Pardon Me, I'm the T.A.

People kill me. They really do. So you know how I have an office that I share with 14 other graduate assistants? These two women were in there talking the other day and one says, "I hate seeing my students on the bus." Why? Riding a bus means nothing here other than a means to get to and from class. It's free and it's (mostly) reliable. Though TWICE in the last 2 weeks, I had 3 full buses pass me. Then when a campus circulator bus came around finally, the stop after mine, he stopped and PULLED OUT A NEWSPAPER!!!! Are you serious?!?! I'm about to be late to class because I've been sitting at the bus stop for 20 minutes (I could've walked at least 1/2 way there in that amt of time but I would've been a sweaty mess) and you're playin games!!?!? UGH!!!

Anyway so the chick says she tells another T.A. and he says, "You're too aware on the bus. You need a book and some headphones." LIKE EVERYONE ELSE!! Go with that. You're not that special. I can tell from looking at you that they don't want to see you either. So if you're deep in a book, they don't have to pretend to want to talk to you.

The chick she's talking to starts going off about facebook. "So these people I went to h.s. with find me and it's like I haven't talked to you in 25 years! Why would we be friends?? But we exchange like 10 emails about what have you been doing and how many kids do you have and all that and then silence. Nothing! And I'm like why did I invest all this time in you??" Bus girl eggs her on, saying, "Now I could go another 25 years without hearing from you!" Old woman, "Exactly!" Really? You didn't know that was the nature of fb when you got on? Because it's not like you joined more than 6 months ago. Do a form letter and/or delete them or not and move on! Lame.

One of my classmates asked me if there are any rules about hanging out w/students when you're a T.A. (He's about 2 years younger than me.) I'm like, "Yeah... about that. Why would I want to? I have no idea if there are rules to that end but I doubt it." We're all students. But I'm 27. I feel old enough without being around a bunch of silly binge-drinking 19 y.o.s. Though I must admit. I am VERY curious about white frats since I pass them all on one of the buses that goes right past my building. Their culture is amusing to me. And it's funny that they look like frat boys. I used to think black girls in white sororities were sad. Now I think black guys in white frats are much sadder. That's not lonely? It's not like there aren't black orgs on the yard.

Anyway I'm headed back to Brunswick tomorrow for a mini HU reunion! The first of the crew is getting married!!!! YAY!!! I'm so excited!!! We're gonna turn that mother out!!!


Rashan Jamal said...

I too hate catching up on Facebook, just look at my pictures, read my comments, and keep it moving... Small talk about stuff that happened in 1992 doesn't interest me.

Book, headphones, sleep mask, hajab... I bet they wont talk to her no more.

Have fun at the wedding.. don't be getting no ideas. LMAO!!!

Not so Anonymous said...

Those two chicks were some characters. If she doesn't want to catch up, why is she friending these people?? About the bus thing...if she doesn't want to see her students, then don't ride the damn bus. That's simple.

oooh...a wedding! I love going to pretty weddings!

Serenity3-0 said...

When I was in college, this black chick "pledged" a white sorority. It was basically the result of her being banned/blocked from the black org shereally wanted to join. When she friended me on FB that was the first thing that came to mind. Like "Hmmm does she still participate w/her org?" Have fun at the wedding..

Jameil said...

rj... lolol. 92 small talk is awesome in 09. i think it makes you a better person. not a hajab add! lol. you know just for that i took notes at the wedding, right? they're in your email inbox right. NOW!!

nsa... right?? b/c she's also too passive to actually say something to these people let alone defriend or never friend! why is the bus that big of a deal tho? it's really not. chill out. i love weddings, too!

3-0... wow... probably not since those orgs aren't for life.