One Year Later

Dani posed an interesting question on her blog, "Where were you last year (physically, mentally, emotionally)? Are you in the same place, a worse place, or a better place this year?"

That made me think of something I'd been working on for a Thursday 13 but might as well do now about how my life is different since July. This time last year I didn't know I would be going to UF getting my master's in documentary filmmaking. Here are some of the things that are different.

1) I haven't seen snow in more than a year!! THANK YOU JESUS!! I hope to keep that streak going for at least another 18 months. I will allow for snow IF it's somewhere where I don't have to live.
2) Physically I was in better shape last year because I had been working out 3xs a week for 18 months. Now I'm trying to get back in that mode. I have my mom and sister getting on a workout plan.
3) Spiritually I need to readjust as well.
4) Geographically, I LOVED this winter versus Pittsburgh's! Duh! See no. 1.
5) And I have Rashan who has been great in helping me adjust to living in a foreign city and foreign state, traveling here every two weeks.
6) 3.71 gpa thankyouverymuch!

Overall I am in a much better place. So AWESOME! Thanks God for giving me the will to follow my dream!


1969 said...

AMEN! Life is good and you are reflecting on your annual blessings.

Rashan Jamal said...

That's really sweet. I'm glad to make the transition easier...

Whoo Hoo at that grade point average!!!

Adei von K said...

WOW, get it!!

and for the 3.71?? you better get that summa cum laude!!

or is it magna? i think summa!

Claudia said...

ApplauseYou have no idea how fun it is for me to see you live your dream. Onward to success!!

Jameil said...

Thanks guys!