Can You Repeat that Please?

And the OSCAR goes to.... y'all know who I'm talking about. I know I'm late, but I've been busy. I just got off of an 8-day week, and celebrated by meeting the b.f. in the middle for a one-day love fest. It was great. You may have it bad if you will drive 8-hours roundtrip in less than 24 hours. Wow...

Anyway. I used to be a HUGE 36 fan back at the good ol h of u. Like I had a playlist that was all 36 and UGK. My roomie soph. year was from NJ. Sooo anti-Southern music, right? By the end of the year she had favorite 36 and UGK songs!! How hilarious is that? You know if she went home singing them, her people would've looked at her like she had sprouted a new head. I also passed the Southern love on to some of my New York friends.

best line of oscar night: in case you're keeping score, martin scorsese: 0 oscars, 36mafia, one.

From the b.f.: Crunchy Black, Juicy J and DJ Paul win an OSCAR for best Original Song from a Motion Picture!!!!!! "You know it's hard out here for a pimp. When you try to get da money for da rent. When da Cadillac and gas money's spent. You'll have a whole lot a b!+che$ jumping ship. FREE PIMP C" apparently he does not read the blog. BTW, this goes along w/my thing about rappers and their names. And these two are absolutely in the running for wackest rapper names ever: Jordan Hunter and Paul Beauregard. Word? Jordan and Paul? Wow.

So I got a flurry of emails and text messages and phone calls about this. I didn't believe my l.s. when she said 36 got an oscar (of course i was sleeping thru the actual event). Here are a few AP blurbs written about the group.

LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Juici J of Three 6 Mafia says he was running around so much backstage at the Oscars, people must have thought the police were chasing him. But his running was for joy -- as the rap group picked up the Oscar for best song. The Memphis-based rappers did "It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp," the song from the movie "Hustle and Flow," without cursing or the graphic language that made producers of the show cringe. Not only did they pull off a major upset with the win, they were the only Oscar winners to take to the stage to pick up their trophy clad in throwback jerseys, sneakers and bling-encrusted overlays on their teeth. During the performance, they were joined by Oscar-nominated actress Taraji P. Henson, who also performed the song in the movie. At one point, she substituted the word "witches" for one of the words in the original lyrics.

Hip-hoppers Three 6 Mafia `Pimp' the Oscars
LOS ANGELES (AP) -- The Oscar people showed they were ready to embrace a song called "It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp," and the hip-hop group Three 6 Mafia couldn't have been happier -- or more surprised.
When Three 6 Mafia's name was called Sunday as the winner of the Oscar for best original song, its members bounded joyfully onto the stage, where they offered shout-outs to friends.
"I just couldn't believe it. I couldn't stand still," Jordan "Juicy J" Houston said backstage. "I had to run somewhere. I started to run somewhere. People thought the police was probably chasing me somewhere."
Host Jon Stewart was especially impressed.
"That's how you accept an Oscar!" he gushed.
Stewart joked that the Memphis group might have to "get into it" with Itzhak Perlman's "posse." The classical violinist had earlier performed a medley of Oscar-nominated film scores.

Really? Hip hoppers?
Here's how one of my friends responded to the first article:
of the many things wrong with this, these are my key points of irritation:
1. grills. at the grammys? maybe. at the oscars? are you kidding me??
2. "running around backstage like police was chasing him". geez. stereotypical much?
3. juici j. enough said.

Now, perhaps you are not very familiar with the level of nonsense 36 has rapped about. So let me give you a few song titles to help you along. Please remember this song is now in the same category w/Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On." Now the song titles.

Mafia FT Trillville- Who I Iz
Juicy J - Slob On My Knob
Project Pat-Azz Clap
Who Gives A Fuck Where U From
Project Pat-Gel & Weave Breakdown
36 Mafia FT Fiend - Get The Fuck Out My Face
Fuck That Shit
36 Mafia, UGK - Sippin On Syrup
Lord Infamous - Where Is Da' Bud
Project Pat- We Gon’ Rumble
DJ Paul-Still Gettin My Dick Sucked
36 Mafia-Weak Azz Bitch
Who Run It
Hit a Muthafucka
I'm So Hi
Mafia Niggaz
Hook Up W/ Hoes
From da Back
Fuck Y'all Hoes
Where da Cheese At
Tongue Ring
Barrin' You Bitches
Whatcha Know
Act Like You Know Me (Point 'Em Out)
Take a Bump
Ridin Spinners
Ass and Titties
Playa Why You Hating
J Lo Booty
Two Way Freak
Late Night Tip
Baby Mama
Don’t Turn Around
Let Me Hit That
Testin My Gangsta

That is not anywhere near the full list of their songs. Now, you don't even want to know how many of those songs I know most of the words to. I don't want to talk about it. And I'm sure some of you are surprised by how many you know, as well. "Testin My Gangsta" is one of my favorites. And tho I'm from the South, I was pretty sheltered, so I had never heard most of these songs until I met people from St. Louis, Memphis, New Orleans and strangely enough, Richmond. That's a hood city on the low.

Also, the b.f. calls me "Juici J" occasionally. I have now asked him to only refer to me in that manner if he is going to use the proper title: Oscar Winner Juici J.


T Dot said...

LOL @ this post. I still love Three 6. I got hooked on them my summer in Memphis and still get crunk (yes, crunk) whenever I hear them or UGK. That's the ghetto in me rearing it's ugly head. Anyway, I'm happy for them - they got an Oscar. Is it a major coup for the black community...um, probably not. But that'll be the best if they put that on their next album cover: "Oscar Award-winning Three 6 Mafia" I'd buy that one.

lj said...

Oh Lawd.. That was comical and sad at the same time...I mean the song sounds like something that was written for a Mad TV skit or something. Alright Jucie J

Peabo DeBarge said...

*walks in, looks around, pops collar, does the crunchy black dance on the way out*

jameil1922 said...

talia.. uh uh. you lil hood rat. oh you KNOW they will have that on the album cover, along with them standing w/their oscar. maybe now their covers won't look like they were made on someone's computer. and not a good one.

lj... ok that song was horrid. there is no doubt about that. i do not condone them winning for that song... or really an oscar period. come on now. an oscar? what kind of foolishness? i'm gonna do some research into the selection process b/c it looks like they just hand em out for the most nonsensical stuff, right?

miguel. lolololol!! "the crunchy black dance" i'm not familiar with. don't watch enuf BET and am no longer in the south. sigh...

CNEL said...

Ummm WoW I missed the Oscars, I was in transit, but someone did tell me that Three 6 Mafia was performing. I had to google it to be sure.

That song "It's Hard Out Here For a Pimp" did have crossover appeal.

HaHa your post about lil the junior Rachel Ray groupie will come on Sunday, when I get back to school (She's not the one whose pictures appear first on my page, she's the other one Toni!).

Duck said...

LOL @ "Oscar winner Juici J."

I have to say, the name "Crunchy Black" is much more questionable.

Crunchy Black? For real?

And as ig'nant as their songs are, I have to admit them suckas are catchy as hell.

Karamale said...

"get the fuck out my face" and "where da cheese at".

i swear those are two of the most frequent thoughts that pop into my head living in colombia.

Chris said...

Well, it probably is hard out here for a pimp, but I still think in my over-thinking, consipracy-clouded head that white folks at the Oscars needed another excuse to make fun of the negroes. Oh well, props to 3 6

P.S. Hampton is going down in the MEAC finals tonight...HORNETS!

So...Wise...Sista said...

That's some playlist...and you say these are favs of yours? HAHAHA "Still Getting My Dick Sucked" sounds promising. lol

Trust, if Chris Rock had put "Smack Her Wit a Dick" in Pooty Tang, the Academy woulda been thrilled to give that shit an Oscar, too. :)

jameil1922 said...

so now i'm wondering. if nelly got a key to the lou, is 36 now going to get a key to memphis? good point stace (we're on the phone right now). i don't see why not. nelly ain't got no oscar.

chris... but why am i more excited than a little bit about it.

redbone... do ya see the irony in the new name and him calling himself crunchy black? or perhaps that's why you said it.... deep (ish).

karamale... hahaha!! i realized gel and weave is another of my faves! "she got gel in her head, weave in her purse, still crunk." ahahahahahaha!!!

chris. talk is cheap boi.

so wise... no, not my personal play list, just some of their songs. but many of those were on there. ugh. rolling my eyes at how damn near anyone can get an oscar these days. craziness i say. f the oscars and the white man.

Peabo DeBarge said...

here ya go jameil, crunchy black...at his best :-)


Ladynay said...

ROFL @ the whole post. The last line was the funniest!

I don't listen to 36 Mafia so I can't really comment on their music.

Jamal K. Franklin said...

This post is hilarious.

Mrs A. said...

ok, i just went back to 9th thru 11th grade looking at that song list.......when i say weak azz, you say bitch...weak azz, BITCH, weak azz BITCH!!! LOL

Clay said...

i feel you - there are some issues with 3 6 winning an Oscar ... but a lot of people are supporting it ... whatever!

Duck said...

Yes, I do see the irony... the difference is, the new name is restricted to the blogosphere and definitely NOT to be taken seriously... his, apparently, IS... but I digress. :-)

Duck said...

Oh, and I forgot to add... "Crunchy" is more questionable than anything else... that's like calling someone "Chewy" or "Sour" What about "Melt in Your Mouth?" I guess it goes hand-in-hand with "Juici"... or you could try "Creamy," "Chunky," or "Mushy"... okay, I'm being facetious again....

jameil1922 said...

redbone!!! haahahahahahahaa!!!! girl you are cah-RAZY!! that is hilarious!!! you're cracking me up!! you know what i hate? when the meteorologists say a "juicy weather pattern." ugh!!! can we not!?? that is too obscene for 5am ok? thanks. i think i'll suggest a crunchy or chewy weather pattern! lololol!! crackin me up!!!!!!!!

the strange thing is altho i said this, i don't agree w/the dumb ass name either. i just like being a jerk. lol. i like making people think and talk and argue.