Monday Mindspacing Vol. 5

I know I'm late... hush. I haven't had the computer since I got to Jackson, Mississippi days ago. Ack! So here it is.

1) When given a choice between two things that I like equally I'll ask, "Why do I have to choose? Can I have both?" I've been like this as long as I can remember. As a child my grandpa made me choose between riding with him on the tractor and going to South of the Border (which is only about 30 minutes from their house). I asked if I could do both and he said no. My sister chose the former, I chose the latter. Then when me and my dad got back from SOTB, the tractor ride was in progress. I asked him if I could get on. He said no. I was maybe 7 and he died when I was about 9. Guess what one of my only memories of him is? That. Oh yeah and the time I said I wanted to pick some of his veggies and he told me to go pick some squash. I joyfully ran over there to pick and yanked my hand back in pain. Squash has prickly hair all over it and most people pick it with gloves on. Thanks grandpa.
2) My mother never let us eat fast food when we were younger so I LOVE fast food today.... or at least I did. Umm... there have been too many bad fast food experiences of late and I'm getting more and more to the point where I would just rather eat at home. I know it's safer and cheaper but way more time-consuming!!
3) When Rashan hasn't posted for several days or weeks, I make a point of sitting next to him on my laptop, making sure he's looking and pulling up his page and saying, "Hmm... nothing new." Daily. Until he posts.
4) I've been thinking about one of my old college standby drinks lately and I think I need one soon: a Tom Collins. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tom_Collins We used a mix but I think I'm ready for the grown up version-- with real lemon and simple syrup. I really love how simple simple syrup is. Actually my original standby drink in college is a rum and coke. MAN!! I loved those.
5) I saw a woman buying a pregnancy test at Target the other day and was fascinated. She was about 35 and I instantly wanted to know everything that precipitated the purchase. Not like conception-wise but was she excited about the possibility? Did she already have children? Was she married? Did she like or know very well the father? I even inspected her for a baby bump. There was a little pudge but not more than someone who gained 10 or 15 lbs. in their midsection. But I wondered since she was looking distracted and even mildly embarrassed, do some people look at buying pregnancy tests the way they look at buying c.ondoms? Are they mortified to be making such a purchase? I've always felt like whatever it is, if I'm buying it, I need it and your job is to check coats (check 'em -----) I mean my items out. Lol.
6) When I first got to Rah's, I was like, "There are so! many! movies! to! watch!" Now I'm like every 14-year-old in America with too many channels: There's nothing on tv. Awesome.
7) After 2 really bad movies in a row last week, I took the (maybe melodramatic? no...) line of thought, "Will I ever watch another good movie?" I haven't even hit the halfway mark but I think 350 films IN LESS THAN 7 MONTHS is big enough of a milestone to make me WEARY of movies!! Geez.
8) If I found out I was allergic to limes I would consume them anyway. Why not? When I make a recipe and it calls for lemon, sometimes I just use lime if I think it will fit. One citrus fruit may as well fill in for another. The farmer's market? 3 POUND BAGS OF LIMES FOR 99 CENTS!! Rashan was like, "Why did you buy all those limes?" WHY NOT!? I'll figure something out!
9) I don't like scones. I tried since they seem very jetsetterish and I like food but yeah no. They're like hard biscuits. I'm not a big bread person & I don't really like sweets like that. I'll save em for the Brits.
10) If I was gay I would be with a beautiful woman. I'm always baffled by gay women who are with manly women. What's the point? Date a man.
11) I accidently skinned myself the other day while cooking. Okay it was only my thumb.... and a very very small piece of my thumb. Not even any blood.
12) Mexican food is the love of my life. When I say to Rashan, "I feel like Mexican food tonight." and he responds enthusiastically, "Okay!" I get really excited. Then when we're there he says, "Can we eat Mexican every night?" I can hardly stay in my skin.


Momisodes said...

My parents were the same way growing up with fast food and soda. I LOVE both of them now. It's terrible.

As for the buying pregnancy tests. I never feel weird about it, but for some reason, I do feel a little strange with ovulation tests. I think it's because it suggests a similar connotation to condoms.

Adei von K said...

i know it's not funny but the grampa part of this post has me rolling! he know he could've told you the squash was prickly!! LMAO!!

I don't think I could buy a pregnancy test. I'll just have to figure it out by the calendar! and then go to the doctor to make sure

Rashan Jamal said...

If you were here right now, I would pull up your page and point out that you haven't posted. LOL

I've never had a Tom Collins, let's try that out next week.

Let's have Mexican when you get back.

Anonymous said...

Ooh! You were in Jackson? Would've loved to meet ya, and me and NerdGirl would have taken you for some Mexican!