Monday Mindspacing Vol. 84

1) I love people who share food with me... but I don't necessarily like to share my food.  This really applies to leftovers.  Nothing else.  If you eat my leftovers without me telling you to eat them?  We'll have a problem.  Rashan never does this.  THANK GOD!!
2) I can be rather abrupt when it comes to matters of the heart.  I have no patience for lingering in dead-end relationships.  He told you he'll never marry you?  You're still the side chick?  Get out.  What else do you want me to say to you?  I don't like long relationships.  I have no patience for people who proclaim each new beau as the one.  I'm not trying to kill your hopefulness, I just don't get it.  I have become more open-minded seeing as I did find my love on the interweb (how distasteful!) but it's still a struggle to get it when clearly I don't have to.
3) I put off a return to working out with my trainer as long as I could.  I mean as LOOOOONG as I could.  I'm so scared she's gonna murder me so I've been working out 3xs a week over the last 3 weeks in preparation to return to my trainer.  Is that stupid?  LOLOL  I just don't wanna die!  But return to her I shall this week!
4) I realized I didn't show you what I got for Christmas!  Some AWESOMENESS!!  I LOVED my gifts!!  I got myself that 30 Before 30 lipstick and my Marc by Marc Jacobs rain boots.
I love them!!!  Y'all know I'm all about bright colors!  These hit the spot!  I suppose I'll do a full Christmas post later because there are a ton of pictures I think it will amuse you to see.
5) I'm bored but I don't feel like returning to regular life.  I'm really dreading this semester.  I know that's not doing anyone any good.  :/
6) Am I racist?  Every person I talk to who's vaguely non-white, I have to restrain myself from asking them if they like to cook.  Gimme your recipes!!
7) I have been so incredibly restless for the last week plus.  My body is so hateful.  Why do you treat me this way???  I sleep a couple of hours at a time.
8) There's nothing worse than a durn Yankee talking smack about Southerners and snow.  There is NO comparison.  A few inches of snow shuts down Southern cities because they don't have adequate budgets for snow removal and tons of people who think they can drive in snow but can't.  If you don't move snow and it warms up during the day, which it always does in the South after snow, the snow melts.  Temps drop again at night and what?  Ice.  NO ONE deals adequately with ice.  Ice can shut down even the most Northern of cities.  But it's particularly bad in the South.  I've lived in both places and worked in a place where I covered snow and drove in it for 3 winters.  A place that's USED TO snow knows how to deal with it.  One that expects one "big" snow of a few inches and gets double or triple that?  Never going to react the same way.  Again, NO COMPARISON.  So shut your mouth.
9) I learned of 4 pregnancies in 48 hours.  Um... whoa.  Y'all have been really busy keeping warm.
10) My mom gets sad when I don't love gifts she gives me... so I break it gently... and sometimes... I lie.
11) I deleted a fb friend a few months ago when she asked people not to post pictures of her wedding and said she may or may not post any.  This after she wrote incessantly about the trials of planning a wedding.  Invite in and shut out?  STD.  Shut that down.  Now I kinda want to be her fb friend again.  Why?  Nosiness.  That is such a mess.
12) Are you as excited as I am about the return of 30 Rock??? :)
13) I complain about the layout of Target every single time I go in one.  Why?  Because every single one has a drastically different layout.  Why?  WHYYYYYY??
14) "I (Almost) Got Away With It" is an AWESOME show!! So hilarious!!  If you have Discovery ID or On Demand, WATCH IT!!


Sparkling Red said...

1) I'm fortunate in that my husband hates leftovers. So all the leftovers we produce are mine all mine to take to work for lunch. However, he will eat my baked goods if I don't tell him hands off.

4) Super boots!

6) My husband, who is only slightly brownish (half-Japanese, half-white) has endless insults for "white people food". He doesn't like bland.

9) LOL

10) Me too!

Trish said...

1. My dad was infamous for this when I stayed at home! It would drive me crazy, he would say a) It's my refrigerator, b)It wasin the refrigerator over 24 hours, c)Here's $5, go get yourself some more. HMPH!

3. That's funny, it reminds me of people who clean up before they have a housekeeper come over! Lol!

4. Very cute boots!

12. I'm really excited! I like Parks and Rec too, it will be back too!

13. I agree with you about Target, but I LOVE them!

GorgeousPuddin said...

1.I think a man who shares food is great! It shows he's not selfish. I don't share food. Germs!!! Okay I do if I have not started eating it first.
2. I need to be more like that. My tolerance for bull-ish reached and all time high. Thank God it's waning and I'm almost back to normal. LOL!
3. Yaay! for working out 3x's per week!! You should be fine!
4.My heart stopped and I had to be revived at the Marc Jacobs!!! FABU and All kinds of AWESOME!
5. MAN!!! Regular life! That's what I've been avoiding but I have no choice it all begins again tomorrow!
7.Girl real life is coming. You will re-adjust!
8. Thank God I can't relate. I know about this if I go to the snow in Lake Tahoe. DEAD@Yankee's Bwhaha! Really??
9. GEEZ-US!!!! I hope errbody is happy!
10. OMG! OMG!! I have to deal with the same, but I have to be honest we can never have a repeat of the matching leatherette jackets! LOLOLOL!! She did good this year!
11. That is NOSEY. Well send the friend request and hope for the best.
12. NOPE!
13. It's like a freakin maze!!! They truly need to get it together, but I LURVE Target so much it doesn't matter. It becomes an exciting adventure!
14. Well I must check it out after that recommendation!!

K. Rock said...

3. You are training to train? Yeah that sounds crazy.
6. Yes.
8. I hated hearing it too. We dont deal with this mess. That's why most of the people live here. Snow sucks.
12. I love Tina Fey.
14. Never heard of it. I will check On Demand.

Sha Boogie said...

LOL & dead @ keeping warm.. haha! Yup, thats when people get pregnant - during the winter. Who wants hot steamy lovin's in the summer? No one. I found out I was pregnant with my son in January, hilarity! I always act like I love my moms gifts. Mommies are just too sensitive. And yes! I hate Tar-jay and their crazy layouts! All of them should be like identical twins.

Los Angelista said...

LOVE the boots and I think it's hilarious that you've been working out like that to get ready to go back to the trainer. Dang, your trainer must be SERIOUS! ;)

As for FB, I feel that way after I defriended my husband. Sometimes I'm curious about what he's got going on...but then I get over it

Anonymous said...

loved it. i can't even comment on them all. i just wanted it to be known that i love the mindspacin'

Jameil said...

1) I'm not huge on them either. I need them to be consumed within one day for me to be happiest. Next day's lunch? Done. After that? Irritating.
4) Thanks!
6) LOLOLOL! Now THAT'S funny!
10) LOL. Oh moms. A sensitive lot.

trish... 1) STOP!! That would drive me mad! My college roommate used to do it and I would be absolutely livid! My dad shared but never took. Pretty awesome. Best possible combo.
3) LOLOL. I would've never made the connection but yes!
4) Thanks!
12) Yep! Also a fan! :) And both and "The Office" made me giggle!
13) I know... I really wish I didn't.

gp... 1) I like anyone who shares food. Germs? #cmonson Nobody's talking about eating off the same fork. You are wiggity wack for that.
2) I never could.
3) I didn't die but I most certainly felt it!!
4) LOL. Thanks! And less than Nine West's!!
5) Ugh.
7) Don't wanna.
8) Really.
9) Yep.
10) LOLOL Those are the best worst gifts ever!!! Esp. b/c she knew you'd love them!
11) I won't be. There's no need to give in to the nosy just because I know it exists.
12) your loss
13) I like Target but that most certainly keeps me from loving it. What's the purpose of that exercise??? Why does every single one need to be so drastically different?
14) You're welcome in advance!!

k... 3) lolol. update coming soon!
6) Rats.
8) Right???
12) Me too!
14) Yessss!

Sha... Oh moms. Yes! Target twins ad nauseum!! Or at least have 3 layout options. SOMETHING!! But this you can do whatever you want as long as you have all of the depts?? FOOLYWANG!!

l.a... Thanks! She keeps it real! I'm over it again, too! I was really just wondering if she was also preggers. Also I love that you defriended your hubby. LOLOL

j... lol thanks!