Monday Mindspacing Vol. 14

1) I'm really glad there are 2 much vainer generations ahead of mine. That means by the time I need orthopedic shoes they will look AWESOME.
2) I'm gonna need to watch at least 3 movies a day every day but Tuesday and Wednesday because my schedule is so crazy those days that it's not gonna work for me to watch anything but the back of my eyelids and Top Chef.
3) UF has gotten rid of the free NYT on campus. WHYYYYYYYY!!?!?!?!? I neeeeed NYT Dining on Wednesday!!! (And at $2 a pop, I don't want to buy it and it's not the same to read it online. I like to hold it in my hot little hands.)
4) This week I learned clams absorb all the bacteria from the water they grow in BUT they can be put in clean water after they've come to size and self-clean. So cool!
5) Dude. The newest season of Project Runway has renewed my need for a Mood bag (their fabric store). But why is this chick's name Qristal on the show?
6) This girl in the class I'm assisting said something about 1988, "The year I was born" and I couldn't hide my shocked face. WOW. Really?? I know that only makes you 6 years younger but 1988 seems so crazy young!!
7) I can't wait until I'm rich enough to have everything delivered to me. That doesn't mean I'll never leave the house, just that I'll only have to do so for things that matter or because I choose, not because no one else is going to do it.
8) What the heck do you put in a storage ottoman?
9) I wanna go to California.
10) As delicious as tapas can be, sometimes I'm gonna need some real portions. Stop teasing me.
11) I miss Rashan. It's hard to go from seeing him for weeks at a time this summer to seeing him every two weeks for a couple of days. Really hard.
12) After watching Chopped, 2 episodes of Throwdown w/Bobby Flay and Iron Chef America, my mouth is on a constant loop of salivate. It's 1 a.m.!! Make it stop!!


Rashan Jamal said...

Awww I miss you too. These weeks seem mad long.

Qristal is a bad name, but so is Ra'mon.

When I hear about people born in the 90's being adults, it makes me feel old as dirt... (Yes, I am setting you up for an old joke)

Who you telling about Tapas. I want a man sized portion, especially when the tapas are like $9- $10 each.

DaniColoredGlasses said...

-Blankets in an ottoman perchance?
-Qristal...I saw the name put rewetting drops in b/c I thought my contacts were acting up...then got mad....ugly name
-I can't comment on the '88...lol...I wish I could...lol
-Your first point abt the shoes could be its own post...that one line is glorious!

me said...

I love holding the newspaper in my hand as well although these days most of my reading is online.

You should go to San Francisco or San Diego...both are beautiful cities and they have yummy eats!

I'm loving top chef right now, too. My first time watching was Masters, and I'm hooked now.

You and Rashan are still super precious to me :)


pserendipity said...

I tried to get into Top Chef, but I prefer Hell's Kitchen.

I'm soo feeling you on number 11. But I don't miss Rashan. :)

Miss B said...

I have the BIGGEST crush on Bobby Flay!!!!

LOL...yeah when I hear people say they were born in the late 80s or 90s, I feel super old. I guess I know how my guy feels when he says something about 88 and I'm like I was in 3rd grade and he was graduating high school...LOL

Jameil said...

rj... they do! i think qristal is the worst. yes, yes you are old as dirt. maybe dirt beat you by a few months. yeah tapas prices are generally proportionally ridiculously.

dani... maybe blankets. dead @ rewetting drops!! lolol. i so was abt to say something about why you can't say anything! lol. isn't it tho!!

me... i don't love holding all papers, but the times dining section does something for me. i get to look all stuck up and foodie. i've heard good things about both sans. top chef is my joint! & master's! we're precious to me, too!

pseren... can't get into hell's kitchen. you don't miss him? lol.

miss b... lol! i get rashan all the time abt him being super old.

Momisodes said...

I have been catching episodes of Chopped as well. For some reason, I've been glued to the Food Network recently. Not a good thing when you're hungry all the time.

p.s. I SO wish I was an 80's baby.

Jameil said...

momisodes... i STAY glued to FN & am always always hungry. lol. 80s babies rock!!

Anonymous said...

Whoo hoo....Cali in 28 days. I'm so excited I could bust! Southwest still has some pretty good rates you might want to check out.

Is ceviche raw fish "cooked" in an acidic liquid? Not so sure I'll be trying that anytime soon.

I KNEW Preeti was going home last night (TC). I wish that egotistical dude was going next. I refuse to bother learning his name he annoys me so much.

We put toys - lots of toys - in our storage ottomans. Helps keep the living room neat!

Jameil said...

nerd... sounds fun! i don't even have anyone to visit out there! that's what ceviche is. rashan wasn't keen on the idea either but he liked it when he tried it. i was so glad she went home!! i want cocky dude next, too. you know i don't have children right? so what am I, (emphasis on I) supposed to put in a storage ottoman? lolol