Monday Mindspacing Vol. 145

1) I'm (slowly... LOL) approaching 1300 posts... Wow. I would never have imagined when I started this blog nearly 7 years ago how many fabulous people I would meet because of it.

2) I was recognized in public because of my blog! If it's happened before, whoever saw me didn't say anything. I was so confused at first. LOL But it was cool! Thanks for reading!

3) I have been ravenous for the last 2 days. Like if you get your hand close enough to my mouth, you might lose it. I'm pretty sure it's the high level of activity. My old trainer is moving so I worked out with her one last time on Friday. WOW!! a- it's been a long time since I worked out in front of a mirror-- arms miraculously awesome (I never do any arm work), a little thigh jiggle and a little belly jiggle, b- I'm much stronger than I thought I was w/little strength training so running is AMAZING, c- she said I my lunge jump switches were so graceful and most people land like elephants. LOL & yay!

From the abs down was misery on Saturday but I had a 7-mile run planned so I did it. Then I lead a run/walk for 2.5 miles. I got home and was murderously hungry! If we owned a chicken, it would have died. This hunger could not be quelled all day. I would eat, still be hungry afterwards or know the hunger would soon return. Sunday, I lead a 1.5-mile run/walk, then ran 2 miles. Why hello, Ravenisha. (My name for the weekend.) 7:30 a.m. on Monday morning after eating? STILL HUNGRY!!! First breakfast has already been consumed: a stuffed pepper with a corn tortilla and Honey Bunches of Oats with Raisins in almond milk. Second breakfast: a frittata using the pepper filling with 2 slices of wheat toast is imminent.

4) Why do overweight or obese people think it's okay to "jokingly" call me fat or tell me I'm going to get fat? That's what my mom said to me when I told her I couldn't get rid of my hunger. Really? I'm going to get fat? She apologized but that "joke" is never funny. Just because you see/hear of people working out or they look slim doesn't mean they don't have their own issues with weight. Maybe just maybe that's part of why they work out.

5) Speaking of that... I went into the archives for other times I spoke of weight and found some crazy! On one post, Rashan, before he was even my boyfriend, said, "You should totally feign anorexia when you go home. That would be hilarious." NUT!! I'm about to bring that back for old times sake. People seriously used to ask me if I was eating enough. RUDE. If I wasn't, you couldn't save me with a slick remark in a 20-second conversation.

6) I'm sleeping horribly again. I'll wake up after 2 hours feeling refreshed then go back to sleep 4-5 hours later. How nutty is that? I do not like it.

7) We are OBSESSSSSED with the Olympics round here! Like watching THE most random sports and getting all into it! Women's weightlifting you say? All in! We've also been watching the usual-- swimming & gymnastics. Synchronized diving? Synchronized AWESOMENESS! I love all of the synchronized sports! And I can't wait for track! Shocker, right?? :) I LOVED the torch lighting and fireworks of the opening ceremonies!

8) My sister-in-law stays posting pictures on facebook... of herself. You look the same. You have two kids under the age of five. You live far away. Please post pictures of the children.

9) Y'all know I love Mariah Carey! I briefly considered watching American Idol now that she'll be a judge. Decided against it because I realllly hate amateur performers. I still love you though, Mimi.

10) Conan O'Brien played a mash-up of a bunch of news anchors around the country who unwittingly used the same cliché over and over and over. INSANE! This is EXACTLY why you're not supposed to use clichés in journalism. I'm gonna show that video in every journalism writing class I ever teach. LOL

11) Rashan has finally stopped asking me to fix the local news here. LOLOL! We still can't watch it together because it's so awful that I moan and complain the entire time. I do probably need to flex that critical muscle, though so I'll be torturing myself again soon.

12) I don't get the appeal of QVC & HSN. I have never wanted to sit and watch either of those channels or been remotely tempted by their wares.


K. Rock said...

2. Cool! I always wondered if someone recognized me would I feel flattered or stalked.

3. I can totally relate! It was making me mad how hungry I was! Like I was really mad at my digestive system. I'm not running as much so it has calmed down but I just have to make sure I food plan when I start traing for the half again so I dont make bad food choices.

8. You arent on Instagram but soe people and the self potrait posting need to be stopped.

10. That was funny. But why were they all talking about ice cream?

12. I'm not into it either. Maybe if I had tons of time and money to blow...nope...not even then.

Mrs Count said...

3. I have the same problem
4. I have the same problem
6. I have the same problem
7. odd sports are my favorite! handball, kayaking, and horsies got my attention today
10. that was too funny
12. I can arrange a weekend with my MIL for you. after your tour of rooms packed wall to wall with HSN boxes, she can show you how to order more. Then she can teach you how to complain about bills and finances. the conclusion of your visit will be gathering Christmas presents for 30 people without even leaving the house! You'll be hooked!

Trish said...

1. I don't even think I have 130

2. I'll recognize you too once you invite me to dinner (hint, hint)!!

7. Am I the only person not watching the Olympics?

8. I hate when people put a ton of themselves, especially bathroom shots!

Jameil said...

k... 2) LOL What did you come up with?
3) RIGHT!? I was extra hungry! I usually eat pretty healthfully so I allow myself to eat whatever the heck I want at least once a week.
8) Ugh. I see enough ridiculous instagram via twitter & fb.
10) LOL I have no idea!
12) word!

mrsc... 3, 4, 6) O_o
7) LOL You mean dressage? I tried watching white water rafting. Couldn't care. Didn't even give dressage a chance.
12) No need! My MIL and her mom are huge QVC lovers as well! I just don't get it!

trish... 1) wow! get to work!
2) lol
7) YES!
8) LOL I love how much people hate bathroom shots. A bunch of pictures of yourself is ridiculous period!

Sparkling Red said...

1) That's a lot of posts. I don't think I'm even halfway there on my blog.

3) I love being hungry before I eat. Food tastes so much better when your belly is truly empty.

4) That is all wrong. I never talk about someone's weight unless they bring it up themselves, and then I mainly just nod at whatever they say. It's too easy to be offensive. Even if you say "You lost weight - you look great!" it translates as "I always thought that you were fat."

7) I'm not super-jazzed about the Olympics, but once I turn on coverage on TV I find it hard to turn off.

8) I would be embarrassed to be so openly narcissistic. (I keep my narcissism mostly secret.)

12) Who and what? BTW I watched 4 Houses and it was pretty neat.

Adei von K said...

3) You're Ravenisha, I'm Ryoko, and Nima is Emptisha. Y'all ghetto.

4) SMH. seriously, there are issues that run the weight spectrum.

5) my dad first asks, "Are you eating well?" then he told me to get my thyroid checked out.

7) i was ALLLLLLLLLLLL into women's weighlifting! torch lighting will always be my fave part of the Olympics :-D

10) can you post the Conan link?

12) QVC and HSN, no. But i've been sucked into JTV (jewelry tv). Everything was so sparkly and pretty *_*

Jameil said...

1) I'd be much further if I wasn't so sporadic this year!
3) Hungry is fine. This is not hungry. This is I WILL BITE OFF YOUR ARM CUZ I'M HAINGRY!!! Not a nice feeling at all. You're just shoveling food in your mouth as fast as it will go.
4) Exactly.
7) I'm not only super jazzed, I DEFINITELY can't turn it off!
8) LOL Secret narcissism is so much more palatable!
12) Yay! I enjoy that show! Also, having a Canadian reader keeps me on my toes! I never think about my tv posts until you're like what is that? They're home shopping channels. They show bizarre things, people speak enthusiastically about them to get you to buy them, other people call in to talk about how much they love the items shown. They are strange strange channels. I wonder what's the Canadian equivalent?

adei... 3) you only have your name because you eat sushi like it may disappear from America if you don't eat it thrice weekly PLUS.
5) What in the world?!
7) LOLOL! That women's weightlifting is something inspiring, no? I loved that steroid-free, they looked basically normal but with some amazing strength!
10) It's in the post. Click on the word "Insane!"
12) LOL! Oh Chim Chim!

1969 said...

Running makes you HUNGRY!!!!!! Go eat Ravenisha!

Sparkling Red said...

Oh cool, I get it. Canada has a shopping channel, but it doesn't have an acronym for a name. It's just "The Shopping Channel". I've never bought anything from it, but I work with a couple of ladies who swear by it. They both bought their home PC's from it and feel that they got a great deal.