Monday Mindspacing Vol. 142

1) The most frustrating blog posts are the ones with pictures of unidentifiable things. Please caption your picture posts! Especially when it's food! It makes me so CRAZY to look at beautiful, unidentifiable food. Is that salmon? How was it prepared? Could I replicate it? WE'LL NEVER KNOW!!
2) Sometimes I'm slightly dramatic.
3) My half-marathon training got all the way off in the last few weeks with unplanned runs and having to skip an 8-mile run when I scraped off part of the bottom of my foot on a spare STAPLE in our hardware floors. !?! That was so not awesome. I've still run more than most plans have you run but I do not like this untethered feeling. Plus I've (mostly) avoided thinking about race registration until I know where I'll be in the fall.
4) Along that vein, half plans often have your longest run pre-race as 10 miles and say the excitement of the day will carry you the other 3.1. To this I say, ARE YOU CRAZY??? I already thought that the first time I heard it and planned to put longer mileage in my race prep. I'm already SO GLAD I did and the half I want to run is still 6 weeks away. It was more than a notion to make it on my 12 and 13-mile runs. It was the longest distance I'd ever run both times & I felt 90xs more prepared by just doing it once. (That doesn't mean I enjoyed the distance.)
5) Guys! I changed my name! I felt so official when I got my new social security card!
6) Do you know the last time I posted about food? MARCH! I was thinking about putting everything I blog about on one page. What say you?
7) Savannah, here we come!! I'm sooo excited!
8) I have CRAZY tan lines from running in the sun. I need a bandeau top bikini so my beach days can even them out!
9) I'm doing a water aerobics class for the first time on Wednesday! I can't wait to hang with the old ladies! :)
10) I'm making a mousse using tofu for the first time this week. Tips?
11) Based on my MIL's requests for my SIL's wedding dinner, I think I'm required to make french onion soup and three-way ginger snaps every time I see them. This is my punishment for making complicated or labor-intensive things that people don't want to replicate but love to eat. LOL I'll take it though. I love when people love my food!


K. Rock said...

1. For some reason it annoys me when people put the captions BEFORE the picture. Naturally a caption should go under a picture. We all know that! Is this related to what you said?...Not really.
4. So glad you didnt believe it. I did and paid for it. 10 miles <> 13.1 miles. I will definitely get in a full 13 a FEW times before I run a half again.
6. I can keep up with 2 blogs pretty good but if you want to put it all on one then I wouldnt be mad at that. I miss your food posts.
9. Yeah. Glad you found something new to try.

Jameil said...

1) LOL! If the pictures are too similar, I'm confused either way. Like wait is this caption for the picture above or below?
4) I remember that! And now want to go back and read your post again. I'll do a full 13 at least 2 more times before my half. I really really want to get faster so I'm doing speed work and tempo runs along with my long runs.
6) Cool!
9) Can't wait!

Trish said...

1. I still don't know how you all post links to Blogger. I feel like an old grandma with no computer skills.

2. You don't say?! Lol!

3. I jogged as much as I ever have yesterday. I swear that my heart as going to beat right out of my chest.

5. YAY!!!!

6. Reading food posts at work make me feel like Homer Simpson as I oogle the pictures....

7. Hope you're enjoying your vacation.

11. Whenever I go home, I have all my fave people make the dishes they make that I love!!

Sparkling Red said...

1) Will do. Although I'm pretty sure I won't be posting pictures of my dinner anytime soon. My meals are as bland as the day is long. You won't have any trouble replicating my steamed broccoli.
3) Ouch!
5) Congratulations!
10) Yes, this is my tip: send me a portion! I'll pay for the courier!

Jameil said...

trish... 1) how is this possible????
2) little ole me???
3) lol that goes away
5) YAY!!
6) lolol
7) twas marvelous!
11) lol i used to do that. i need to start again!

red... 1) lolol
3) seriously!
5) thank you!
10) I'd totally do that!