Monday Mindspacing Vol. 16

1) I have a very specific NYT reading schedule for half of the week. Wednesday: NYT dining section, Thursday: Wife/Mother/Worker/Spy column, Friday: Social Q's column, Saturday: Modern Love column, Sunday: Vows. That doesn't mean I read nothing else, but on those days, those come FIRST!! (Barring breaking news, which goes unsaid among journos.)
2) I wish I smoked so I could blow smoke rings and have an awesome long cigarette holder. Both are great for drama which you may be surprised to know, in the non-lame ways, I love i.e. dramatic but not a drama queen.
3) Aspiring rappers over 25 are so wack. GET A REAL JOB. (Full disclosure: I've never liked aspiring rappers. Way too many guys think they are the next J.eezy when clearly they are not. You're not even destined for one-hit wonder status.)
4) I saw a woman with 2 earring holes in each ear who was about 55 and thought, "Maybe my parents were right about not wanting 2 earring holes because I wouldn't want them one day." Then I thought, "Clearly at 55 I will be way more fly than her and her whole family. And 2, why on earth would you wear teeny tiny dots of earrings in each hole?" Bor.ing. So my 4 holes are safe. I'm thinking as a documentarian I could probably carry at least one more, too. I might make that happen.
5) It's probably the hater in me but I really like when Stace deletes people who don't post enough from her blog roll.
6) De-swinify yourself. All the classrooms on campus apparently have hand sanitizer and a note on swine flu to keep you little nasties from infecting yourself and others. Amen to that!
7) I'm very territorial about journalism and now that's spread to docs. I believe in education in addition to experience and think a lack thereof is a reason why the media has such a high level of mistrust with its audience. With docs I've just seen way too many bad ones. Reality tv makes everyone think you can just pick up a camera and go.
8) I had Pollo Tropical for the first time and was utterly unimpressed by what I got for the money I paid. I've realized that the more I know what goes into cooking, the less forgiving I am when I eat out. And now there's a controversy on campus because apparently prices on campus are almost double what they are in other cities. Problem. Makes me never want to eat there again.
9) Greatest achievement is getting into UF. According to these TAs I share an office with (big mouths), they're trying to get some students to see college acceptance as a gimme, not an achievement. Even as a sophomore, there's NOTHING else????
10) Is it absolutely necessary for you to repeat yourself to me every time you see me? I get it.
11) Remember Microsoft clip art from like 1999? I've seen it at least 2xs in the last 2 months and both times I was like, "Er um a dum... what???" So bizarre.
12) I get creeped out when I see the back of my head. Like in pictures. It's really weird to me.
13) When people say they don't have time for something small, it always prompts an eye roll. You have time for whatever you want to make time for. No, you probably don't have time to build a 747 from scratch today, but I think you can watch one movie seeing as you're in college and have no kids. Know why I sometimes don't watch movies? Because I'm tired and I don't feel like it. Not because I don't have time. Semantics? Probably. Bratty? Almost certainly.
14) Watching movies is AWESOME for what it does to my class participation!!! Do you know multiple times in the last week my professors have talked about films where I was the only one or one of 2 people who had seen the film discussed? AWESOME!!! I rock so hard it hurts. Ouch.
15) Lastly, why, praytell did I come home the other day to find a dude jogging in place in the parking lot? And we live about 1/4 mile from the gym... And had the nerve to give me a look like, "Why are you driving?" IT'S A PARKING LOT!! My dude... Gone 'head and make forward motion happen. You look crazy. CUH-RAZY!!!!


Sparkling Red said...

For sure, the "I don't have time" excuse is often bogus. My dear husband often tells me he hasn't had time to make one phone call when I've just watched him play 2 hours of video games. I'd really rather he just said he didn't feel like it - at least that's honest!

Rashan Jamal said...

1. You and that NYT... hmph

3. So, you don't wanna buy my new album?

5. You are a hater. You wont even add me back to your blog roll. LOL

12. That's weird.. is it b/c you don't believe you have back of the head? I don't get it.

13. I was gonna comment some more, but I don't have time.

DaniColoredGlasses said...

For some reason your sentence: "My dude... Gone 'head and make forward motion happen" has yielded a disgraceful guffaw and then a fit of giggles. Hilarious!

Adei von K said...

You and me both on the cig holder. They are toooo fab! Stop pretending to not be a drama queen.

LOLOL @ the hater in you!! I have to remove a couple more...

Yeah, pollo tropical was the BOMB when I was in high school. Now that I know how to make a 'tropichop', I can't eat that swill.

I used clip art today. I had to make carwash signs for the patrols and it came in handy! LOL

Getting into UF is a HUGE achievement for lots. To be able to attend the same school your grandparents attended, to continue the family tradition, etc... especially since UF gets more and more stringent with their admissions. It's not the last resort school it used to be

Not so Anonymous said...

LOL at dude running in place.

I love seeing the back of my head, I don't know why. I like will have my daughter take pics of the back of my head, just because I like it, lol...weird, I know.

I don't have time to spend continuing to comment on this post...j/k lol.

Ladynay said...

I laughed at you wanting the long cig holder.

I was DONE at "I rock so hard it hurts. Ouch." Too funny!

Momisodes said...

Smoke rings are really not that much fun to make. At least not in my experience :)

And please don't delete me! I haven't been posting much.

Jameil said...

sparkling... right!?

rj... hush. nope. blog for more than 3 weeks and i'll think about it. i know i have a back of the head but i think it's because i ordinarily never see it so when i finally do i'm like wow... weird. maybe it's because i look in reflective surfaces so much that seeing a foreign body part seems bizarre. what a (not) clever joke.

dani... lololol. you should've seen him!

adei... right!? on the cig holder. really? i'm so not hot on the drama. you're the one who was ranting over how yum it was and why i went! you're wack. not clip art!!! WOW!! congrats you got into college. i'm not saying it's not AN accomplishment (tho it was a gimme for me) regardless of the prestige or whatever but your biggest? aim higher.

nsa... lolol. so crazy... and i like that we have opposite back of head feelings. too funny.

lady... b/c it looks awesome! lol.

momisodes... they look cool tho! you still post more than the folk i'm talking about.