Orientation Day 2

Sucked. Lol. Okay not really. It was just really long. But it started with food, then there was lunch from Honeybaked Ham Co. then cupcakes for a snack. Can we be fed like this everyday? Please, mom, pleeeeease. We'll be good! I promise. I told you guys one of my goals for grad school is straight As, right? It is. I'm going to do it. It's a must. After going to the gym yesterday-- IT FELT SO GOOD!!!- and seeing racquetball courts, I've decided I want to learn how to play racquetball. AND when all the incoming J-school grad students stood up to introduce herself, one girl said she went skydiving for the first time and loved it. I'd been thinking about it anyway but now I really want to do it! We also have free access to this outdoor water activity thing so I want to go water skiing. That looks cool, too. I'm gonna make Florida work for me.

My house is still not in order which of course annoys me when I walk in the door. The major problem is nowhere to put all this stuff. Not just because it's a studio but because I don't have enough storage space. I also need a table and 2 small chairs for a little breakfast nook. I didn't realize until I was gonna sit down to eat by myself on Monday that I have no chairs! Very odd problem to have. I've been eating on my bed. I also don't have a tv but with wifi who needs it? Pas moi. Dude. I DO need to get my books for class: A NEW HISTORY OF DOCU.MENTARY FI.LM, Author:ELLIS AND MC.LANE; D.OCUMENTARY: A HISTORY OF NON-FICTION FIL.M, Author: BAR.NOUW; THE D.OCUMENTARY T.RADITION, Author: JACOBS, THE FILMS OF L.ENI R.IEFENSTAHL, Author: H.INTON; THE SHUT UP AND SHOOT DOCUMENTARY GUIDE by ANTHONY Q. ART.IS and D.OCUMENTARY STORYTELLING by SHEILA CU.RRAN BER.NARD. The first 4 are for one class. When one the documentary professors stood up to speak to the group, everyone was spellbound. I was like YEAH!! That's my program. Or maybe they had glazed eyes like we did for their stuff. Lol. Who knows. I was spellbound myself! Lol. My last orientation is for my program tomorrow. There are just 11 of us.

There were no nasty toe displays I could see today but South K.orea was in the HOUSE!! My word!! Out of maybe 75 incoming people, 15- 20 were from SK, another 5 or so from China and one from Taiwan. It was crazy. I felt like I needed to brush up on my Asian languages. I saw my soul mate in that group tho from the SK. A girl who said she loves to eat good food. Honey please make sure we keep in touch! Lolol. But I don't remember her name and I certainly won't remember her face. Ah well. The thought was good while it lasted.

When we first arrived and everyone was upstairs mingling, a man downstairs said, "Good gracious, y'all keepin chickens up there?" I don't know why this struck me as incredibly hilarious but it did. Is telecommunications a real major? That might be rude but what does that mean? Speaking of rude. I heard something about underwater archaeology in the first orientation. I mean really. When you think about it, sure it could be a real major but when I first heard it I was like, really? Is the pre-requisite underwater basket-weaving? Then I thought I should ask Epsi. That's his field-- archaeology that is. Apparently the underwater variety is huge and I'm just ignorant (or a landlubber) so forgive me you sea-dwellers. I also read about telecom and journalism on the website and still don't understand the difference between the two. Since I don't care that much my research on that particular subject is done.

Other than the SK representers, would you like to know more about the makeup of the incoming folk? Great let's talk about the black folk. Two other black women (one of whom could become my homie), 2 black males. So 5 of us, none of them are in my program. Big change from HBCUed out Hampton, huh? But NOT a big change from Pittsburgh. Imagine the culture shock! As if the size of this place isn't enough! Remember ginormical? Lol. I didn't win the raffle... boooo.... but I plan on getting a great education and to one of these days-- very soon-- stop freaking out about all of the unknown because this is so not me! (No "comforting" words please. Yes yes I know this is a period of transition and it will be over soon.)


Opinionated Diva said...

I don't know why, but that SHUT UP AND SHOOT title just cracks me up! lol

learn racquetball, sky diving lessons (wouldn't mind that one myself!) AND keep straight A's???? Go on miss thing!

So glad the toe displayer was either not there or on better behavior!

The table and chairs...http://www.walmart.com/catalog/product.do?product_id=9721302...it's not the cutest set, but it's compact and cheap!

Vdizzle said...

Do you know that South Korea is also one of the major producers of drilling ships for oil exploration? Lol.

They didn't feed us as orientation.

dejanae said...

got any of that food left over?

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

funny...no comforting words...well, freak you then! i hope you stub a toe on your future table or chairs to come :-P

Sandy C. said...

I love that you need furniture for your nook :) We think the same in so many ways it's scary!

CNEL said...

"It was crazy. I felt like I needed to brush up on my Asian languages. I saw my soul mate in that group tho from the SK. A girl who said she loves to eat good food. Honey please make sure we keep in touch!"

So happy you made it there safely.

So sad I'm not doing grad school cause I refuse to pay $60,000 for a degree that might not help me make $60,000.

Darius T. Williams said...

Um, you gotta love orientation, right? Do you know how incredibly hilarious you are?

dreamyj said...

what are those majors? we don't have those at my undergrad

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