I Know, I Know

You're saying to yourself, why has Jameil become a twice a week blogger? BECAUSE Y'ALL WON'T BLOG NEITHER!! AND SO WHAT!! MY TWICE A WEEK IS STILL BETTER THAN YOUR NEVER A WEEK!!

As hilarious as that statement and tirade was, that's a lie. I mean, it is better than your never a week, but school is back with a vengeance!! I come home on Tuesday and Wednesday after 5+ hours of class and Lord knows what else and have NO desire to do anything but something lazy. Ahh lazy.

This week? Monday I gave my first lecture (50 minutes) on the use of numbers and graphics in broadcast news. Sounds soooo boring but I promise I made it interesting! I included lots of examples that we discussed and I actually got a couple of good discussions going. And the professor said I did a really nice job and was a natural. Score!

Tuesday we had a 5-minute pitch for our thesis films, a presentation on a film website we liked, a presentation of a film clip similar in some way to our film and also how it was different, and a group rough draft of our proposal. MADNESS.

Wednesday we had to turn in a 2-3 minute representation of the style of our film. It is crazy how many HOURS it takes to produce a decent 2-3 minute sequence that we still want to work on. We got some really good feedback which will help for the pitch we have to give with a pitch tape to a group of filmmakers in two weeks. Which means another pitch preparation and more hours in our freezing cold editing lab. I know they have to keep it somewhat cold because of the heat generated by the equipment but Antarctica in that piece??? Geez!!! But at least John (my thesis partner) and I only have to share it with one other group in our department instead of like 40 or 50 undergrads.

I also participated in the Fastathon on campus where you pledge to not eat or drink from sunrise to sunset along with Muslims celebrating Ramadan and they will donate a meal to a homeless shelter in town on your behalf. They also give you a free meal of Indian food. I had nothing to eat or drink from 8:30 when I finally got up (not when my alarm went off) until 7:37pm!! There were bouts of it not bothering me but smelling food and coffee would set me off. Toward the end I got a little weak and very thirsty. My thirst still does not seem to have been quenched after lots of water but I feel pretty accomplished. Want to know my other temptations? My new, mostly unread, Rachael Ray magazine, one of the days I look forward to: NYT Dining section on Wednesday, a new magazine with a dining guide AND one of my professors made vegetarian, beef only, and beef and pork lasagna, chocolate chip cookies and salad. And of course this was all of an hour before the fast was supposed to end. You are all conspiring against me and I'm not gonna take it!! Lol.

In addition to accomplished I had a lot of energy once I finally ate and was crackishly energetic. It was really weird. I'm still kind of high off of it. I was chattering (talking, not shaking lolol) non-stop to the three people I talked to on the phone post-fast (my mom, Rashan and a soror in the law school I clicked with instantly in the 45 minutes we were on the phone in our initial conversation). Now that this week is "over" (no classes, but still plenty of work), I get to have a little fun!

Today I'm going to get my ticket for the Tennessee/UF game and who knows what else. How about catch up on some of those more than a dozen movies I'm behind? Interesting in theory... lolol. Tomorrow one of my classmates is having a gathering which I invited new fun soror to and she immediately accepted (down people rock! you down? Let's ride!) so that should be fun. Saturday is sorority meeting and... the game! It's my first Gators game and of course I'm worried about my outfit! Lol. I also want to get the full experience so I have to ask my classmate who I'm sitting with what I need to do to make that happen! Lolol. Sunday I think I need to RELAX!! Mellymell has not had a day of relaxation in way too long! Wow!! Let's get it!


Rashan Jamal said...

Tell 'em Mellymell - They wont blog!!! Make them blog, oh blog bully!!!

After the fast was funny, you were so hyper off them cookies. It was like a little kid on the phone.

As far as the game, I think you should wear a throwback Eric Zeier # 10 Georgia Bulldogs Jersey. Be a trendsetter, not a sheep. No? Okay, I tried.

Jameil said...

lol. i try to leave my blog bullying to the side. it wasn't the cookies. i had eaten by then. it was still the fast. why would i want to wear the clothes of a loser?