Don't Worry

My whole blog will not turn into a series of interviews. But Shani asked, so I will answer. I will post about my first night out as a single gal in 18 months! How's that for suspense?

1. We know, we know: you're tough. But has anything ever completely knocked you on your ass?
The latest breakup. But you know what? It's not the first breakup I had that shocked me and realistically, it may not be the last. They usually don't and I never care because most of my male-female interactions are short-lived, mostly because I won't compromise who I am.

Another thing that really, really shocked me is that I didn't get a job as soon as I graduated or even within a year. I had to really step outside of myself.

2. Where do you think your narcissism stems from? (I'm serious... mine comes from hanging out w/ Lauren.)
Me? Narcissitic? I have no idea what you're talking about. Ok. Wiki calls narcissism self love. I love myself because my mom taught me you have to love yourself before you can love anyone else, and really before anyone else can truly love you. I used to get all caught up in what other people thought about me. It made me defensive and I may not have let on that it effected me, but it did.

Going to Hampton changed me because suddenly I wasn't one of a handful of Black people or one of a handful of Black people who was striving toward excellence and higher education. Most of us were there for that. (You know everyone is not there to learn!) The first day I looked out my window I gasped and said, "Mommy! Look at all the Black people!" Ridiculous and hilarious looking back but I grew up in a predominately white neighborhood. Out of 500 homes, you could count the Black families on one hand at first, now maybe 2 or 3, but I'm not there anymore.

Once at Hampton, I was finally around people who looked like me, who thought like me, and didn't ridicule me for being me. How can you not love yourself during and after that? I thought maybe my friends I met in middle school would be the only people I would ever really connect with. Two of them are still my roll dogs, which is amazing. I got to Hampton and made even more friends for life. When I have people around me who want nothing but the best for me, and I want nothing but the best for myself, fantastic.

3. What's do you love most about SGRho?
That no matter what city I move to I have a group of people I can call and I can almost always find a rollin partner among that group. I also am amazed at the relationship my organization gave me with my line sister. One of the best things to ever happen to me. We would never have gotten to know each other better because on the surface we seem so different-- I'm a bit extroverted (me???), she's very introverted, but a hilarious and fun person. We have a great time together. And that my mom and my sister are now BOTH my sisters.

4. What's your favorite joke?
Well, I love Molly Shannon and Will Ferrell. I'm a big SNL fan (it's getting much better again, I promise). I also love Maya Rudolph and Amy Poehler. Bill Bellamy cracks me up (I know that's weird). I've always loved Sinbad, too. I just like to laugh. "Superstar" is one of my favorite movies. So, I guess I don't have a favorite joke. Just make me laugh.

5. If train A is leaving from San Francisco at 4:30 p.m. and Train B is leaving from Chicago at 7:20 p.m.; and Train A is headed to Ottawa, Canada, and Train B is headed to Jalisco, Mexico... which train are you on, who are you with, and what did you see while you were in San Francisco or Chicago?
I thought this was going to be math. How scary. I've never been to any of those places. I've never even been to any of those states or countries. I definitely want to visit them all, though. BUT I'm taking Train B with my homie Stace. In the Chi, I'll get some deep dish pizza, I'll see one of my Hampton homies, Christina and her hubby. I will also go see the Oprah show!! and the Sears tower. I will go to the club. I'll have to call another Hampton homie, Lovey, to find out which ones are the best. OOOH! House of Blues!!!

When I get to Mexico, the first order of business: tequila and FOOD!!!! I looooooove Mexican! Can't wait! AND I'm going to the beach with my Rosa Cha bikini. I can't believe you made me Wiki twice for one interview. Def. going to Puerto Vallarta since that's where Hampton's sr. trip was in 2004 and I didn't go. Stace, we're hittin a resort and we will have a blast. I will need to have Morganza with us, though because she can hang and our dear, loving Stacey... cannot. Love you babes! Ooh and we'll bring Ash, too because she's been there before. Know what? The whole Hampton crew, pack ya bags.


Sha Boogie said...

Mmmm...tequila and mexican food, we need to make a date below the border!!..lol

I thought I was pretty tough too until my first 'real' break-up, ugh..that sucked.

shani-o said...

I'm with you on the break-up thing. First one devastated me, but I sort of go into relationships expecting them to end. Not healthy, right?

And YES YES YES to everything you said about going to a black school. Just replace Hampton with Howard and you're 100% correct. ;-) I was talking to friends from home and I am SOOO glad I went away to a school where the people looked like me. It fixed my skewed perception of the world.

The bond is pretty amazing, I agree.

Chicago and Mexico... man you make that sounds like a fun trip! I wanna go!

Organized Noise said...

I met Bill Bellamy at the Jill Scott concert I went to yesterday.

BTW, my answers are finally up.

La said...

I lost everything other than Tequilla and Mexican food.
'Scuse me...

*walking out to run to the nearest Mexican resturant*

jameil1922 said...

sha, shani and la... let's go!!!

shani... i don't necessarily go into them expecting them to end but i'm just realistic. when i enter a relationship, i'm not looking at each guy as my potential husband. i'm just trying to have a good time. have someone to go out with when i'm bored. is that so much to ask?

CNEL said...

"when i enter a relationship, i'm not looking at each guy as my potential husband. i'm just trying to have a good time. have someone to go out with when i'm bored."

That was an interesting nugget, it made me forget what I was going to comment on.