Monday Mindspacing Vol. 44

1) I started cracking up at "The Office" and couldn't stop laughing.  Rashan said, "There goes my favorite sound in the world."  I said, "My laugh?"  He said, "You laughing uncontrollably."  LOLOL!  Awesome.  I love that man.  People have been telling me for years they love my laugh but from him?  Sounds even better.  :)
2) Sometimes when people tell me they love something about me it makes feel self-conscious about it.  LOL.  But not enough to not laugh!  Hilarious.
3) Unicorns are creepy.  Why do little kids like them?  (Including little Jameil)  It's not natural for a horn to be sprouting from a horse's head.  Yuck.
4) Have I ever told you how much I love picking stuff from registries?  LOVE IT!!  The thought of being able to give someone a gift you know they'll love because they picked it = awesome!  Even better when I don't have to pay for it.  Last month was flowers Rashan sent to his mom.  The latest is Rashan's old friend/coworker who's having a baby.  Yippee!!
5) When you curse on the internet, do you really feel better about it when you change the spelling?  If so, why?  It makes me work too hard.  If you're going to curse somebody out (not that I think you should), why not go all the way?
6) I think I'm going to do a post on the art of wading through online user-generated content i.e. on news stories and product reviews.
7) Parents, I'm going to have to renew my request that you stop telling me about your children's bodily functions.  YUCK.  Rashan swears I'm going to do the same thing.  PLEASE not on fb/twitter/etc.  PLEASE!!  We're not all mommies/daddies and don't need to know!!!
8) Me and Rashan think fb pokes are the dumbest thing ever.  I kept poking him and he would be like, "Did you poke me again?  I thought I removed it.  What happened?"  And I'd act all innocent/confused.  After the third time he realized I just kept poking him.  LOLOL!!!  We spent the weekend poking and repoking each other.  It made me giggle about 10 times.  Then we stopped.
9) We are partying it up for Stace's birthday next month and I. CAN'T. WAIT!!!!  I'm so excited!!!
10) I realized I like the white people from my high school more when I see they have non-white friends.  It irritates me when I see people's pictures and they're completely segregated.  I don't really want to see you if you don't bother to be around people who don't look like you.  You seem really closed minded.  If you're not, you should know that's what your pictures say about you.  You may ask, what about the black people.  Black people live in a world surrounded by white people.  Particularly for the educated, it's highly unlikely we don't have white friends.  Call that what you want.
11) Here's something creepy about me.  When I see cute puppies or kitties in classic films, I always think about how long they've been dead...  It's not a fond thought.  It's weird, but I always think it.
12) I defend my thesis on THURSDAY AT 9:30AM!!!  How crazy is that???  We have to turn in our fine cut today (as close as possible to what we show on the 30th), then defend it individually Thursday.  I'm up at 9:30!  Oh yeah!!!  I'm SO ready!!  '82 I was born ready! :)


K. Rock said...

@ #10. It's not impossible to be black, educated, non-racist and not have any white friends. While you may think a persons friends says a lot about them, it is definitely not a complete story on who they are.

Not So Anonymous said...

1. I love that show, but don't watch it enough. Rashan + Jameil = too cute.
3. Unicorns are cool...they're right up there will butterflies and rainbows, and perfectness lol.
5. LOL...I agree.
11. Um yeah, that is a little creepy.
12. Good Luck...go rock out!

Jameil said...

k... I specifically didn't say racist. I don't think not having friends outside your race makes you racist. But it IS weird to me. I'm sure it also has something to do with where you live. I have yet to live in a chocolate city so most of my life outside of undergrad, I've been the lone black person or one of a handful. But I'm not only drawing on my own experiences. It's a refrain I hear repeatedly, and something I see reflected in photos and interactions. I try not to use absolutes, so yes, friends say a lot about you but are not the complete story. How could any one aspect of your life be construed as the complete story?

Sparkling Red said...

1) Aw, he's such a sweetie.

4) Registries do make life a lot easier. I like to hand-pick gifts from scratch, but only if I have lots of time and ample cash.

11) I thought I was the only one who had those thoughts. Now I feel less alone in the world!

Sha Boogie said...

WHat is the purpose of the poke?? hate it. You too will talk about little Jameil all day like i do. don't try and stop it!

GorgeousPuddin said...

1. love that! you guys are so cuteable!

5. i agree, but i'm also guilty of this lol.

11. umm you weirdo! :)

12. GO GET EM GIRL!!! I know you will do GREAT!!!!!!!

Rashan Jamal said...

1. you are making me sound really good right here. LOL
2. you better not stop laughing
3. Unicorns are magical. You got it wrong
4. I love that you love doing it. Makes my life easier.
5. Maybe they do it for you b/c they know you don't like it.
6. I don't trust many people's opinion, so I always look for descriptive, objective statements like what the product does, not how it does it.
7 You are totally going to be like "little Aaliyah went poopy in the potty for the first time" LOL
8. I was so confused and getting mad at facebook for putting the poke back. LOL Dumb moment for me.
9. Sounds like a fun itinerary. What you told me, not what you posted.
10. I don't like it when black people don't have any black friends. Like some of my family.
11. Yeah, that is weird.
12. Congratulations!!! It's so close you can taste it.

Adei von K said...

1. the office is great!!! so random and hilarious!

2. how do you react when people tell you they hate something about you? i'm sure you get that a lot.

5. I feel better abt not cursing full out online. fcuk, isht, shullbit, b!tc# or your fave, batch. that way, when I type the actual word... you know I'm pissed beyond pissedivity. You should be working to hard to decipher a 4-letter word, Jameil... sheesh.

7. You are SO going to be that person. I didn't think I was and you saw me when I got Tima. That's going to be you too!

9. party in the M-I-YAY-YO!! 3-0-5, Take it to tha House!

10. ditto Rashan. Like, word? No-one that looks like you? Boooo

12. GET IT, JAMEIL! The end is almost here!! Ahhhhh! I'm so excited for you!

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

awwwww @ #1
you are so lame...unicorns are the HOTNESS!!
#4...um, can you PLEASE pass this along? if i take the time to create a registry, why dont ppl utilize & respect it?
@ # 7..ohhhhhhh, just wait till u have kids. i cant wait to remind you of this!
and your # 11 is disturbing my spirit...ew

SincerelyGo said...

I watched a Christmas episode of " The Office" I've been wanting to get into that show but I seem to forget about it until I stumble upon it.

Changing the I to a Y in curse words make me feel better. It doesnt look as bad. he he he

Aww that's so cute that he loves your laugh. I agree with NSA tooo cute.

I like buying people gifts that I know will make them happy or feel some kind of way.

I think pokes are cute in moderation...like once a month or so. I think it's a way to let people know you are digging them...butlike you and Rah..stupid nonetheless. They don't annoy me until they are excessive or from Chicks...."bYtch why are you poking me?"


Good night Love.



Jameil said...

nsa... i have now caught up on every episode in every season. madness! thx! :) unicorns are creeeepy. but i'm normal! lol i'm going to rock it!!

red... isn't he? :) i will sometimes hand pick gifts but I love registries. i have a comrade in dead movie kitties??? who knew??

sha... lolol. to be foolish! can i talk abt my kids w/o talking about their bodily functions??

gp... thx! GUILTY!! 11) sparkling red started it! 12) thx!

rj... 1) hmm. must fix. 2) yes sir? face. 3) nope. you're wrong... as usual. 4) lol. yay!
5) some people but these are people i don't know like that, too.
7) yuck
8) hahahahahahaha that was so awesome. 9) OH YEAH!!!
10) Yeah that's weird, too.
11) hursh. 12) it really is!!

adei... 1) lol i know! 2) w/a shrug. not as much as i used to. lolol. you ain't gotta like me. 5) still look like curse words...
7) you were so annoying w/tima. like the 1st person to own a dog.
10) MESS.
12) i know!!

PCD... pass on the unicorns! lol. 4) for serious. it really irks me when people don't!
7) hush up that noise!!
11) lololol whatever!!

go... that's why i never got into it. couldn't remember when it was on or i was working overnights. doesn't look as bad, huh? lol. buying great gifts is the best!!! pokes are ridiculous but if you like them, yay! lol

Therapeutic Musings said...

1. awwwww