Life!! Geez!

Dude. I'm not enjoying this break. I still have too much to do and I'm having to spend too much money to do it. I need my car not to give me another issue for the next two years. Come on car! You can do it.

Rashan's coming today!!! Yay! We have lots of plans but the only one set in stone is to FINALLY pop that bottle of champagne I've now had for months with my homies at the Dunhill tomorrow night. Yeah!!

Me, Meagan & Tasha went to Hom/Feast for drinks last night-- why were they out of the soup of the day AND orange liqueur???? New manager. I had a raspberry martini that tasted like Robitussin. Pass on that. Then Meagan and I went to Loft 1523-- sorry for the lack of links today I'm trying not to stress out from all the things I have to do. LIFE!! GEEZ!! Loft has a GREAT view of downtown. So pretty. So maybe I'll take Rah over there just for the view. It's on the Jameil tour since the hospital where I was born is right down the street. "On August 23, 1982 at 11:04 p.m. the world changed. It became a better place with the birth of Jameil il Fabulosa." My birthday's pretty close! How exciting!

Food is also obviously a must! For me, not for him. You know he eats once a day. Hahahaha. Brixx, Fuel, Mert's, Blue, Monticello, BOJANGLES!!, and Chicago's are all possibilities. I think my friend Silas and I may go to a Mexican restaurant tonight. Or maybe I can get my mom to go. Yay! I can't remember if she likes Mexican. I think only a little. There are a LOT more of them than there were when I moved away!

Why does 91 feel like a dream compared to yesterday's 101!!! My preacher from Pittsburgh said he was playing golf in the 96-degree heat Monday. IS YA CRAZY. He said us southerners (V I'ma fight you for calling me a yank!!!) should have gotten enough of the heat to last us for all eternity and should do everything we need to to get into heaven!! hahahahaha!! I know that's right!!! Alright kiddos. Sorry I haven't been able to cyberstalk you like I've wanted to! I hope you're behaving yourselves!


Minerva Exertion said...

Sounds like you have a lot going on. I did the whole tourist in my own city last weekend. I went to Hom/Feast too. The decor was fly and my drink was pretty good. Mert's is tasty. The cornbread is breaded crack. Anyway, y'all plenty of fun this weekend!!

The Second Sixty-Eight said...

Me? Behave? Are thou kidding?

91 IS heaven compared to 101!

On August 23, 1982?!?!?!? Geez, I AM old! I was starting my sophomore year in high school then!

Vdizzle said...

LMAO@ you pastor. You would think the heat we make us get our act together. Lol.

shani-o said...

I miss the cyberstalking! Come stalk meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Or, you know, handle your biz, lol.

I know you won't be able to stay away too long.

Sparkling Red said...

Ah the joys of student life. Lots of fun, no income. Look, I'm hiring here right now if you can work 10 hours every Wednesday. I'll understand if the commute is too long.

Open Grove Claudia said...

YAY!! I hope you had a wonderful night with that nasty looking man! ;) (Working on balance again!) I'm excited for you - the overwhelm is just a part of the change. Most people are too frightened of the overwhelm that they don't change.

You are our inspiration

The Goddess said...

Ok, first let me say a early happy b-day just in case I happen to take another blog hiatus before then and miss it. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOOO HOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

Just talking about that heat is making me HOT!!! It's been on FIRE here lately. We've had a bit of a break the last few days thank goodness.

I hope you and "Rah" (how cute) have a good visit and have a fabulous weekend. I'll be waiting for the post on how much fun yall had.

Adei von K said...


ewww to all of the above!!!

Darius T. Williams said...

Waaay too much heat and oh yea, food is a must for me too!!!

Rashan Jamal said...

That's way to hot to be playing golf.

I ate more than once a day this weekend. Especially since you took me to every restaurant in the city. LOL

It's strange not having you cyberstalk us. I need for you to hurry up and get some internet!

DollFace said...

Did somebody say Bojangles?! I used to love their fries and salty chicken!