Monday Mindspacing Vol. 45

1) Did I tell you the day I learned Rashan knew what a bossa nova beat was and LIKED IT, it was a wrap?  A WRAP!!  LOL.
2) I love Stace.  But she's nasty.  When she doesn't use all her polynesian sauce at ChickFilA... she drinks the rest.  Her excuse: waste not, want not.  I just threw up on my way to collapsing into diabetic shock.  Ain't no cause for that. 
3) Can someone tell Best Buy these aren't real developments, but things they should've been doing in the first place?  "Now make online payments to your Best Buy Card on weekends and holidays at no cost, plus no same day payment fees when you use Online Bill Pay!" Foolishness.
4) Rashan hates it when I say tweeps. TWEEPS TWEEPS TWEEPS.  LOL.  Better than tweetie pies, n'est-çe pas?  Oui.
5) Victoria'sSecret, everyone knows 'sun-washed' means faded.  Not that cute of a term.
6) I love sending people articles about subjects they love or are passionate about, mostly from the NYT.  I'm not sure how I fell out of reading the LAT, but I did.  If you have a topic you want me to BOLO (be on the look out, Stace LOLOL), let me know and I'll email you when I come across it!
7) Rashan & I were watching Discovery Channel (or was it Animal Planet? Whichever one had a program narrated by Oprah) and were SO into the water buffalo getting killed by a komodo dragon.  Really cool.
8) Remember how the last time Rashan was here we had an incredibly bad spate of food?  This time was the opposite.  Everything we ate was bangin!!  More of that for the rest of our time together, please!
9) We've gotten an insane amount of feedback on our film in the last 2 weeks.  So much we had to take a weekend to process it.  Now we're back on our grind and getting ready for our screening next Friday.  SO EXCITED!! :)
10) My defense went well!  I now officially have a master's degree!  All that's left is to walk across the stage-- a mere formality.  I'm way more excited about my screening than graduation.  It's no secret I hate graduations.  I'll be delighted to skip the next one at Wake Forest.


Nerd Girl said...

10. Congratulations!!!!!!!!

9. Yay!!!!!!!!

7. That snotty, slimy Komodo dragon was the grossest thing I've seen in a long while. Blech!

3. LOL! BB sounds like my mom. She called me recently "guess what I did?" What Mom? "I paid the electricity bill online! Isn't that awesome?" Yes mother, welcome to the future - you're a little late, but we're glad you came!

1969 said...

I am so proud of my internet friend! Congrats on earning your Masters...congrats on your upcoming screening. Big things are in store for you.

Sparkling Red said...

10. Woohoooooo! That's awesome!

2. That's gross. I dislike sauce at the best of times, including salad dressing. It's good in small quantities. In large quantities, yuck.

Naima said...

#2. Wow. That's pretty...severe.
#7. That mini-series is awesome! Bakari & I are hooked. I swear, it comes on Discovery, Animal Planet, and TLC.
#8. Greatest hits? Names please!!
#10. Yay!! Go you!

Adei von K said...

In my defense, I may take a SIP of it... then i put the little end pieces of waffle fries in the little tub and sip it on down... i did that on the way home from work today ;-)

would you like that denim fit + bucket hat in your closet to be called faded or sun washed? i thought so.

I was like, "what is bolo???? i know 'dolo' but bolo??"

how big was the dragon that it killed a buffalo?!?

DaniColoredGlasses said...

I struggled to get past #2.....still gagging....ok I'm done.

GorgeousPuddin said...

10. Congrats!!!!!! Yea!!! The world is your oyster! You Go! Holla! LOL! :)

Rashan Jamal said...

1. Yeah, I'm diverse. You can't pigeonhole me, son!!!
2. Things you wouldn't expect by looking at her.
3. Best Buy is acting like they did something, when it was actually the credit card act of 2009 that made them do that.
4. Just cuz you put tw in front of a real word, doesn't make the result a word. twop twaying tweeps Twameil
5. I didn't know that.
6. and you get so mad when we (I) don't read it.
7. That was really interesting. I was rooting for the buffalo, but he took an L
8. I think you liked yours a lot better than I did. It was good, not spectacular to me.
9. I would have given you some feedback, but you refused to let me watch it. : (
10. Congrats!!! If you decide you want to skip the ceremony, we can go get Mexican food... I'm not fond of graduations either.

K. Rock said...

I love polynesian sauce as much as the next gal but the thought of drinking it turns my stomach. I have a friend who always orders a side cup of alfredo sauce with the chicken alfredo at the Olive Garden which I refer to as her "alfredo beverage". She has done all but stick a straw in it and drink it.

Congrats on the masters degree!! I hate school (Just thought I'd throw that in).

Los Angelista said...

Whoo hoo! Congrats on having the degree! I am so happy for you and happy about the screening. Gosh, I wish I could be there!

And you don't read the LAT anymore because they got rid of almost all the good writers and it's crap now.

Jameil said...

nerd girl... thanks! i loved that dragon from a distance! lol. BB is so ridiculous! Dead @ glad you came to the future! Hilarity!

1969... Thanks 1969! Takin over! One city at a time!

red... thanks! i like sauce but in moderation.

nai... 2) super severe. 7) lol y'all would be! 8) la fiesta for mexican, harry's for seafood (this one was just okay), blue highway pizza? OFF THE CHAIN! loved it! 10) woot!

adei... there's no defense for sippin on some sauce! denim outfit & bucket hat??? ROTFL!! that's YO closet, homie! faded/sun washed semantics. call it what you want, a rose by any other name. BOLO!! LOLOLOL it was pretty big. it has poisonous bites! & got a tag team.

dani... lolol

gp... thanks!! & i love oysters!!!

rj... 1) whatever. 2) i don't think you should look at anyone and believe they guzzle sauce. 3) i figured it was something like that. WACK. 4) lolol. i don't know what you said but tweep tweep!
5) recognize.
6) READ!!
7) when you accidentally turned the channel & we were like, NO!! lolol. that was so funny!
8) where? everywhere?
9) lies. we ran outta time.
10) why would you taunt me w/mexican? that's not even right.

k... lololol. so gross! a side bev of alfredo!?!? where do we find these people!?!? WHERE!!?? I LOVE school! but i'm bout ready for a break from it!

liz... thanks! i wish you could be there, too, but we're def. gonna look for a fest in SoCal! Oh LAT! Get it together!