October Goals

September Goals
1) Read 4 books.  At least one teaching book and make progress on two film and/or journalism books.
Surpassed!  I read an additional book.  It was a great month for reading and I'm so glad this is a part of my daily life again!
2) Read an additional 60 chapters of the bible to reach 1155.  
Surpassed!  I got to 1157 and only have 32 chapters of the bible remaining!!!!!!  SO EXCITING!!
3) Watch at least 4 AFI movies.  
Surpassed!  I watched six and have only 8 left.  Hmm...
4) Cook at least 15 new recipes.  
Surpassed!  I will smash my goal of trying 100 new recipes this year and my cooking and baking mojo remains.
5) Complete at least two 30 before 30 goals. 
Erm... I got nothing.  I made more progress but it's frustrating to have so many long-term or fiscally or geographically impossible things on this list.
6) Work out at least three times per week. 
Done! 5k training is still awesome and I'm definitely getting my three workouts in per week.
7) Make progress on the job search daily.  
Done!  Daily may be a bit extreme but close enough for me to feel comfortable with my progress.  Submitted two applications and found several other positions with various start dates.
8) Complete at least two syllabi for future courses. 
Wow... this was a crazy and semi-unrealistic goal.  I've made enough progress on two books that this goal might be worthwhile next month.

October Goals
1) Read 4 books.  This will include completing the film/journalism books.
2) FINISH THE BIBLE!!!  Once I finish, I'll move to daily readings of My Utmost for His Highest.
3) Visit 4 local churches
4) Watch at least 5 AFI movies.  I have only 8 left but they are long and/or challenging films to watch so I don't want to tax the brain too much.  So far I've already watched A Clockwork Orange which is enough to make anyone not want to watch any more movies again.  Ever.  Also one is on long wait on Netflix so I don't know when it will be available.
4) Cook at least 15 new recipes.  I'm quite certain I can do this again.  I need another food-related goal.  Any ideas?
5) Complete at least two 30 before 30 goals.  I have 7 completed, 7 in progress and 16 outstanding... in a little over a year.  I have registered for a 5k this month and I'll finish the Bible.  I'll try to add another in there as well.
6) Work out at least four times per week.  That includes three days per week of 5k training and one day of cross training.
7) Make progress on the job search at least five times per week.  This includes searching, writing letters and resumes and CVs, etc.  I want to apply for at least 4 more positions near and far.
8) Complete at least one syllabus for a future course.  I want to be ready when I get my next teaching position.  Even if I don't get hired teaching these courses, the more practice I get making syllabi, the easier it will be for me to create them.


mellow said...

4. You could create your own menus. You've mentioned being less than impressed with some new restaurants, so if it were YOUR place, what would the ultimate menu look like? This would give you the opportunity to create recipes, etc.

Nicole said...

4) How about meatless Mondays for a month? And that doesn't mean cheese pizza every Monday. You'll have to create legitimate, high-protein meatless meals. That's my suggestion.

Jameil said...

Thanks for leaving suggestions! You've sparked my imagination. Lately I've been riffing on recipes. I'll start out with something and go in a new direction. It's definitely time for me to start documenting more of my own creations!

Nicole, we usually eat actual vegetarian food/meatless one day a week just not necessarily on Monday. There are some goodies on my food blog. I think cheese pizza is an abomination and shouldn't exist.