Crazy Movie Lady 33

September 6-12, 2009
I was horrible with movie watching this week because I'm busy. School is definitely back in session.
506. Dirty Pretty Things. The Oscar-nominated story of illegal immigrants taking whatever jobs they can while trying to escape the law in England. Sophie Okenedo, Audrey Tatou, Chiwetel Ejiofor in a great movie about the things immigrants do when they feel they have no other choices but in a very un-heavy-handed way. The ending left some to be desired but still 3.9 stars
507. My Super Ex-Girlfriend. Luke Wilson, Uma Thurman & Rainn Wilson about a super hero who's a nerd in life. High possibility for interesting but is kind of boring early on. Bad effects and cheesy music and in some very bad places. The story line was silly and ridiculous. 2 stars
508. The Dress Code. 3 minutes of a child reading dictionary definitions over the credits at the beginning? Boring. As are the early parts of the film. It's about a picked on little boy who wants to dress like a girl. Of course the only black person in this film is a sassy little girl. Ugh. Shirley MacLaine directs and acts. Brett Butler as a nun? Yeah right. Stupid forced racial aspects of the plot. Foul-mouthed children and a ridiculous unbelievable plot. Also far too long with stilted, manufactured drama. Nearly every scene needed a 30 seconds to a minute shaved off. 1.5 stars
509. Pillow Talk. Classic film starring Doris Day (in some fabulous outfits) is a prissy, uptight interior designer who shares a party line on the phone with a playboy (Rock Hudson) who drives her mad. When he sees her it's lust at first sight so he creates a Texas persona to lure her. Good times when she finds out the truth!! So cute. Great chemistry between Day and Hudson. 4.4 stars
510. Being Julia. Annette Bening is an actress who's tired of being the toast of the town until an affair turns her life upside down. A bit of a slow start but Bening is awesome! She makes not being young look FANTASTIC!! And got a new fan in me! The ending was marvelous. 4.7 stars
511. La Sierra. Columbian documentary about war in the town of Medillin between the paramilitary and the guerillas. I find it very difficult to watch films about violence, drugs and ruined young lives. A 22-year-old with more than a half dozen children by different women, teenage mothers, etc. I thought the beginning and the ending could have been stronger. The start could have been more dramatic with less set-up. The end should have come sooner. The scenes were stretched out too much. 3.6 stars
512. Dirty Filthy Love. British indie film about a guy with OCD and Tourette's (yeah...) who doesn't get help for his problems until he loses his job and his wife. The film follows his attempts to become normal and get back what he lost. It took an unexpected turn from funny to really sad a little more than halfway through. That seems to be a bit of a cop out when filmmakers do that. Still intriguing, though the end was just okay. Not stellar. 3.9 stars
513. Darius Goes West: The Roll of His Life. Documentary about a teenager with a 100% deadly form of muscular dystrophy which has already killed his brother. He embarked on a journey from his home in GA to CA to get MTV's Pimp My Ride to pimp out his wheelchair. I understood the structural flaws and technical issues I saw that his friend was the filmmaker. It also had a very PR and home video feel to it. I enjoyed the great humor and watching this kid who had never left his county going on a cross-country trip and even got a little emotional. Rough start and finish. It was shown on campus at the largest showing the filmmaker and star had ever been to which was cool. I was impressed that the 12 "stars" of the film including the main one wasn't overwhelming. But they had too many other story lines in there. 3.5 stars
514. Only Angels Have Wings. Cary Grant plays a flight team manager who has to get things done even as people crash all around him. Just okay. Story line dragged. The end was cute. 3.3 stars
*Tried to watch "This Film is Not Yet Rated." Slanted documentary about the Motion Picture Association of America's rating system. I was immediately offended and annoyed by p.ornographic images IN THE CREDITS!!! The offense didn't stop within 2 minutes so I did.

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