Monday Mindspacing Vol. 144

1) Rashan and I fell asleep before 1 a.m. which is SUPER early for us (usually 3 or later) and were both up by 7:30. Nutty. He went to wander around the grocery store. I almost went with him but it was too bright outside.
2) This man can't take a grocery trip of less than an hour no matter how few ingredients on the list. Today: THREE!!! Bring me my almond milk!! It's Cinnamon Toast Crunch time!! (Turns out he was detoured around an accident.)
3) My mom called me last night and asked me to take an impromptu trip to Charlotte to hang with her as a new bishop is installed. This man is one of my favorite preachers ever. Even as a child I knew he was awesome! Consider it done!
4) Have you guys watched "Four Houses" yet??? It's hilarious! You must get on it! Basically four people go judge each other's houses and vote for the best one.
5) The Next Food Network Star (NFNS) finale was underwhelming. A clip/reunion show as the finale??? Lame.
6) Have I told you guys how much menu planning for the week has created all kinds of awesomeness for me??? Super extra awesome! I don't have to scramble at night to come up with what I'm going to cook. I select based on what's on sale and from the hundreds of recipes I have saved in my bookmarks.
7) Rashan said my car has a distinctive smell: french fries. ROTFL!!! That car has seen more french fries than a little bit. When I get in my car after running, then run an errand and get back in the car, it smells like old man sweat to me. Hot, right?
8) I don't like mint. Or dill. I do love dill pickles, though. But not dill relish. Only sweet relish.
9) I need to make pickles.
10) This episode of "Chopped" with the past winners of NFNS produced two desserts I would never want to eat based on looks and description. Yuck.
11) My sister had a California cobb salad in New Orleans that I can't stop thinking about! That thing was so beautiful!!! LOL @ me dreaming of pictures of OTHER PEOPLE'S FOOD! It doesn't happen often but my oh my!


1969 said...

We all knew Alton Brown Jr was going to be victorious. They just had to draaaaaag it out.

As long as Marty lost, I'm good. LOL

Trish said...

1. Night owls! The only way I can stay up that late is if I'm not at home, otherwise it's a wrap!

4. No, but I have seen Four Weddings, people are mean!

6. Can I get an invite?

7. I have a classmate that smells like cold Burger King food, ick!

9. Mmmmm pickles!

Anonymous said...

1. Have mercy!
2. Smoochy is the same way. How does a trip down the street to get a watermelon turn into a 2 hour sojourn???
4. HGTV?
6. My menu lately has been a sandwich and random cut up fresh veggies. Oh well.
8. Love mint!
9. LG just asked me to buy pickles. Um, no.

Jameil said...

1969... Wow! I didn't know people didn't like Martie like that! I liked her. We didn't like Michelle. The winner has been obvious the vast majority of the season. Even if America didn't pick him, he was getting a show.

Trish... 1) LOL
4) Same channel, same concept. People are definitely mean but that's also what they signed up for. I wouldn't sign up for a wedding show b/c I wouldn't want people critiquing mine. They will anyway but I don't want to hear it.
6) LOL The question of the decade!
7) Um... that sounds gross!
9) Yes!

ng... 1) IKR
4) TLC
6) Jesus wept.
8) yuck! In all its forms. I was trying to think of a way I liked mint. Wait. Just thought of one. Mint chocolate chip ice cream. That's it.

Anonymous said...

#8 You run, right? Well, if you get a chance and you are willing to experiment, try this. With either dill or mint. Finely chop it and drop it in a container of water, maybe a quart or so. Chill and drink. It is your own spa retreat water. It envigorates, hydrateas and refreshes. *End of commercial*

(Sorry about your 1/2 marathon cancellation)

Sparkling Red said...

1. Too bright? What kind of an excuse is that?

4. I haven't seen it on the Canadian TV listings yet, but I am a fan of 4 Weddings Canada.

8. Not even as crushed-up-candy-cane-brownies?

9. California cobb salad? Never heard of such a thing. How does it differ from a regular cobb salad?

Look at me will all the questiony comments this week.

Jameil said...

mamasez... i can't even do it. I really, really don't like either of those. The idea of that drink... you should see my face. I'll stick with regular water.

red... 1) when I'm just waking up, I don't like brightness. It wakes me up too instantly.
4) I hope it pops up soon!
8) Okay I had these chocolate-dipped cookies topped with crushed candy canes last Christmas. I don't even like peppermints but WHAT?!?! I would eat those cookies forever!! So you got me! LOL
9) It has corn and black beans. MMMMM