Alright, Alright!!

My line sister practically threatened my life for an update. I know you guys were wondering, too. So here's the latest.

The Facts of Life
You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and then you have the facts of life... the facts of life. Daddy. See what happens when I praise you? You say something foolish. Still working on moving on, right? He's like, "When you look back on this time, you will wish you spent more time on yourself and less time worried about him." Interesting. I guess two weeks is too long to think about a 17 month relationship. Makes sense. Especially since all I've been doing is thinking about him, not doing anything productive like learning a new system at work, reading, working out, researching graduate programs, and even going back to church. You're right. I should be working on myself more.

Another gem, "I know you're a strong woman and that's good, but sometimes you have to play the game." What? So you want me to pretend to be someone I'm not to get a man. Yeah right. Dad. Come on. YOU KNOW ME. Or maybe not with that comment. My mom was like, "Yeah, we know you're not gonna be anyone but yourself, Jameil." Thanks mom!!

My search for the perfect church continued this weekend. I went to the famed Mt. Ararat Baptist Church, Pittsburgh's mega church. They have 4 services including a 7 p.m. Saturday, and 7:30 am, 9:30 and 11:45 a.m. Sunday morning. Once I got off work, I tried to go to St. James A.M.E. which I mapquested, then spent at least 20 minutes searching for, but no one had even heard of. Huh? So I pulled out my Mt. Ararat directions. Turns out the pastor wasn't there because he's the new president of the Hampton Minister's Conference. H-UUUUUUUUUU.

Fantastic sound system (lol), good choir, pretty good message, stayed on topic though she did go on a tad longer than I felt was necessary for what she had to say, out in a timely manner despite the fact it was communion Sunday (you know how your preachers like to go on and on on 1st Sunday). It was a bit too big for me. The place was packed. I'm wondering if its packed like that all the time for all services. I think it is. Also, some lady asked me if I had a home church. I said no (I don't count the one at home since for now I have no plans to live in the Charlotte area again). She asked if I'd like to join today and offered to walk down with me.


Why, praytell, would I do that when I JUST said it was my first time at the church AND your pastor isn't even here so I don't know if I'll like him. AND I don't know how I feel about joining churches. Plus I'm still looking around. X said not to compromise so I'm going to make sure I get the right fit. Since we're off early this Sunday, I'm going to go back to hear the regular pastor at the 9:30 service. I'll let you know how that one goes, too.

Brrrrrr... it's cold in here I said there must be some Torros in the atmosphere
There is absolutely no excuse for it to be 44 degrees this morning. Some communities in our viewing area? 30s!!!! What?? Yo. I should never have to drive to work with the heat on in June. I don't care where I live. That is wrong and shouldn't happen.

And now the (possible) drama
A month ago, I bought a ticket to Connecticut. I'm still going... today. I'm waffling between terrified, nonchalant and everything else in between. Let me tell you. It's fun. This will be my first time seeing him since the break-up. I likely won't be going to Connecticut again. Unless Ashli gets married there.

Speaking of China Girl, she's picking me up from the airport and we're going shopping!!!!!!! Yay! Y'all know I don't have anyone to shop with so this is muy exciting(o). We're also going to this bar called Room 960 (I think). I will also be getting my California Pizza Kitchen. Yum. Can't wait for that and to shop. Seeing "him"? Not so much. I'm probably just making it worse. But I'm a thinker so this is what happens. Stace called me methodical. I'll take it.

Ooh! Stace is in Ghana for the rest of her life (or a month... feels like forever. BUT! Monday I got 2 cards from her and they made my day. She's fab. Her bf also sent me the number for a phone card so I can call her. How great is he? And they are the most adorable couple. Anyway. Flight leaves around noon. He finally has a computer now so I may blog again before I get back. We'll see.


Sha Boogie said...

This trip may give you all a chance to hash out what went wrong. Seeing him may put some fire in his loins (what?) and knock some sense into him about this whole 'break up' thing.

Anonymous said...

Hey, your Dad cant be right all the time, just some of the time.

44 degrees?? Its time for you to move. NOW!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh...June in Pittsburgh, Gotta love it.

I know St. James AME...how did you not find it.

Dad meant well...but hes still a dude.

the joy said...

Why do you have to see Kyle? Boo! Hate! Sss. Lol. Do you, and I don't know the nature of you guys physically, but no monkey business! Its easy to wanna, but it will suck. Trust jiminy cricket.

Damn it, I wanna go to CT! I envy you. Except that 40 degrees thing. Its dead hot here. I mean, I broke into a sweat using scissors.

Southern Girl said...

Mega churches...not so much for me! The Potters House here in Dallas, is very make me wanna have a panic attack. The mass amount of people, buses, cops directing traffic....I get a rapid heartbeat thinking bout it! Too much going on...ANYWHO...hopefully you get something..whatever it may be, from CT. I'll keep you in my prayers girl...I know this is gonna be rough!

Soldier said...

wow @ your father, he sounds like mine, sometimes i wanna ask him if he's using lines from " The Young and the Restless " or something...

mmmm... it's gonna be one of THOSE trips, do NOT forget to bring an ipod/mp3 player, or a shield, pr a tent, lol... anything that can help you get a lil' isolation just in case things get surreal !

La said...


Wow Jam. You're much stronger than I. I don't think I could make that trip.
*internet hug*

So...Wise...Sista said...

Wait, you're going to stay with him??? Whoa...this sounds like an entry i wrote once. Wishing you peace and closure, sis.

Bklyn Diva said...

this will give you closure.. :0) don't forget ya freakum dress... u just gotta make him be like DAAAAAAAAAMN once :)

oh and why you gotta say california pizza kitchen.. OMG cpk.. it just be calling me.. *sigh stay away from cpk.. stay away from cpk*

be safe!

blkbutterfly said...

i feel like i need to go back into the archives to get the full story esp. the situation w/ the ex. i don't think that 2 weeks is too long to think about a relationship that lasted nearly a year and half. then again, you did only think about him, so that's probably not healthy. but, i think i'd be more worried if you spent 17 months trying to get over him.

i'm going to have to find a church here in Houston, something i'm not looking forward to. *sigh*

X Factor said...

Hell, I don't even know if I'd be worried about 17 months- it took me about that long with Garfield. **SIGH** But I AM worried about you staying with him. You're a brave, brave girl. But only you know what you need. Can't wait for the recap, though (plus fashion, OF COURSE!!!!)

M-Dubb said...

Damn, you've been over here kickin some serious prose. Where have I been?

And on the weather:

You could always be in lovely North Carolina, where the low was a cool 84 degrees...

jameil1922 said...

sha... i'm not so sure that happened.

epsi.. you're right, you're right, i know you're right! but still! come on d! that was just nonsense. 44 is out of control and its cold this am, too. bs!!

dp... i'm not from here. what do you mean how did i not find it?

joy... love "hate. sss." hilarious. no monkey biz! :) lmao @ jiminy cricket!! and really @ broke into a sweat using scissors!!! HILARIOUS!!

southern... no cops directing traffic, but def. a lot of people. i don't know what i was supposed to get from CT, but eh... i also don't know what i actually got either... it was a very sad trip.

soldier! i bet they do watch soaps! my dad will watch anything. do you know i LEFT my ipod and didn't realize it until i was enroute to the airport?!?! the horror and the shame!!!! i did bring a book and a magazine so i was cool.

la... thanks for the hug. def. one of the hardest trips of my life. when i got back home i just wanted to sleep.

wise... thanks homie.

diva... AND I DIDN'T GET MY CPK!!! dammit! of course i looked good as hell and of course he told me. better have.

butterfly... i was being sarcastic when i said i only thought of him. i actually did do all of that stuff i said i didn't. its so hard to find a church.

x... i actually don't know what i need but i have to try something/everything.

m... that's what happens when you're MIA. honey, i don't want hot. i want warm. that's it. warm. high of 84 is ok. no higher. and no lower than 50s. IT'S JUNE!! is that so much to ask?!?!?!?!!? geez.

Stacie von Kutieboots said...

yo, i don't want you using the heater in june ANYWHERE either!! ewwww! Pitts needs to get it together!

not for the rest of my life!!! lol
Did you like the cards?? i thought they were huh-larious! i got the vacuum one way earlier but still wanted to send it..