Monday Mindspacing Vol. 6

1) I've realized there are some things in GQ Rashan will never wear no matter how much I like them because they will look far too "Twan" on him. In fact, there are some things I really like in there but know they would look silly on him.
2) As much as I miss the internet, I almost enjoy being unconnected sometimes... almost. I still have a need to know what's happening in the world and miss things I would otherwise be all over (family response to MJ's death, resignation of the killa from Wasilla (I think that's Palin's most hilarious nickname), the most popular stories on the NYT daily).
3) My grandmother could live without A/C because she says it gives her a crick in her neck. We love you, but my mom and I can't roll like that. Heat index of 100+ daily and we're gonna be sweat boxing it up in the house? That's a no. My mom's brothers (she's the only girl) will suffer in silence with sweat pouring down their faces. My mom? Yeah right. I don't know if she's always been the one most willing to stand up to my grandma but she certainly is now.
4) Guess who got 4 fab new hats from her grandma's collection? MEEEEEE!!! Le sigh! So great except... there were 2 others I wanted which she says she still wears. She wouldn't part with any of the jewelry. Bah humbug.
5) I brought 9 pairs of shoes (including one pair of tennis shoes) to MS with me for a 9-day stay and am determined to wear every pair just to prove to Stace I can and will!! Lol. She was with me when I packed and appalled. As of Saturday night I only had 3 more pairs to wear including one set aside for Sunday morning and another ready to be applied for Sunday afternoon. Score!! As the church folk say, "We're gonna make it!" And then I didn't go to church... hmmm... I still think we can make it!
6) Sometimes when I get behind on movie-watching like I am right now, I freak out for a day or 2, then become incredibly zen. Like well... I'm either going to get these movies watched or I'm going to spend time with my grandma and cousins and uncles and Stace when she was here. Family time, it is. That deficit can be smashed in 2 weeks of heavy movie-watching. I hope I won't have a reason to come back to MS before next year (one of my uncles just lost his transplanted kidney and is back on dialysis BUT if another kidney becomes available he might get one).
7) I'm seeing most of my family for the first time in 5 years. They never come to NC and I haven't been here since one cousin's wedding 5 years ago. I met my cousin's 8-month-old baby for the first time-- such a cutie!-- and if I see my cousin Chasity it will be the first time in probably a decade, at least 10 years. I've never met 2 of her 3 children. She was missing in action a lot of that time. I haven't seen one of my uncles who lives in Atlanta in at least 9 years, since my h.s. graduation. I keep meaning to call him but I really don't want him to ignore my calls, too, like he regularly does to his siblings who are quite exasperated with him-- he's the baby.
8) It makes my mom sad to come to Jackson because of how run down it looks. There are an outrageous number of abandoned buildings and homes. There will be 2 abandoned homes right next to an occupied one, then one more occupied, then another abandoned or extremely run down.
9) Mississippi white people are different from Charlotte white people. They looked way too shocked to see us in a decent restaurant which served brunch Sunday morning. My mom said blacks and whites still don't really interact down here or make an effort like they do in Charlotte. My grandmother says she doesn't know any white people her age other than this one white woman at her senior center who seems extra comfortable surrounded by blacks like those white women who always dated black men and probably had black children, too. How weird is that that she doesn't know any white people? It makes sense seeing as she was born and raised in MS and in a completely different time (the 1930s), but still weird.
10) My mom's first love sang at her wedding to my father. I saw the church where they got married and my grandma still had bows and flowers. So weird. Especially because she didn't want to give them to my mom. Only one of the lace bows is something I might be able to reuse.
11) I just found my mom was the secretary of the SGA her senior year in high school. Random, I know.
12) My cousin Amber asked when she found out Stace left MS early, "It ain't that bad is it?" Lolol. No, she already had a previous engagement.
13) I have THE WORST country accent when I'm down here because everyone I know sounds like that and I'm an accent chameleon. I've never had a discernible accent but I've just found it easier after years of ridicule as a child for sounding white to blend. It's unconscious now unless I'm around other people who don't usually hear me like that (it also comes out when I'm talking to my mom). I didn't even previously realize the reason behind it. That's the one that makes the most sense. Actually now I really only sound different around (usually black) people with southern accents.
14) I know you're trying to be helpful and nice, but if you're a senior citizen assistance agency, please stop giving my grandmother crap she will never use. She has enough clutter without you helping. Give her some food or some sort of non-tangible help like with her will or something. No more trinkets!!!!

*Movies of the week are posted below.


Rashan Jamal said...

Please don't make me look Twan... Please don't make me look Twan... LOL

I never enjoy being unconnected. I need to obsessively check my email, and watch movies on Netflix and whatever..

My g'ma doesn't skimp on the ac, but in the winter (if you can call it that in Savannah) heat is on blast!

Here's hoping for your Uncle to get that kidney

I felt the same way (rundown) about Columbus, Ga where my father's family is from. Right next door to my grandfather's house was a crack house. All kinds of vials in the empty lot where I used to play as a kid... Really sad

Aretha said...

OMG..I know what you mean about the AC, it must be an older person thing. My granny will call and tell me how hot it is in Florida...how she's on the sofa sweating. As soon as I ask if the air is on she gets offened. "Hell No, ain't gone raise my tricity bill with that mess." smh.

Wow at seeing most of your family after so long. I hope it's all enjoyable!

I get sad whenever I go home just like your mom. Not only is the infrastructure run down, but so aret he people and their thought processes...I hate being in my hometown for more than 3 hours...sigh.

LoL at the accent Chameleon...you're like Oprah, lol.

Momisodes said...

There is no way I could live without A/C. Even here in cold country. Anything over 72 degrees requires A/C.

And I feel the same way about missing days of blogging. I freak out a bit after 1-2 days....but then I say, "ah, whatever."

Ladynay said...

I love not being connected at times. It's refreshing! To think we once lived in a world with no world wide web or cell phones!

Must have A/C!

Family time over movies. Good choice!

9 pairs of shoes for a 9 day trip? I side w/your girl! WOW! LOL!

Your granny should donate the trinkets back to the organization that gave them to her. Maybe they will get the picture! :-P

Sha Boogie said...

so mad @ the white folk that was shocked to see you somewhere else besides a KFC drive thru *SMH*..

Twan? LOL! Yea, that backfired on me too..I bought the hubby some slide on moccasin, driving type shoes. Totally metro..think he's worn them? Nope!

Anonymous said...

You're still here???

Hey, now. I go where the White people are all the time and they never look shocked to see me. You can't have seen white people in the Jackson city limits....they don't go there!

NerdGirl and I talked about you the other day behind your blogback.

Los Angelista said...

I used to buy my husband GQ and I don't think he ever cracked not a one. As we approach the 10 year mark I'm just glad he irons.

I am feeling you on the AC. My mom has me dying, trying to tell me I need to cut the fan off in my room because I'm wasting electricity. She went on and on about how slaves didn't have air conditioning and turned out just fine. Someone save me...

And I can't wait for hat pictures!

1969 said...

Look Twan? LMAO!!!!

Mr. 1969's family is from Mississippi too so I feel ya. His mom was one of 11 kids and the house they grew up in is as big as my living room. *sigh*

Adei von K said...

yeah, I put GQ on Stank's bed in hopes he'll glean something... I don't understand why they think it's ghey and not being fashionable!!!

I was tripping out when Amber's hubby was talking bout how your uncle was sweating at your grandma's house!!!!

Not Stace the movie-hater!!!! Who moi!?!?

I'm not a hater, I just hate wack movies

Jameil said...

rj... and why would i want you to look twan? you obsessively everything. not crack vials on your playground! horrid!

aretha... girl! my grandma talks about sitting up under the fan and i'm like yeah no. not the first time i've been compared to oprah but the first time for that! lol

momisodes.... right!? a/c me up! lol @ your blog theory.

lady... i know for refreshing but idk abt that world w/o. it's one thing to choose... i only wore 8 pairs... boooo. skipping church did it. she WANTS to keep them b/c someone gave them to her. she thinks its so nice they gave it to her that she will never get rid of it.

sha... for real. he liked the shoes i got him but he's not yet liked a shirt i picked out.

pseren... i'm gone now. the auditorium is on duling street and there were lots of white folk. starbucks was over by julep on 55 and there were lots of white folk thre, too. what were you and nerd girl saying??

liz... lol. rah is the king of ironing. no FAN!?! you should say slaves also didn't get paid and had to eat chitlins and couldn't read or write!!! except she's your mom... but still!! lol

1969... what i got from that is that the 69s ball out of control. Their house is so huge you can fit a family of 11... in the living room *shoots free throws*

adei... i hope you put the naked bruno up there. lololol. i realized tho some looks on him really are ghey tho. everything's not for everybody & you actually helped me arrive at that. david is hilarious! you're a hater.