Crazy Movie Lady 16

May 3- 9, 2009
Going to Palm Beach to celebrate Stace's birthday knocked me off pace even more. I watched 0 movies in 3 days. Ouch. Luckily I have all summer to catch up.
243. Charade. Audrey Hepburn and Carey Grant in a film about widow being chased by crooks for his money. This film brings up a question I've been wondering about since I've been watching a lot of classics. Why, pray tell, is it that everyone in these films falls in love after a week? It's ridiculous and drives me crazy. I know you HAD to have a love story in those days but COME ON!! Can it at least be plausible? Foolywang.
244. Requiem for a Dream. Wow... movie about drug addicts. It was GREAT! I know no one expected me to like this and there were definitely some scenes I could do without, but I thought it was a good movie.
245. Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore. Early(ish) Scorcese movie. Didn't really do it for me. I didn't dislike it but I wasn't terribly captivated by it either.
246. Good Night, and Good Luck. Film about journalist Edward R. Murrow's attack on Sen. Joseph McCarthy's witch hunt trials. Loved the music from Dianne Reeves. I don't know why I haven't been that into these movies but perhaps in the case of this one, I saw how heavily it borrowed from history because we watched a good portion of the actual footage in my doc history class, which was also in this film. I find I like historical and historical fiction films more when I'm not familiar with the ending or details. I like to learn new/obscure details and I guess I feel like I didn't with this film. I also didn't like the clarity of the black and white look in this film. It didn't look like true black and white. Odd thing to dislike, huh? Felt false.
247. Pocketful of Miracles. Frank Capra's last film as a director. He could have cut at LEAST 20 minutes from this 2h16m film. Seriously, Capra? The first hour was superfluous. Cut. it. out. Still a pretty good movie about a beggar woman who wants to impress her daughter who's engaged to a Spanish count and doesn't know her mother is broke.
248. Once Upon A Time in the West. Longest movie of my life. Western film clocking in at 2h44m. That's right. 2 HOURS and 44 MINUTES. It was good, though. Well-paced. Almost felt shorter than some of the 1h44m films I've seen.
249. Lars and the Real Girl. I wasn't expecting a movie about a man who falls in love with a life-sized s.ex doll to be cute but it was. The first 18 minutes I was straight faced and not amused and not for the reasons you think, but because he was delusional. Then I started dying laughing every few minutes. Then some of the film became a bit redundant but still cute.
250. The Postman Always Rings Twice. This is the original version of the film noir classic. It was okay. I was mildly intrigued but didn't completely care what happened to the characters.
251. North by Northwest. Hitchcock thriller. LOVED the last scenes and the suspense throughout the film though the false ending 30 minutes early annoyed me a bit. Overall, great film and definitely one of his best!
252. Silence of the Lambs. WOW. I don't have to describe this film but my adrenaline was pumping for the last 20 minutes. CRAZY!! Loved it!
253. Happy Feet. Really? An environmental musical starring animated penguins? I'm gonna have to pass. I didn't understand the length and I'm too old to be beat over the head with an environmental message. And for this movie. So that was my fault. And how stereotypical were the Hispanic characters. How about very. Not a fan and I was told you could like it if you weren't a kid.
254. Blind Spot: Murder by Women. Documentary in which the title is self-explanatory. Wow! The stories were AMAZING. The structure was boring, though. All of the interviews were of the women in jail against a stark background, which I really didn't have an issue with. But with a few re-enactments sprinkled in and very little archival material, one or two pictures of each murderer, watching the film became unnecessary. It was much more interesting just to listen to it. I spent much of this movie thinking about how I would have done it differently.
255. Last Chance Harvey. Dustin Hoffman plays a jingle writer who's on the verge of losing his job as he heads to London for his semi-estranged daughter's wedding. He meets Emma Thompson and gets all googly-eyed. Very leisurely pace but it worked. I liked this movie a lot. Very well-written.
256. A Very Long Engagement. Another leisurely-paced film but in a good way. Nice French movie w/my girl Audrey Tatou about a woman who doesn't believe her fiance' was killed in the war and makes it her mission to investigate and find out for sure.


Anonymous said...

I went and saw Star Trek Saturday. I liked it a lot. I thought it was well done and it kept me interested.

I love the movie What Dreams May Come. I can see why it won an Oscar for Best Cinematography. Its beautiful with the colors and all

1969 said...

You never saw Silence of the Lambs???

That is my alltime favorite movie. Best picture, best actress and best actor all in one film.


Anonymous said...

I thought Once Upon a Time in the West was too long. It seemed to lack enough story to be told over that amount of time.
It's a bit weird. I was thinking of that movie this morning on the drive into work. Comparing it in my head to The Good, the Bad and the Ugly and how Once Upon a Time just didn't hold up next the Good...

Sparkling Red said...

From Happy Feet to women in jail - you sure have a wide range there! I haven't seen most of those movies, and the ones I did see, I don't remember much. However, I'm off to see The Pool on the big screen on Thursday. Very excited about that one!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed Happy Feet. But then again I have a four year old. He thinks that the formal name for penguins is "Happy Feet", which is an indication of how many times we've watched it now.

You should watch Green Street Hooligans.

Jameil said...

epsi... ummm good tips? i have no interest in star trek but might but the other one on my list.

1969... i knew that would get someone! lol. my line was "put the lotion on the skin or else it gets the hose again." i was BUGGIN! and at the part where I realized that's what people meant by flesh coat!

what... it was definitely too long but i liked it. never seen the other one. i think i'm over the cowboy movies for quite some time.

red... lol. that's the goal each week. i have no idea what the pool is.

pseren... i think i'd like it a lot more if i had kids.