Thursday 13: Mindspacing

Man! It's been a loooooong time since I let you guys wander through my mindspace so here it is!
1) Why DVD sleep screens have butterflies on them?
2) I'm frightened by weddings with giant parties. You really like 42 people that much? I'm not buyin it.
3) I secretly not so secretly for Rah and Stace want to go to Hampton JUST to get their Pink line since it's still the ONLY one not available online. KILLS ME!!
4) I want to go on Dear Food Network to meet Rachael Ray AND I really, really want to get published in her mag. ARGH!! What must I do?!?!
5) I want to win a contest. Stace wins stuff all the time. That ho. Once she won 2 trips to the Bahamas... two weeks in a row. And didn't like either one. Can't stand her.
6) I'm going to Charlotte primarily for the HU Alumni picnic but I really really don't want to leave Atlanta. Rah and I have only gotten on each other's nerves once in more than 2 weeks. The time we were together 9 days we got on each other's nerves at least 5 times.
7) I got my mom's birthday present a month early... and my line sister's, too. I'm so awesome it hurts. Ouch.
8) I have been cooking my FACE OFF this weekend
9) I hate when people say North Cackalacky. If it must be anything it's North Cack or North Cackalack. I'm from there. Stop it. It's always from some condescending yankee, too who thinks Charlotte is in SC. UGH!!! PET PEEVE!!!! There is nearly no other way to make me crazier than thinking that. AAAAAARRRGHHHHHH!! Ol backwards state.
10) Ha! That reminds me. I think it's funny when yankees get mad when southerners call them that. What? Funny joke? A yankee is a northerner who comes down. A durn yankee is one who comes and stays. Lololol. I have no problems with most yankees. I do give the face to the ones who come down and talk about how much wherever they're from is better. GO BACK!! My mom is even more stank about this than I am. Lol. This guy I had a crush on in college (in retrospect he was SUCH a crybaby) got all uppity and said to me (he was from Seattle), "You know one of your fellow southerners called me a yankee?" I said, "You are." He stared at me incredulously. Lololol. It's not the south, you're a yankee. Hilarity.
11) I don't like the term pulled pork but it's the only way people understand that's what we consider bbq. We don't call it pulled pork. We call it barbeque. Man I need some when I go home. I'm such a bbq snob.
12) I had forgotten how much I missed Food Network and Style since I've been gone. But why does the latter play Clean House 15 hours a day? Give it a rest!
13) I want to ride in a helicopter and go white water rafting as long as neither activity requires me camping.


Just Me said...

I say North Cackalacky all the time *lol* I go down there all the time. I wonder if it offends people but I usually only say it to Marylanders. *lol* I agree with you on 'Clean House' they play it, entirely, too much. My husband likes looking at Nicey Nash, so he doesn't mind. *lol* We used to make a special trip, coming home from NC, to get NC barbeque. No red BBQ over here :)

Mau said...

I don't eat pork, but you should try Fox. Bros while you're in town. May tide you over.

Sha Boogie said...

I am SO guilty of #9, lol

I wanna win stuff too! Darn that Stace.. I never win nothing. I have a friend that won a friggin car! A CAR!!

Aretha said...

I also hate hearing North Cackalacky and I'm not even from there.

What's wrong with pulled pork??? Huh? Huh? I've had sliced bbq pork and that's delicious, so I figure we have to distinguish btwn the two, lol.

My sister wins stuff all the time..I don't get that either. Can I just win the Green House from HGTV?? Is that too much to want? lmao.

the joy said...

if you dont sleep its just a picnic. so im sure you could raft without camping.

why are you more southern than people from atl?

Sparkling Red said...

2) For reals. I didn't invite 42 people to my wedding, grand total!

11) There's a BBQ place in Toronto that serves what they call pulled pork and WOW! *love* *drool*

Momisodes said...

LOL! I love your randomness, especially the last one.

I'm suddenly craving BBQ...and some Food Network.

Adei von K said...

I'm saying though, why I gotta be all that???

42 people is beyond ridic. WHY!?!?!

When you're from SoFla, Bahamas isn't all that!! SORRY!!!

Durn yankee is too funny. lolol

i'm too scared to do a helicopter or a raft. You and Rah have fun with that.

Ladynay said...

Sometimes I say North Crack yah back, I know I know! LOL!

See if you were round the way you could go to the all you can eat bbq thing they are doing at the fairgrounds today.

I need to know your friends secret on winning stuff. I hardly win anything! :-(

Jameil said...

just me... ack! my dad likes to look at niecy, too so when i lived in pittsburgh he used to willingly watch that show. i don't watch it anymore. oh bbq. :(

mau... fox bros. were not an adequate sub esp. the pork. dry and not enough sauce.

sha... what!?! let's create a plan to get their stuff.

aretha... pulled pork is a horrible term. bbq only refers to what people call that double p word... i want to win something big, too!!

joy... i know i can raft w/o camping. i wanted to throw in something about camping not being for me. i'm not sure that i am more southern. but pretty sure southernness extends throughout the south.

red... wow!! insanity. don't say the double p word!

momisodes... lol. thanks! i'm always needing some food network!

stacey... spread your winning love! idk why. never been anywhere in the caribbean. he's only down for the helicopter but i'm pretty sure my classmates would do the rafting w/me.

lady... wow... don't tempt me! idk what her deal is but she drives me bananas w/it!

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