Day 2 *Updated*

I only had one class today but it was great.  Documentary Research Methods.  Fantastic.  I know it's nerdy but I love research.  It's so fun.  I like knowing obscure things about obscure stuff.  Ahhh the life of a documentary filmmaker.  We're all so socially-minded in here.  It's funny.  I like it.  My arm hurts.  I'm about to go to the infirmary.  There's a nodule under my arm.  I told Rashan yesterday it was a blood clot.  He wasn't amused.  Death's not funny?  Alright alright.  Whatever.  I'm going to the infirmary and if they don't sit me down for the rest of the day or something then I'm going to the gym.  I'm getting the shakes from not going regularly.  Anyway I only have one additional class I haven't been to which is tomorrow.  Today's my light day when it comes to course load since I only have one class.  Lovely.  Except it means lots of errands to run.  That's my bed with the pillows Stace gave me.  Ooooh.  Yummy.  Lol.

*Update: I don't have a blood clot.  The doctor says it's probably a hair follicle infection and will likely go away.  Sounds pretty nasty to me. Odd thing: this girl next to me has the cutest toenail polish EVER!!  How do I know.  Because her shoes are off and her feet are up on the chair.  What is it with these people and not wearing shoes in public?


1969 said...

Uh yes....hightail it to the infirmary just to make sure it really is nothing, okay?

Open Grove Claudia said...

I'm so glad you had this checked out. ((hug)) I would weep if it was a blood clot.

as for shoes? I never wore shoes growing up in CA. In fact, I never really wore shoes, or socks for that matter, until I moved to Colorado. It's probably the same in FL.

You sound so happy - makes me smile.

La said...

You mean you aren't supposed to slip your shoes off in public places?

*slipping my feet back into my flip flops under my desk at work*

Rashan Jamal said...

Glad it wasn't a blood clot!!! If I can't joke about murder and kidnapping, then you can't joke about death. LOL

I only like research when I'm proving someone wrong.

Adei von K said...

i was thinking she had on open toe shoes. you are in florida now...

that does sound gross. do you have to apply a warm compress to it?

Desy said...

*gasping*! toes out... understandable in sandles, but out of the shoes on the chair...ummmm... really? Ok... well, I guess I should have gotten the memo this was your living quarters rather than the docs office...

Research is SO not my thing (for speech therapy), but I'm a LOVER of history...

1969 said...

Whew....glad it's nothing serious. Now don't you feel better just knowing that? I do!

Sandy C. said...

Yikes! Another barefooter? Almost makes me wish the weather were cooler. Almost.

Glad it's something far less minor than a clot.

LOVE those pillows. You could bounce a coin off that bed!

cherry's kid said...

***HUGS*** so glad you are okay!!!! No antibiotic for it?

And for the record, I'm not supposed to walk around the office barefooted until the end of the day?

yet another black guy said...

Look at you, talking blood clot and taking home fashion photos! LOL, you need to be writing a sitcom or movie NOW!!!

Opinionated Diva said...

you are sooooooooooo morbid!!! very glad to see the update.

when i lived in Florida...i wondered the same thing. my cousins even drove shoeless...so kuntree!

dreamyj said...

lol, maybe because it's hot in Fl? i don't even know.

i've had that hair follicle issue before, not to worry

Monie said...

LOL Glad it's only a hair follicle. Cute pillows!

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

glad it is not a clot

room looks nice

Anonymous said...

Okay, I won't be telling you HOW MANY posts of yours I had to read to catch up. I won't do it. I can't do it. All I can say is I LOVE ALL your pics. Sorry I missed yer birthday, love. Hope you had a great one.

Your new place looks great! I lUV teal and brown. So lovely! I'm glad your arm is okay.

We were away on vacation and now since I've been back, our new puppy has been taking up all my blog reading time. Argh!

Los Angelista said...

Glad it's nothing serious. That would not be a good thing at all.

You make me want to be a grad student again! SO fun, even though it's a lot of work!

everythingiseverything said...

Would you believe I had a "nodule" in my armpit my first week at Hampton? It felt like an M&M. Like a Peanut M&M in my right armpit. and my right arm hurt when I did something like writing. I went to the infirmary. They said it was a lymphnode infection and gave me some drugs.
Are you coming to homecoming? Frankie Beverly is the concert. Is that a bad sign?

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