*Gasp!* Newlyweds!

Guys won't understand the hilarity of this commercial as much, particularly the last line. Ladies, isn't it always like that? Hahaha!


The Second Sixty-Eight said...

Oh trust me. I DO understand!

Rashan Jamal said...

I always wondered how newlyweds planned their dates around that. That would have to suck for the honeymoon.

Anonymous said...

Real men understand.

REAL men know their wives/SOs.

They know their comings and goings...even THOSE....especially those.

If you have a man who can't be bothered to keep casual track of your cycle...you need to REALLY ponder how important you are to him.

cherry's kid said...

Damn! Sucks to be him!!! But The Ink is so right!!!! Real Men also get a towel to put down and handles the business anyway!!!! Bwahahahaha

Opinionated Diva said...

I was so unprepared for that commercial. My first time seeing it...completely co-sign with the ink!

La said...

everytime I see this commerical I simultaneously crack up and get more than a little resentful. Stupid ladies in their green suit, lol

Vdizzle said...

@La: I have that up and down reaction too.

@Cherry: Really a towel? He better get away from me. I feel like one of those old testament women during that time. I want to go sit off by myself and not be bothered.

Adei von K said...

LOLOLOL!!! Whoever came up with that commerical is ON IT cause that is sooooooooooooo usually how it happens! Vacay?? I WANNA COME!

jameil1922 said...

oh i love how all the dudes here are sooo enlightened. *eye roll*

rj... most people just get on the pill or plan their weddings.

ink... you may not believe this but some women don't WANT that in a man. count me among those. i don't need him knowing the intimate workings of my uterus. does him not knowing when i bleed really mean he doesn't care? i'ma have to go w/no on that one. there are plenty of other ways to show you pay attention to me that don't have to deal with my bodily functions.

ck... you never ever keep it clean (see above the comment box) but this time you've taken it above and beyond. no ma'am on the towel.

diva... that commercial is HILARIOUS!! hahahahaha.
you need a dude that much in your bodily functions? i'm SO straight on a dude who's that aware of it. if he happens to be, whatever, i guess, but as a requirement? no indeed.

la... hahahaha. i know, right! and that's SO what makes it apropos! *fist shake, green suit ladies, fist shake!!!*

v... hahahaha. right?? re la. re: ck. INDEED! Not quite that bad to sequester myself but blech.

adei... hahahahahaha. TAKE YO OWN TRIPS GREEN SUIT!!!! lololol

Darius T. Williams said...

I thought that um, ya know, being on the gay side of things that I was gonna understand. I guess gay men are still men...cuz I'm lost than a muthafugger.