Monday Mindspacing Vol. 8

1) This month's InStyle has a travel acid peel... why on vacation would I want to torture myself in such a manner? If I'm not already going in for lipo and a nose job or something else far more painful, why?
2) And why would I want to pay $15 for .14 oz of nail polish!?!? Just because it doesn't have some sort of chemicals you've suddenly told me are bad for me? As if nail polish isn't the most expensive item you buy when you compare it to a gallon of anything else. Nail polish is easily $3-$5 for the cheap kind and you still get less than an ounce.
3) Sophomore year in college I changed my nail polish every day the first semester. Every once in a while I'd skip a day. When you live in a dorm with that many girls, there are a lot of polish options and I've always loved my nails. FINALLY a chance to indulge.
4) My friends always said they never saw me study. One time fave roomie said, "OMG! Jameil just picked up a book!" She meant a text book. I was always reading for pleasure. I would rather socialize than study. I can semi-study and maintain above a 3.0? Back then I'd rather enjoy my college years than have a stellar gpa. Now I care more about my GPA but I stand by my decision to have fun.
5) Aren't ellipsis like the best thing since sliced bead? They so adequately express the silence I allow when I talk to let you think about how crazy what I just said is. Ellipsis is the written equivalent of *face* as well.
6) When I worked at the tv station, I was the work queen. I would always point out the people on the Today show with the frozen faces from botox or who were strange looking from nose jobs and brow lifts and cheek restructuring and face lifts. Once I saw one or 2 of each confirmed, it was way too easy to pick them out. I became the expert on who got what work. This became even easier when we got all HD tvs.
7) It annoys me when stars say they're not confident or feel uncomfortable being attractive. I know that profession breeds uncertainty and self-consciouness but for the love of pete. This irritates/baffles/concerns (sometimes one, sometimes a mix of those) me in regular people, I really don't want to read it in a magazine. Furthermore, it just rings insincere to say you feel comfortable being beautiful now. I've always loved fabulosity even when I didn't yet possess the means to be it (celeb kids look a bit strange all Guccied/fadded out).
8) My mom used to let us jump on the bed and sleep upside down or sideways as long as none of our extremities were hanging off. I thought this was so cool of her. I realize now she really had bigger things to worry about. Lol. My grandma on my dad's side let us jump on the bed, too and her bed was WAY springier. Fun!
9) When I was younger (elementary school) we used to go to this fancy Chinese restaurant with these huge yellow fish. When we'd come home at night I had nightmares about those fish swimming under the covers at my feet.
10) The most recent issue of InStyle has me feeling very good riddance. I'm glad I'm getting rid of this vapid magazine. It is gauche to talk about the $1500 a month you spend on your hair and nails and face during a recession. Geez. Don't you read the NYT? You should. Then you'd know people who are still flush know it's tacky to talk about how you really don't need to cut back but you think it's cute to try in the spirit of solidarity.
11) Time zones are weird to me. When were they created, why and by who? (I know I could just look it up on wiki but this was on my mind.) I think the week and a half in MS was longest period of time I ever spent out of the EST other than the 3 weeks in Europe summer 2000. Very strange. I mean I understand that it would be really weird if when it was 10 on the east coast it was still 10 and bright o'clock in LA but still. Who figured that out?
12) Shoot me in the face if I ever date someone for 10 years. Even 5 is crazy to me. Let's be real. I don't even really want to just date anyone for 3 years. Let's make a decision one way or the other.


Dreamlover said...

OMG, I always think abt timezones as well, like really who cares? Whyc an't we all haev the same time? But I think it has something to do with the sun and the amount of daylight you have....or that may have just been made up in my mind, lol. I'm not sure.

Anonymous said...

I don't really care if Aidan jumps on the bed, either. You're right, there are wayyy bigger fish to fry. Let the kid have fun.

My nails have always been long, but I've never really liked color on them. I can count on one hand the number of bottles of nail polish I have. And 2 of those are clear.

Is it wrong if I totally agree with you on #12, but I've dated my current boyfriend for 5 years?

Adei von K said...

who spent $1500 on upkeep??? yeah, that is wack. we need a new magazine to devour.

that is too cute abt the yellow fish nightmares!!! Awww! Children are so cute!

I used to paint my nails a different color freshman year in highschool! On the school bus back home, I'd chip away so I can be ready to paint them after homework. Too much time.

I've actually never seen color on your nails! Get a mani for your 28th birthday coming up next month!

Anonymous said...

I so agree....

I love to do my nails! But only my toenails. My fingernails are rarely, if ever, painted.

Hmmm, maybe I'll start letting Lovegirl jump on the bed....

My husband and I dated for almost 6 years. I don't think I'd do that again. (The long dating, not the marriage!)

Vdizzle said...

LOL@ "Surgery watch: Pittsburgh edition"

I went to a school with a girl who said you should tell people when they don't look good because they need to know. She's fat now.

Jameil said...

dream... olol. that's what i figured and i still haven't looked it up. lol.

pseren... jump away! lol. i don't mind color, i just hate seeing them chip and they chip so easily. who has the time? (says the grad student on summer vacay) who wants to take the time? lol @ #12. not wrong but maybe ironic!

adei... some instyle writer. fish nightmares are scary, not cute. you know i didn't waste time w/a whole lot of studying. some of that talking time i had so much of in college was used to paint nails. idk where you were, crazy! i always hate how manicurists shape my nails.

nerdgirl... i prefer the toes, too b/c they ast so much longer. lovegirl will love it!! long dating is amazing to me. my refusal to participate is why my last relationship ended. good riddance.

v... lol. i had to watch em! what words to eat... no pun intended.