Monday Mindspacing Vol. 143

1) Home stretch to my half marathon! I'm doing my final long run TOMORROW!! I now call long runs those that are 10+ miles. Crazy, right?? Tomorrow is 13.1!
2) Did y'all stop praying about my job? I haven't gotten one yet so KEEP PRAYING!!
3) I did cross training this week... REAL CROSS TRAINING for the first time since I started running. Why am I so crazy???? Clearly I should've been doing this all along (like I knew) and why would I start AT THE END of half marathon training? Like I said, crazy. I did zumba, cardio kickboxing (both in one day) and this AWESOME weightless workout. I only made it through twice on the weightless workout instead of four so I'll keep working up until I get there!
4) Sponsored posts make me itch. They're so over the top with their effusive, glowing reviews. Throwing in one semi-bad thing fools no one.
5) Remember my weird late night cooking desires? Saturday morning at 2:30, I decided I wanted to make peach cobbler... so I did! It was good and easy. With more time, I'd go ahead and make pie crust but this one will do in a time crunch or with a ton of fruit lying around begging to be used.
6) Four years ago today, Rashan and I met in person for the first time! Awwww! It was the most awkward day of our relationship. LOLOL Sooooo awkward! And two days later, he asked me to be his girlfriend. :) If you had told me he would be my husband, I would've been SHOCKED!
7) I used to call all pregnant women "Pregneesha." LOLOL I need to bring that back! Somebody should hurry up and get knocked up! Not it!
8) We called to talk to Rah's sister for her birthday on Friday and our six-year-old nephew quickly stole the phone to tell us something VERY IMPORTANT. I don't remember what it was. He just loves to talk to us. :) We talked to him more than SIL.
9) I have to do a family reunion recap post. I learned some amazing things about my family history and got to know some of my extremely old first cousins! My oldest first cousins are/will be 51, 52 & 53 this year. Since they're only a few years younger than my mom and have kids at or near my age, I know next to nothing about them. So I got all up in their business. And the business of my 45-year-old cousin and his 25-year-old girlfriend/wife/fiancée. Clearly I wasn't enough in the business because I'm not sure of their relationship.
10) My dad... women flock to him like crazy. How do you meet someone at your family reunion? She's not related! Don't worry! LOL One of my aunt's friends. My dad also likes to gossip. He was half listening to my conversation at the dinner table for the banquet and heard the word abomination. When I tell you his head whipped around so FAST!!! H-i-larry-us! Stop being nosy!
11) OMG! We have a family friend down there named David who I absolutely LOVED as a child! We dropped right in without calling and he welcomed us like he'd seen us last week instead of 15 years ago. (Well he's definitely seen my dad more recently but not my sister and I.) This is in the middle of nowhere. Isn't the country amazing? He's 78 now but EXACTLY the same. STILL AWESOME! So glad we got to see him!
12) My phone constantly makes me favorite tweets I have no intention of favoriting. This makes me want to throw it out of a window. This phone has been annoying me more and more lately. Do better, LG!!


Mrs Count said...

1. Way to go!

2. I think I decided I don't want you to get a job, I want you to get a baby. Is that selfish?

12. I know your pain. And it's always the most random tweets that I favorite

Jameil said...

mrs. c... 1) uhhh... might don't make it since it's almost 6 a.m. and I haven't slept yet...
2) no baby w/o a job so... you want me to have no job AND no baby??? that's not right.
12) RIGHT?!?! Someone says "yeah." Accidentally favorite it 5xs.

Sparkling Red said...

2. *prays*

5. *drools*

6. For sure. And later you'll sometimes wonder how you ended up marrying him! (I promise these phases will be very temporary.)

7. No. On every level. Just, no.

8. Aw! Adorable kidoodle.

11. That's lovely. There's nothing quite like genuine, spontaneous hospitality.

Trish said...

2. I admit I've been slipping, back to the prayers.

5. Mmmmmmmm!!

6. Awww! You lovebirds are so cute!

7. I'd love to know how you came up with that name!

Jameil said...

red... 2. thanks! 5. twas good! 6. lol 7. too bad you don't want kids! you'd be great as a pregneesha! lolol 8. so cute! 11. right???

trish... 2) thank you!
5) Yep!
6) :) thank you!
7) Uhhh... it's been so long that I don't even know anymore! That's from at least 8 years ago!

Adei von K said...

4. the sponsored posts and sponsored tweets... stop.

6. that is surreal that you married the guy with the scary license, LMAO!!!


10. Your dad is a character! He was too excited to hear something juicy! LOLOLOLOL!! But what was an abomination?

11. Yay, Southern Hospitality :-)