I won a contest on Claudia's blog! Yay!! I just had to play her fave game Unconscious Mutterings where she gives a list of 12 words and I have to just type in the first thing that comes to mind! Yes!! I won an autographed copy of her new book, The Fey, AND wait for it... THIN MINTS!!! MY FAVE GIRL SCOUT COOKIE!!! Suh-weet! Do you even understand that I put those suckers in the freezer IMMEDIATELY!? Immediatement!! Lol. I got so excited I had to break in to Francais!

I've been cooking up a storm this summer. Last night I made a recipe from Darius' cooking site called Tequila Lime Chicken & Fettucini. Sounds right up my alley huh!? I subbed white wine for the tequila since someone had already imbibed all the tequila (Rashan) and added freshly grated parmesan and diced fresh Roma tomatoes to the final product!! Delicious!! Rashan and I both loved it! Mmmmm!! AND I've gotten him to eat lunch 2 days in a row when he normally only eats lunch let's say never days a week. One meal a day for that one on regular days. Wack.

Tomorrow Stace and Drew are coming to Atlanta AND me and Rashan are going to meet them at this cute restaurant for our first double date!! So cute!!

And Saturday is me and Rashan's one year anniversary! Awwwww!! So cute!


Adei von K said...

wait. are you excited?

Let me stop fronting, I'm excited too :-)

I have to make sure my camera has fresh batteries! Lord knows I'll be 38hot if my camera isn't working!!

Momisodes said...


This recipe sounds delicious.

Serenity3-0 said...

I cook all the time, but I just finished looking up some cooking classes at "fancy" restaurants. I plan to take one in the fall. Should be fun! I love new creations.

Sha Boogie said...

yaay! loves the one year anniversary AND the tequila lime, mmmmmm....t

Aretha said...

I love reading about your food-capades.

yay to you and rashan on 1 year!

Jameil said...

adei... i know right! hater!

momisodes... thanks!

serenity... that sounds so fun! i want to do that too!!

sha... me too!!

aretha... i love writing about them! thanks!

1969 said...

That recipe? DELISH!!!!!