Monday Mindspacing Vol. 9

1) My cousins who get on my nerves the most w/their FB quizzes/statuses have been hidden. Good riddance. I'm really tired of your inspiration and coach bag "gifts" and "what kind of lover am I" quizzes. We're really not close anyway.
2) My mom said it was funny going out with me and Stace because of all the head turning from guys. Lol.
3) You know how lots of people have this idea of grandmothers as warm and fuzzy? Mine isn't like that. I have one living grandparent and have for almost 20 years now (my dad was 36 when I was born so his parents were pretty old). She has a contentious relationship with as far as I can tell pretty much everyone she knows, some just take it better than others. It makes me sad for her.
4) Internet story commenters are idiots. I know Rashan already said that but I'm here to confirm it.
5) Can we call d.ouchebaggery what it is? One of the funniest words in the English language!!!!!! Lolololol
6) I like getting Rashan hooked on my favorite foods. 1st Mexican (3xs in 6 days). Now I have him liking the best apples ever: pink lady!
7) Whenever I eat an apple I'm STARVING within the hour. Is that normal? Some interwebbers say it is.
8) I'm obsessed with this website! http://community.livejournal.com/obama_daily/ I love my first family.
9) You know how UF killed my program and the program is moving to Wake Forest now? Oh I didn't tell you that last part? (I know I didn't, lol) Yeah... so I'm sooooo over UF. I'm excited to be a FOOTBALL SEASON TICKET HOLDER BATCHES!!!!! but all that giving back, participating alumni stuff when I graduate? Yeah right. Deuces.
10) If I ever have a restaurant the cooking temperatures for burgers would be:
Still kicking: rare
Dead, but just barely: medium rare
We killed it aka Perfect: medium well
You're going to eat that?: Well... J/k. I'd call this one Murdered.
11) Watching 750 movies is getting tiring again. That's partly because so many are so poorly done. I would say I need to stick with films critically acclaimed but then I would miss some I really liked that no critics bothered to review. I should stay away from really bad movies that people know are really bad and all talk about how bad they are. It's wearing me out.
12) Friday night I had a dream about my old job as a producer. My show was like 9 minutes light. I had forgotten to put in sports, my anchor was late getting to the set and my directors were all sleeping or AWOL during the weather break and didn't come back in time. I was SO glad to wake up from that one! Someone, I think Stace, asked me if I would ever go back to that job (in another city) like if I couldn't find a job in documentary. I'd really rather not. It's very stressful.
13) I think Mexican and burgers are about 67% of my diet. And I'm okay with that. Actually, I'm a little disappointed it's not more. Like at least 73%.


Tanyetta said...

I prefer Gala apples. My husband swears by the pink lady ones. I think I will try one today!

Adei von K said...

Yeah, the 'hide' option on FB is a God-send. Lord KNOWS I don't want to see all that crap!
Jackson wasn't ready for us! LOL
Awww for Grandma Bert :-(
Your Friday night dream sounded more like a nightmare!!! I was cringing as I read the description!
Are you SURE your diet is only 67% burgers/mex?????
1. how did you come up with 67%??? not 60 or 65 but 67%
2. why 73%??? why not 70 or 75%?


Sha Boogie said...

So with you on #1, I don't care what gospel artist you are most like! lol *dead* @ number 10, haha!

Jameil said...

tan... pink lady are the best!! you should def. try. i didn't believe the hype until i had them. grapples are good too. odd hybrid of an apple & a grape. look like apples, mostly taste like grapes.

adei... it really is. and i woke up in a mood and ready to delete folk this am. jackson was so not ready. it was absolutely a nightmare. i love numbers precision even more b/c of your reaction! cracks me up!! lololol. i'm quite sure it's more than 60% but more than 70 is likely a stretch. 75 would probably call for diet variety (and 70, too, really but i like both so much!!).

sha... right!!! lolololol.