Hey Fatty

My running group is growing like crazy now. It's cool but of course there are growing pains. The biggest annoyance HANDS DOWN is my exposure to people who are unnecessarily hard on their bodies.

I understand everyone has their own journey not only toward fitness but to acceptance of their bodies but hearing "I'm so fat... I hate my fat legs..." and things of that nature is HORRIBLE!! It's really terrible when you're skinner than most people will ever be and you're pinching a millimeter of "fat" aka skin around your middle. If you feel bad about that smidgen of skin, how do you think the bigger people all around you feel? I'm fine. But you're making some of them feel pretty terrible.

Maybe I'll start instituting a mandatory body self-compliment every time I hear someone say something negative about their bodies. If you're going to say something horrible and tear yourself down, you're also going to say something positive. Everyone doesn't have the privilege or ability or opportunity to go out and do what you're doing. YOU'RE HERE. That's the first step in the right direction.


gradydoctor said...

I'm saying!

Adei von K said...

Yes. One of the girls i went to DR with had NOTHING nice to say about her body. Yo, NO ONE WANTS TO HEAR THAT!

That's a good rule to enforce.

nerdgirlms said...


Sparkling Red said...

Yup, women are ridiculous. I have to remind myself constantly that the standards I see in the media are foolish. Geez, they are going to be in real trouble when they start aging.

Jameil said...

And this comes from so many places! We don't have to hate our bodies! Glad y'all know now let's spread the word!