if you have it!


7) YAY@you giving meat free meals a try!

11) Raw oysters? You my dear are a trooper. I can't do it. If I'm not mistaken oysters are suppose to make you feel all frisky and flirty right?

1969 said...

Not loving this blog design. Come on, you can do better. Make it work! LOL

Sparkling Red said...

It's easy to tell when someone has swine flu. Their nose gets snouty, they grow a little curly tail, and when you ask them how they're feeling, they tell you "OINK". Really. I read it on the internet, so it must be true.

Adei von K said...

This template is pretty!! Unless you know the computer lingo for it, get over the orange bar!

As for "meatier" veggie protein, morningstar and the like have good substitutes. The breakfast sausage is the best and I made bbq chik'n tenders yesterday that were AWESOME!

Jameil, we've created oyster eating monsters in ourselves. I NEED them in my life!! I think they are going to replace the weekly sushi fix!! I can't wait to visit the 'ville again and hit up your oyster bar!!

for real? *eye roll* I was soooooo not booty scooting. I can't stand you. at all.

Adei von K said...

just watched the video...

who's the woman in the black tights with black sneakers and socks?? why is she making everyone look bad?! LOL Go, Jameil! Make your booty scoot!

and why is Tron (Dave Shappelle) teaching the dance lesson???

Chan said...

yea-weight is touchy...so is eating disorders. i dunno

can i just say, i feel you about the lurkers?? it irks me, especially because i see people read the blog. take in all my biz and never leave a word. -shame

oh and the blog design is so hot. maybe u can help me...cuz i'm design challenged. :/

great blog. i'll be following

Jameil said...

pseren... WOULD'VE BEEN NICE IF Y'ALL TOLD ME HOW!!! bloggers, i tell ya... smh.

momisodes... lol! it's not! thanks!

rj... it seems to be best. i won't deprive you honey. hush on stalker! you're not changing your profile pic. you've been throwing up middle fingers for 25 years. 101 needs to get it together. you learned it while watching it repeatedly didn't you?

lady... lol! booooo! why is that something to be yaying about? raw oysters are THE BUSINESS!! idk about that frisky stuff. i just like the way they taste.

1969... more help from the peanut gallery.

red... lolololol. i knew it!!

adei... at the same time thanks and SHUT UP! not only don't i like orange, it doesn't even match. i don't think i'll be buying meat subs in the store, tho. i'm not there. i neeeeed oysters!! lolol! you were TOTALLY booty scooting!! idk why you had your homies teaching that video!

chan... lurkers are the worst. i just got the design from a website. thanks!