You know that phrase 'like a chicken with its head cut off'? That's me right now. I'm so RESTLESS!! I feel like Rashan and I are on the verge of a huge change (new job(s)/move) in our lives and the suspense is making me nutty!


Give me some free things to do! Even something crazy!

(But don't suggest like my sister did that I cut off all of my hair. WHAT KIND OF SUGGESTION IS THAT!? You clearly haven't been listening to anything I say. I've told everyone: when I cut off my hair 9 years ago, I wanted it to be the last time I ever did that. If I ever cut off all of my hair again, it will be immediately permed. My theory on why she told me that? 1) She's never cut off all of her hair. 2) She has never EVER had anything but the thickest hair. It grows long quite easily and is thick and lustrous. Me? Thin hair. Breaks easily. And really, a general nuisance. Growing my locs has given me both the longest hair I've ever had and for the first time, the appearance of thick hair! How exciting! Big chop? Ma'am. Good-bye.)


Sparkling Red said...

Now now. Have a nice chamomile tea and take some slow, deep breaths. There - isn't that better?

K. Rock said...

Geez louise chile you do need to calm down. Take a shot of something and relax. What are these changes? Hmmmmm? We out here in blogland wanna know.

I guess running and cooking arent doing enough. I just took a boxing class yesterday and loved it. Try that. Make a mosiac out of broken plates. Do your own backsplash. Organize everything in your closet by color like Forever 21.Take a shower with all your clothes on.

Hope this helps!

Jameil said...

red... lol NO!

K... I don't like shots. Ma'am... I actually talked about the changes in the post... I mean like DIRECTLY after the word CHANGE! You haven't heard about my crazy closet? Everything's arranged by type (skirt, tank, strapless dress, jeans, dress pants) AND color! I'm gonna pass on that shower!

Adei von K said...

Paint an accent wall.

Start a window herb garden.

Take on Ash's 100 Things to Do this Summer list.

Try out new hairstyles.

Take an old piece of clothing and remix it. cut it up, add some flair, make it fresh.

Write to someone in the USO.

Volunteer at a summer camp or library.

Set up a slip n slide at a local park.

Make your own gourmet/liq'd popsicles.

etc :-)

K. Rock said...

I meant be specific. You had to know I read that.

Jameil said...

I was totally thinking of doing the feasible 100 things list! My and Rah would have a blast with the free stuff! I have a clothing thing I want to try, too AND I need a new hairstyle for my SIL's wedding dinner! & you know I love libraries! AND gourmet/liq popsicles? Yum! Great job, Stace!

k... I haven't said b/c I don't know exactly what it is.