Monday Mindspacing Vol. 7

1) Someone once told me I should live by myself before I get married since I never had before I moved to Florida. SO true. I miss having my own space after a while as much as I like being around my friends, family and Rashan. So nice.
2) The space program still exists for the people who were around and mesmerized by it in the Kennedy-era. If there is anyone under 30 who can tell me the point of spending billions of dollars going into space, I'd really like to hear it. However, if you can find a way to make space travel as cheap as getting on an airplane, or at least not cost millions or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, sign me up!
3) I know it's ridiculous but after watching Memoirs of a Geisha I need to go to Japan. Add it to the list of countries to visit. That list is long but go ahead and add it. Mexico should be one of the first. Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Trinidad, Brazil, Belize, Spain, Italy, England (only been to London's 2 airports).
4) If I had a black cat I would name her magic.
5) All Hitchcock films aren't awesome. Some of his early ones are rather boring.
6) Even if I wasn't with Rashan, it would be almost impossible for me to want to date someone from Mississippi. Do you know how many siblings my grandmother, grandfather, and great-grands had? DOZENS. Some had at least 11 siblings in two sets. GET THEE BEHIND ME!! This guy at the club said, "Your face looks familiar." I said, after a long week of family history, "You're probably my cousin." He looked faintly disgusted or at least taken aback. Well... you probably are.
7) I love old stuff with historical or sentimental significance. Seeing my mom's first shoes and socks? SO COOL!! And my grandmother's 3rd grade report card? Which came with the information that her father, born a slave, never learned to read or write so his wife, my great-grandmother, would sign his name on the report card.
8) Sometimes my grandma really over explains things to me. Yes, grandma, I understand that the x represented his whole name. I asked if he ever wanted to learn to read and write... wow...
9) My mom does the same thing!! I have to say, "Gee... thanks, mom. How did you think I managed to know how to do that living without you most of the last 9 years?" And sometimes all it takes is an exasperated look for her to say, "I know! You grown." Yeah... thanks. Lol.
10) I kind of want to start a series or even do one post called "Ask a Canadian" though I'm sure we could come up with a better name than that (what's their nickname?). Of course Sparkling Red would be my Canadian to ask questions. I'm curious about that country. Like other than being colder and having a lot of French speakers, how else is it different from the US? Some of them are really really stupid American questions and things I could likely learn from Wiki but I think questions are more fun when the answers come from real people. I never thought about Canada until reading her blog but sometimes I find a string of questions coming to my head. Do you have any for her, too? Obviously I know she doesn't represent all Canadians, but I would like her perspective. Lol.
11) Why when I was in Mississippi did more than one white person look at me like I was in the wrong place and they were shocked at my impudence? The whole restaurant when me, my mom and my grandma went for brunch, then at just me when I went alone to Starbucks, pulled out my phone and my Mac. Get like me. In both spots we/I were/was the only black people/person not working there.
12) Why did this chick ask me if I said "wi-fry" when I asked at McDs in MS if they had wi-fi? Are you really that lost in another century? You don't know what wi-fi is? I had to say, "The internet?" And she still looked confused. Like why would McDs have the internet? ... Because in all the cities I've ever lived almost every cafe/fast food/casual restaurant you eat in has the internet... Again, how is it you've never even HEARD of it?
13) Why did another woman ask me and Stace how to spell Google? This one was at least really nice. I feel bad for making some of them sound stupid but if the shoe fits...
14) HAMPTON'S VICTORIA'S SECRET LINE IS NOW ONLINE!!!!! FINALLY!!!! I need all of these for my bday in size medium except the shirt in a size small!!
15) I had so many thoughts in my head in MS that I got 3 weeks ahead on Monday mindspacing... Wow brain.


Ladynay said...

Never heard of wi-fi? Ummmm wow.

I would love to see old family report cards and my mommys first pair of shoes! Those are priceless family items right there!

Momisodes said...

I love the name Magic for a pet. I may have to borrow that one day :)

As for living alone. So true. I miss it, too. Oh to have just MY mess to clean up after *sigh*

Jameil said...

lady... right. i was SO excited about the heirlooms!

momisodes... borrow away! i can only imagine... oy!