Fashion Show

It can't wait any longer. Living without cable for the last 10 months (WOW) meant before I went to Palm Beach (wow... I'm really behind on that recap...) I didn't even know this Project Runway wannabe existed. Of course as a PR fiend I entered viewing very cautiously but with a mind as open as I could manage. Basically they have to create a fashion show and show their pieces to industry people every week, creating collections rather than single pieces so basically they always have to work together but always get to create their own design.

Judge Fern: That (outfit) would would get some phone number written on a piece of paper.

Fern, honey. You don't bother me too much because you, too are non-descript to me. You don't offer a whole lot of opinion, which is probably good because of Isaac. Someone needs to be the sometimes voice of reason and at least you have a reputable fashion voice. But really? A phone number on a piece of paper? No, ma'am. Me and my friends have been playing dudes in the club trying to use paper and pen for at least 5 years. Sir. Get a cell phone.

Most of the characters are just meh as if they know they're on the Bravo reject show (which they do) and are embarassed they couldn't have made it on PR [most of them couldn't but some are really good i.e. strange small Asian man, Reco the black queen, strange hat guy and Anna the boring (It's so weird that she is so non-descript but I love the things she comes up with.)]. These people who can't sew are so WEIRD. WEIRD!!! This is why this show is the Project Runway reject. I want to like it. I really do. But... more on that to come. First some whining.

Bravo is a much better home than Lifetime (LIFETIME!?!? NO! HATE!) for Project Runway. Much more fashion forward, edgy, modern, un-crybaby, there really are a plethora of nearly limitless reasons to describe why I'm so beyond unenthused about the move to Lifetime. WHY did Bravo do this!?!? Who was the exec who said this show is expendable?!?! What's next, Top Chef? BITE YOUR TONGUE, GIRL!! But Fashion Show? This is a bad, bad substitute. They should have worked longer on a replacement.

Let me talk for a minute about another issue with this show. The most vocal one: Kelly Rowland. Le sigh. Clearly you don't belong on this show. Your contributions are unnecessary. You're sweet and you're cute and I like your clothes but I don't ever hear anything groundbreaking or non-common sensical coming out of your mouth. Probably the worst? Her forced "catchphrase." After the loser is sent packing, she says to the almost loser, "You're still in, but you're hanging by a thread." Stop.

The best thing about this show and the reason I can't stop watching? If you know anything about me/have been reading my blog for more than 2 years, you already know the answer: ISAAC MIZRAHI!!!! I LOVE HIM!! He's the reason behind my most recent purchase. He once said, "If you find a dress you like and it fits, buy it. There's always a reason to have another dress." Oh Isaac. I LOVED his show. My fave ever! Perfect fashion stuff! From December 2006, I said, ""Wow! WOW! That's like fashion as religion! That's like... that's like... televangefashilism." --Isaac Mizrahi about Finola Hughes traveling 8 hours in a car to go to H&M. Lolololol. He CRACKS me up! I almost poked my eye out on the credenza because I was literally, LITERALLY convulsing with laughter!! Lololol!! There's no way you can't find it funny. He's so ridiculous!" My first Isaac love was in 2005 though. Still love him and he keeps me watching this show.

The worst thing? They had a show where they had to design a $40 outfit. They sell a version of the winning outfit online and this one they marked up to $194!!! Are you CRAZY!?!?! Foolishness. That pissed me off so much Isaac may or may not be enough for me to continue watching. Do I think anyone else should watch? If you're not an Isaac fan, don't bother. Just pray Lifetime doesn't ruin PR for us.


Adei von K said...

yeah, fashion show is HORRIBLE. I can't watch it cause of Kelly. Who are you??? You're a third of a group that was horrendously outfitted by Creole Creations for most of the group's career. I'm sorry, just cause you've BEEN to fashion shows doesn't make you an expert. Bravo seriously dropped the ball on that one.

and I know Lifetime execs are TOOOOO TOOOOOO excited!! They don't have to depend on Tori Spelling and anymore!!

Momisodes said...

$194? That's madness.

Anonymous said...

Nothing about this show's previews made me want to watch it, and your review seals the deal. I'll wait for Project Runway and hope that Lifetime doesn't water it down!

1969 said...

First off, I miss Project Runway and am anxiously awaiting it's return.

The best thing about this show is definitely 1) Isaac and 2) The little Honduran!!!!

I love him. His hat collection? The way he says "beetches"?


The rest of the "I can't sew" designers? Meh.

Jameil said...

adei... kelly is a mess. po thang. bravo needs to get it together. tori is on lifetime? i thought that was oxygen (which is a much better channel).

momisodes... seriously.

nerd... sounds like a good plan!

1969... i neeeeed PR! isaac & the honduran are hilarious! lololol. how can you not sew!?! how is this!?!

Nigel said...

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