I Didn't Even Have To Use My A-K

"I gotta say it was a good day. Oh IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIi."

I know y'all know that song. Hello loves! Maaan yesterday was a great day. And I actually had a good weekend despite the fact that I was working.

During my weekend (starting at 10 Wednesday morning, Thursday and Friday), I got my invite to my friend Wynel's wedding which will be in Norfolk, Va. I'm soooooooooo excited!! I can't wait to find something to wear. I already know which shoes I want to match my outfit with. It will be sooooo cute. "I know the haters don't like that!" Now if you can name that song, you will be forever on my "you are so fantastic!!" list.

Friday I was in a horrid mood. So bad that I called my mom to pray with me and give me a scripture. I also called Stace in Ghana. In case you were wondering, Ghana is expensive to call. We only talked for about 15 minutes. The card I bought was supposed to last 135 minutes state-to-state. Um.... but how does that translate to 15 over here? Perplexed and annoyed. Anyway, after mommy and I prayed, I went to the gym and felt MUCH better.

Saturday I went to work, then came home, took a nap, then headed to my co-worker's party for her son's first birthday. It was fun. I hung with some other co-workers and laughed, had some good food. Then I went home for another nap, then got up to go to work.

Sunday, I was soooooooo sleepy. I went to work again, then came home and cooked sausage, eggs and pancakes for mi padre for Father's Day. He told me our dinner on Thursday didn't count because it was a part of our regular Thursday dinners. UGH!! So why did you get to pick the restaurant?!?! Because we def. wouldn't have gone to Smokey Bones again. Trust.

Yesterday my show went fantastically well and I was fresh off of 11 hours of sleep. Beyond refreshed. I felt great. I went to the gym and worked it out. "work out, ah, a work out, ah!" Another spot on the list if you can name that song, too. Hint: it's from the earlier song that got you on the list the first time. Then I took my dad to this Italian restaurant called Pugliano's. I had tagliatelle (aka fettucine) alfredo with chicken, peas and mushrooms. It was ok. I've had better food from their restaurant. The wedding soup, though, was delish as usual as was the bread.

Today was not so great BUT I will survive! I'm about to go to McDonald's and negate all the work I do in the gym. I was going to go to the beer distributor (it's such a pain not to be able to buy beer in grocery or convenience stores), but I don't feel like it anymore. It will take a miracle to get me to McD's. And... I'm out.

OH!! Guess who's coming back to the country early??????? STACEY!!! YAY!!! So excited! She was supposed to be gone for a month but after 2 weeks, they gave up and are due back in just 3 fantabulous hours! Life's good!


Anonymous said...

Today was a Good day - Everyone's favorite Gangsta kiddie movie star.

So, how WAS grille 36?

I guess you're looking forward to 6 weeks of all training camp all the time...its almost that time now.

Have I mentioned how proud I am of you lately? No? well I am. For many reasons....not even counting stuff we aint sposed to talk about no more.

Go gettem girl.

oh yeah..that was me up above...just ignore that.

T Dot said...

Wynel is getting married!?! Tell her I said congrats!

Vdizzle said...

Ok no you did not just throw some New Orleans bounce in there. What you know bout dat?

And what's wrong with these damn Yankees not letting you buy alcohol in grocery stores. Such a damn hassle.

Oh yeah, actual person: DJ Jubilee?

dreamyj said...

very glad to hear life is great! keep up the good work!

the joy said...

I don't know the songs. Boo me. Sad. See, I eat at mcd's and I don't exercise. So you're one up on me.

Why did I tell like 3 people I had baked ziti and they were like, what's that? Psh... Lightweights.

jameil1922 said...

dp... please read baby. we didn't go to the grille. let me tell you how much i'm looking forward to training camp for a team i don't even care about.

t... yep. ok.

v... HAHAHAHA!! I LOVE YOU!! one automatic add to the list!!!! i forgot you'd know! i love dj jubilee! i call it ghettorobics b/c me and my girls from the NO used to work up a sweat doin all them hood dances back in college. SO fun. hahahahaha!!

dreamy... thanks homie.

joy... tsk tsk. go to LA. who's never heard of baked ziti? that's pitiful.

Lola Gets said...

"Damn right it was a good day!"

Bklyn Diva said...

girl.. you are a mess!!! LOL

ummm leave dat mcdonald's alone.. go get a burrito instead!!! LMAO

praying with mom ALWAYS helps!!!

I wanna see the shoes!!! ;)

Ok I'm gone i need to find lunch!

Sha Boogie said...

Beer distributor? What the heezy? It sounded like a slamming day! Excersise usually lifts my spirits too! I think its all that adrenaline. Why the McD's man?? WHY?! I think they fudged with the fries..the last time I had them they didnt taste the same, yuck!

JustMeWriting said...

LOL...I LOVE THAT SONG...'Good Day' I've been in love with Ice Cube for years, but sounds like you had a great weekend.

jameil1922 said...

lola... lol.

diva... too late. all the bad stuff they put in there got in my system. praying def. helps. gotta get some rechargeable batteries for the camera. then there will be far more pics.

sha... beer distributors are HAMs. all that somethin in exercise but it feels wonderful. endorphins. ahhhh.

writing... who doesn't love that song?! :)