Mindspacing It

It's been a while since the last one so you're overdue. Too much in my head. Let's get it all out quickly.

I've added still more internet crack. There's a new site for Real HU Alum, get up on it X! I'm on the listserve for my class and someone posted the site which has rounded up 208 Pirates in the first 48 hours. But of course, its the usual suspects. Everyone from myspace and facebook. People who, like me, are already on the internet too much. Ugh and SIGH! I promise you I started freaking out yesterday about being so connected and having people know my every move 1700 times a day. This morning I was thisclose to leaving the internet for good. Then I realized if I did I might fall so in love with being unplugged that I might never communicate with anyone again. Bah humbug. February 29th is the Blog365 free day and I'm absolutely taking it. I wasn't going to but now its so necessary. My head is about to explode after 113 consecutive days of posting.

Gym. Stop walking around barefoot in the locker room. When your foot falls off, I don't want to hear it. Dudes, don't tap my foot while I'm stretching and you're gasping for breath and say, "You supposed to stretch after you walk or run" with only the faintest of up ticks at the end so I have to guess that was a question. Apparently it was because you respond with, "Oh ok" then bring out the wackest stretches ever. Then when you follow me out of the gym (not another one!!) don't be surprised when I hurry up and break out. No, I haven't seen the first gym stalker since that day.

Anti. When I'm at the gym I really am. I absolutely do not need you to talk to me. I don't want you to talk to me. That's why I have my ipod on and my magazine open, even while walking the track. I did get a "What do you be reading?" (yes, just like that) from some old guy. "Whatever I can get my hands on." Now scram.

Food. (Of course) Could it really be my blog without? A coworker today tells me its true what they say about the way to a guy's heart. I'm all "Uhhhh that's the way to my heart, too!" I'm absolutely down for a chef for a husband! (Number 3.)

Speaking of numbers. You know how on Steve's show they do the countdowns and the people who aren't reading have to sing back "Numba teey-en!"? I absolutely made my coworkers do that when I made a countdown list the other week. HILARIOUS!!

Over snow and snow coverage. If I ever see another flake it will be too soon (particularly considering it's likely snowing right now).

HE WON WISCONSIN!! Hawaii was a given since its his home state, but I didn't think it'd be a more than 70% landslide! Wow!! On another note, some people will make something out of ANYTHING!! Repubs, y'all are driving me bananas!!! Let me clue you in on something seeing as your party lacks diversity of any kind. Some people of other cultures (let that word seep in for a moment. Culllltuuuuuures. Oooh. Got it?) have been so disenfranchised and marginalized for so many years that it is quite difficult to muster up national pride. I said it, too last month. 4th paragraph. (Does this mean Shells reads my blog?!?!)

I watched the shuttle land live this morning and was enthralled! Have y'all ever watched? It's so cool!! I'm absolutely going to adult space camp. And when they get all the kinks worked out of space tourism and bring down the price, I'm doing that, too. I don't like the whole muscles atrophying thing but I would LOVE to do go up in space. So I guess I'll only be there 3 days, yes? Or maybe I'll just orbit the earth a few times and come down. We'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

You know how the Navy is going to shoot down an old spy satellite? I think this plan is so amazingly renegade and old school wild wild west (space age shoot out and all) that you should only use a Southern accent when referring to it. Some countries think its a way for us to practice our anti-missile defense and maybe this just makes me an American, but I don't see anything wrong with that if it's true and no one gets hurt. But why is there tons and tons of space junk in Earth's orbit?! Wait. So you're telling me we haven't polluted the Earth enough, we now have to leave crap all over the galaxy, too??? I need them (the space forces that be) to get that together.
"I really wanna lose 3 pounds." Tell me you know where that's from. Some of my coworkers have ridiculously unhealthy eating habits. Dairy days: eating only milk and/or yogurt from noon to 6 for 2 days. Come on. Now I did actually say I want to lose 3 lbs. but I was half-joking and hoped the person I was talking to would get it but she's not cool enough. How sad! I don't really want to lose 3 lbs. Maybe 3 and a quarter. I'm not pressed about it, though. I just want my abs to be tight for the trip to Miami next month! Speaking of which... I need to know what hotel we're staying in! I want to be able to roll out of bed onto the beach. I am just losing my last Miami tan so I need to spend even more time in the sun this trip. Can't wait! Do you understand I almost lost my mind when the T.oday Show did a live shot outside my fave Cuban restaurant yesterday!??!?! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!! Stace, I hope Dreezy is already arranging which spots we're getting into for free this time, too!!
And lastly, my latest fave commercial.
:41 in is where I just lose it!!!!!!!!!! I'm cracking up!!!


Sparkling Red said...

I read that too quickly. For a second I thought Old Navy was going to shoot down the spy satellite.

1969 said...

Whew....my head's spinning. LOL

Gym stalkers-NO
Funny TV-YES

Sandy C. said...

WOW! I've been offline without TV for days and all I needed to do was come here for an update ;) In the past few days I've considered breaking up with the internet for good too. But I just don't think I can.

I'm SO looking forward to Feb 29th!!!

Vdizzle said...

You need to start snapping these gym stalkers and that is from "Mean Girls."

Mademoiselle M said...

As much as I hate to admit this (shhh , don't tell nobody k?) I LOVE that Hampton networking site! I want one for us at the real HU!!

Mademoiselle M said...

oh, forgot the comment on the commercial: L.M.A.O. I love it around 0:41 too!

the joy said...

Like I told shani, Its mean girls. Its always mean girls, lol.

I feel you on the Miami abs! I'm gonna do crunches at random pts in the day, whenever the urge hits.

Rashan Jamal said...

I'm cracking up at the commercial. I never see them cuz i do all my tv watching online.

Are the members of your gym recent parolees? Remember that comment? LOL

I remember when the shuttle exploded back in 86 and I've been scarred ever since. Don't pay too much attention to the landings now, cuz I keep thinking something bad is gonna happen.

jameil1922 said...

red... lolol. NO! you're hilarious.

1969... we are in agreement!!

sandy... its so tempting isn't it!? feb 29th countdown!! just 8 more days. 8 glorious days!!

v... if i had known he was going to follow me outside and i wasn't in my car i might have. but i'm trying not to provoke them into any irrational activities. yay mean girls!!

m... too bad so sad HU imitator! lol. that commercial has me dying!!!

joy... always mean girls!! woooo! what an excellent idea. i'm so about to hit the floor right now!

rj... fabulous! its so nice of me to share the commercial love! i will never ever forget that comment b/c i'm convinced. they could well be recent parolees. you know g could be headed that way any day now! the exploding shuttle is SO in my conciousness, too because we heard about it in school (I was only 4 at the time) years afterward. i was definitely watching with bated breath on that one. praying nothing bad happened. when it didn't, i marked it as "AWESOME!!!!!!!!"

Los Angelista said...

NOOO! Whatever you do, don't give up blogging. Where else would I go to laugh over chefs for husbands and nasty folks who don't wear shower shoes?

And diets are bad but that commercial is funny as heck!

Stacie von Kutieboots said...

ooooooh! today show was SHOWING OFF!!!!

okay, I'm guessing Drew will only want to get US in... not the whole crew. gotta work those kinks out.

barefoot ANYWHERE is disgusting. but in the gym is... next level LYFKTRDJRETRUIKJ.KHG *wipes mouth* i just threw up.

Love the nickname 'shells'! lol

jameil1922 said...

liz... oh dahling! you are the only one who cares! i shall stay for you!! that commercial is that hilarity!!

stace... i YELLED in the newsroom and told everyone it was my fave miami restaurant w/the best mojitos!! long as i get in for free... hahahaha. and can we actually go to forge this time please?! baref... LKFJD;fla. hahahahaha. isn't shells the most fab nickname?!