My Muslim classmate has swine flu. *snicker*

Okay maybe it's just the regular flu but she said, "What if I had swine flu?"
I said, "That would be AWESOME!!!"
Copious laughter from both of us.
"Since you already have the flu, I really, really hope it's swine flu."
Here is where she laughs so hard she chokes and coughs.

I was so serious, though! That would avenge all us pork eaters who thought when we first heard about this blasted illness people would start telling us to stop eating bacon and ham and RIBS, (NOT THE RIBS!!!!) and vegetarians would continue their "you really shouldn't eat meat because it makes me TOO superior to you" complexes but no mas!

Lololol. Hilarious. If she gets swine flu we'll be best buds. What a great trade!


Anonymous said...

As jacked up as this is, I was laughing at my desk. If the Muslim girl gets swine flu, that would be ironic and almost funny.

Now I wish one of these damn students at my school would get. I would love to have a few extra days off.

Ms. Behaving said...

A muslim with swine flu? ---Bwahahahahahahaha!

Sha Boogie said...

You are a mess!! And you told ME to stop laughing @ people....SMH

Aretha said...

LOL! She's going to get kicked out of her faith if she has it..poor thing. LOL @ not the ribs.

How was Miami?!

Jameil said...

epsi... lolol! i would love it! isn't school almost over for you? behave! lol.

ms... hahaha! i know!

sha... what i do? lol.

aretha... lolololol! not getting kicked out! SoFla was great! I guess I should use some of my summer vacay to recap huh? lol

CNEL said...

That's horrible but it was a case of crisis averted when they said swine flu did not come from eating meat.

the joy said...

i still think you should stop eating pork. but of course its more or my love for pigs than this swine flu crap, or my righteous indignation. actually i was wishing i had some money b/c i know the price of pigs went down...

Vdizzle said...

I just read in Afghanistan, there is only one pig in the whole country. It's at the zoo and their are criminal penalties to having pork products.
Since the outbreak, it has been separated from the cows it usually lives among.
Which makes me wonder, do it even know it's a pig?