Monday Mindspacing Vol. 46

1) Here's a little tip: If the majority of your tweets are s.exual, you look INCREDIBLY hard up.  #cmonson Everyone doesn't need to know all of your proclivities.  Make something a surprise to somebody!! 
2) Since it comes up weekly, we won't be putting our film online.  We WILL be applying to multiple film festivals so if there's a fest near you that you think we should enter, put in your request!
3) Funny twitter explanation of the week re: crackheadthoughts, "People are tweeting what they assume people doing crack cocaine must think." LOLOL.  Thanks twitter.  For all the people too slow to figure it out from reading two tweets.
4) I hate the term 'middle-aged.'  It sounds so boring... and OLD.  Matter of fact, I'd rather be called 'old' than middle-aged.  Not at the ripe old age of 27, but when I reach that time when people might start calling me that, I'd like to skip that particular descriptor.
5) My thesis partner and I took the weekend off last week.  Productivity-wise, it was one of the best decisions we've made in a while.  We came back refreshed and ready to take on the film.  We'll be able to work through Wednesday and wrap it up!  LOVE IT!
6) My mother never cooked with bread crumbs (she just didn't like them) so I didn't either for a long time (I know I have texture issues and I certainly don't like them on mac and cheese).  The first time I did cook with bread crumbs? SWEET BABY JESUS!!  I shall never forsake the breadcrumbs again!  No, not never!
7) I could never be a mailman.  If I saw lots of different sized packages like I've had at my house in the last week and over the next week I would be DYING of curiosity!!  I have stuff coming for my screening, post-graduation derby party, Stace's birthday & Mother's Day from several different locations.  That's not including my Rachael Ray & Food Network magazines!  I LOVE GETTING MAIL!!!
8) When you wear a LOT of makeup... it makes you look like a drag queen.
9) Speaking of makeup... I need a red lipstick!  I should go to the Mac counter.  Who to take with me??? I think Rashan! LOLOL
10) I wish it was mandatory to post who Shelly O's wearing every time you photograph her so I don't have to go looking for it.  FLOTUS is flyyyyyy!!!
11) Have I told you lately how much I love grenadine?  LOVE!!!
12) I always delete people from my facebook when I'm in a bad mood.  Then my mood improves and I promptly forget who I got rid of.  Usually they're people I don't know or speak to anyway.
13) People. It's 2010. There's no excuse for your hours not to be online.  Even if it's just on the yahoo page that has reviews.


Trish said...

1. I am so with you on this one! It's so funny when they get no replies!

8. This lady at my old job wore so much we used to call her "The Mask."

12. I keep saying I need to clean house on FB, some people are just too negative all the time.

Sha Boogie said...

LOL@ 'when I'm in a bad mood I delete people from facebook', hilarity!

I just started adding breadcrumbs to mac & cheese,mmmm majorly yumtasic.

Los Angelista said...

1) And then they wonder why pervs follow them! Because you're tweeting all sorts of craziness!

2) Come to a festival in LA - there HAS to be one here for you!

7) I'm with you. I couldn't either. I'd totally open up pkgs to check stuff out!

DaniColoredGlasses said...

13) That drives me CRAZY!!!!!!!!

Ladynay said...

6) Now I'm curious to try 'em
7) Mailmen work to many days and catch too much crap. Can't do it!

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...


rofl!! soooooooo, like why you gotta delete ppl on fb just cuz you MAD SON!?!?!

grenadine is my love juice (does that sound gross)? well, i love it, its juicey= love juice. uh yeah, still sounds gross even with explanation but i dont care

i mean, breadcrumbs on M&C are unnecessary depending on the recipe. some actually need those little toasty bits of heaven to distract from other things going on-LOL! i actually saw a mac n cheese that i thought was a peach cobbler-*BARF*

and forget crack, some folks need rehab for tweet addiction! i had to delete quite a few cuz i could never see anyone else cuz of them always clogging up my digest...and worst of all, their tweets were of utmost remedial proportions *smh*

love.joi said...

here's one.

FYI, Bham is 2 hours from the ATL.

K. Rock said...

6. You are killin me with these breadcrumbs. I am fighting them with all my might but you just won't stop talking abou t them. I guess I will have to cave in and use them more.

7. I have the same syndrome. I love opening boxes.

11. Beyond using greandine in a Shirley Temple, I am lost to its other uses. Maybe you can shed some light on it for me.

Sparkling Red said...

Congratulations on finishing your film!

I don't mind the term Middle Aged, although it bothers me that people don't use it correctly. Most people live until around 80, so that means anything around 40 and up is in the Middle of life. For some reason the term gets used to describe people in their 50's and 60's. When I say I'm getting to be middle-aged, people argue with me and say I'm too young. Hello - are you planning to live until you're 120? I mean, good luck and all, but I don't think that's very realistic.

Therapeutic Musings said...

I'm catching up on old blogs:
My dad works at the post office. I'm not allowed to visit him anymore because I don't know how to not read magazines that aren't mine. There was a whole bin of things he wouldn't let me touch.

A new spa opened right by my house. They don't have a website but have twitter, with no real prices or hours. Ummm, negative. How do you open a business in 2010 and not start with a webiste? If I can't find your business online, you don't exist.

Jameil said...

trish... 1) b/c they're ridiculous! for me it's worse when they get replies & RT them then go back & forth!!! STOP IT!!! 8) LOLOL!!! 12) & as bad as it sounds, too positive... it's fake. i know you in real life... you're not that nice of a person.

sha... it's so necessary! i still don't think i'm there on the mac & cheese w/breadcrumbs...

liz... 1) seriously. 2) definitely! 7) hahahahaha

dani... 13) make it stop!

lady... 6) you should! there are several simple dishes I've tried on The Record Dish. 7) lololol

pcd... lol! b/c they needed to get gone anyway! you so nasty! mmmmm grenadine!! if i need crumbs as a distraction you're doing something the wrong way!!! peach cobbler???? GROSS!! oh the overtweeters get deleted FIRST!!!! usually on day 1. i can't read your thoughts 20xs an hour. DO SOME WORK!!!

joi... unfortunately the deadline was too close for us to get in! :( it really did sound like a good one!!

k... 6) lolol!! do it!!! 7) yesssss!! 11) tequila sunrise! bellini!

red... thanks! good luck & all = hilarious!! lolol. you can be middle aged, i'm going to be... something else. we'll cross that bridge when i get to it!

tm... get it together! you couldn't visit me either! j/k. lol. no prices or hours in 2010??? not only do you not exist, you shouldn't exist. get it together.